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Is your skin shining like a diamond? Welcome to the world where no cleansing can ever change it (Lol, it can be treated. Don’t worry 😉 But, before finding out how to treat oily skin you need to learn a little bit about it, and first, what are the causes of oily skin. Finding out the real reasons for your oily skin will ensure you get real solutions to it.

Basically, All skins produce natural oils, which apparently helps your skin stay healthy and hydrated. But when your skin produces too much of that oil (sebum in boring technical terms), there you get oily skin.

You know you have oily skin when your face feels greasy a few hours after cleansing or you have a sweet relationship with breakouts where they visit you every now and then.

But hey! Don’t worry. Because here’s something to cheer you up! Just with few demerits, you are lucky if you have an oily skin. Wonder why I say that? Listen.

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Some benefits of having oily skin

1. We save a lot of money. We save money on highlighters because, Girl, we’ve got that glow and shine naturally! Lol. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely want to save some bucks here.

Also, I think it is much easier to remove oil from the skin than to apply 100 oils every day and still end up having your skin ask for moisturization hence, feeling dry. Not forgetting, you save up on moisturizers! Dry skin people need to slather upon huge amounts of creams and oils which cost bucks okay? Whereas, oily skin needs jut a teeny-meany quantity of hydration.

2. Do you know, Oily skin people have got natural sun protection within them? Oh yes! Sebum produced from oily skin has Vitamin E in it which is a natural sunscreen in itself. Now, that’s a GREAT benefit, right?

3. And yes, Oily skin people tend to age slower than any other skin type. Because your skin is mostly hydrated by itself so fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear in your later ages. ( Oh god! Save that dry skin community!)

Do we ever say “that diamond is too shiny”? No, we don’t! We love diamonds. We want diamonds!

So now you are a bit in love with your skin type, let’s quickly get through some of the reasons which can cause your skin to become oily. Find what is your problem and finding a solution will become a lot easier!

All the Causes of oily skin

Oily skin cause #1 Weather conditions in your area

Have you shifted places? Or has the weather around you changed? The place you are living in and it’s weather conditions can have a huge impact on the behaviour of your skin. People tend to feel oily and greasy especially in summers when the temperature and humidity increases. Oils, when mixed with your sweat and dirt, can eventually clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

And the opposite tends to happen when you are living in a colder place or winters are going on. You skin feels much drier. Can you relate now?

So, you need to start keeping some oil blotting sheets handy, try using a foam/gel-based cleanser, or use a matte moisturizer and sunscreen to get through your oily skin if it is caused by weather change.

Pro tip: Always Choose products which are oil-free and non-comedogenic ( that doesn’t clog your pores ) and possibly makes your face look matte.

Oily skin cause #2 Hormonal changes

If your skin has started to feel oily just recently, then there are chances that you might have your periods in the next two weeks. The actual reason is that the levels of estrogen or progesterone start to shift to testosterones two weeks before your period starts which can cause you’re sebaceous glands to overproduce the oil, making your skin much greasier or oilier than it usually was.

Solution? A good skincare routine at that time can help you combat that. Wash your face twice a day with salicylic acid face wash and hydrate it with an oil-free moisturiser. Do not let sweat and oil mix together.

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Oily skin cause #3 Genetics

Causes of oily skin

Sometimes Oily skin tends to run in the family. If one of your parents has oily skin, then there are high chances that you might have one. So, go check their skin Right Now!

And you cannot really change that since it’s permanent, just be happy & take care of it!

Oily skin cause #4 Over-cleansing your face


It is usually recommended that you wash your face twice a day, but if you are doing it more than twice, then obviously you are over-cleansing your face which is not good. By cleaning your face too often, You can strip away natural, healthy oils from your skin. This makes your skin go into an alarming mode, Where they produce even more oil to compensate for the oil loss while cleansing.

That means, Use your cleanser just twice a day or maybe thrice if you are working out and sweating a lot. But generally, it’s just in the morning and after coming the home.

Oily skin cause #5 Skipping on moisturiser

Heard million people saying that you shouldn’t be using moisturizers when you have oily skin? Oh God! you are in big-time trouble then. Skipping moisturizer is not an option no matter what your skin type is. Especially when you are using acne treatments with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

The trick here is to look for oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturisers and don’t slather it on your face. You need a small quantity. Remember when I said oily skin save you money? Yup, so don’t cringe about it now!

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Oily skin cause #6 Correct skincare routine for your skin type only

Every skin type needs its own skincare routine. for instance, you should never confuse oily skin with combination skin type as combination skin types may use heavier creams which is not what oily skin needs. Understood?

So, observe your skin type, find it causes, search for solutions to combat those problems you are facing with that skin type and follow a good skincare routine, made for you to resolve those issues, and stick to it religiously. You can choose what you need from this article here.

Oily skin cause #7 Failing to wear Sunscreen

Not applying sunscreen can eventually dry out your skin, sending your skin signals to produce even more oil to keep it hydrated. Wanna take that chance or just start applying sunscreen regularly?

Oily skin cause #8 Chronic acne

If you had/have chronic acne, chances are high that you have large pores. Sebaceous glands beneath those pores are responsible for producing oil (sebum). Larger the pores, more oil will secrete out from those pores.

If that is the case, I suggest you go to a dermatologist because that’s something very difficult to treat by natural remedies.

Oily skin cause #9 Dehydrated body

causes of oily skin

If you have come to this point, tell me you still don’t know that oily skin is mainly because your body is trying to compensate for the loss of hydration in your body.

If you are not hydrating your body well, your dear sebaceous glands are gonna try to do that for you. And I really don’t think you’d wish that? Oh god! Please don’t say yes!

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Oily skin cause #10 Oily hair and scalp

This is such a common cause of oily skin when you are having consistent acne on and around your forehead and hairline. That’s because you have oily skin around that part of your face. And that oil is dripping directly from your oily hair and scalp. Obviously causing that oil and your face oil to mix and create a not so healthy combo and give you acne.

The best solution here is, oil your hair just 3-4 hours before washing your head and if your scalp produces natural oil often, then wash your hair twice a week. Don’t let sebum and hair oil mix together.

Oily skin cause #11 Makeup, your friend, or maybe not

Causes of oily skin

Makeup, my friend, doesn’t really clog your pores, but when you don’t remove it completely, then sure it harms your skin.

Look it like this, you have oily skin and you applied a good layer of matte foundation to either hide acne or scars or just because you liked it. But, what it eventually doing is, signalling your skin that your skin’s too dry and hey, It’s time to hydrate a little bit. You know what I’m gonna say next, Don’t you?? Your skin is Gonna produce more oil!!

So, try applying makeup only if you need to and let your pores breathe some fresh air once in a while just like you do.

Oily skin cause #12 Poor diet

Causes of oily skin

If everything is good, you probably are having a poor diet. What poor diet is, a diet full of dairy, fried food, salty food, alcohol, sugary food. Tasty as they may look, they are definitely helping your skin produce more oil and adding that gorgeous shine on your face.

What’s really the Prevention or treatment?

It’s simple. You cannot change your skin type if it caused by outside factors like weather, genetics, or hormonal changes because that is meant to affect you. But if it is caused by any of the habits you found above, drumroll!! It’s time to change it and take the next step to get the clear beautiful skin you always want to have.

And that’s it! All the causes of oily skin you’d ever need to know. And all the possible solutions and lifestyle changes you need to make. So, what are the causes of your oily skin? Tell me in the comments down below and I’ll help you find ways to combat that.

If you liked what I said, share it with your friends and family you love because yes, it would mean the absolute world to me! Thank you so much, if you did!

Till then, bye-bye, and take care!

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