26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you’ll never Regret!

Anthropologie mirror dupes

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Come here and find some luxurious Anthropologie mirror dupes for fraction of the price!

Who hasn’t seen the large Gleaming Primrose mirror from Anthropologie starring in most of the blogger’s mirror selfies, homes, or tik-tok videos very luxuriously? If you are here, you probably have seen it a million times in pictures and on Anthro’s site (wishing for it to be in your house and price to cut you some slack) but just cannot gather the courage to press the buy now button due to its magnificent price tag. Am I right or am I very right?

Don’t you worry, you have got my back! I would want to have a large luxurious mirror but for a far less price as well. So I went on a hunt and got listed down all the (ALL THE) Anthropologie mirror dupes that people just can’t stop raving about. If you (just like me) cannot fathom the courage to buy that expensive gleaming primrose mirror, you’ll want to do that to them.

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

My best recommendations for you will be:

But before, just for those of you who may not know, this is what we are finding the luxurious primrose mirror looks like and for what we are finding dupes.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror – The original

Anthropologie mirror dupe (1)

It is a giant vintage-inspired statement mirror fit with jeweled adornments at its apex and edges. It comes in different sizes ranging from 3′ to 7′ large. People are crushing over them because of their extravagant size and well-made quality well before the tik-tok trend started.

However, if you cannot afford its hefty price tag, here are some dead gorgeous Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupes you’ll absolutely love!

best Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Anthropologie mirror dupes Under $150

1. Gold Bordeaux Ornate Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

This indeed is the closest Anthropologie mirror dupe for the price which most of us can afford. The design resembles that of the 7′ Anthro one but its actual size is somewhere between Anthro’s 6′-7′ inch mirror. This can VERY easily elevate any room with a vintage vibe in 15 times lesser the original price. That’s a total steal in my opinion!

2. Medium Arch Gold Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

This large wall mirror features an ornate frame to add some traditional glam to your bedroom or living area. You can even hang it anywhere since it comes with an inbuilt keyhole hanger (just in case). Fun fact: The price of this Anthropologie mirror dupe is even lesser than the one mentioned above. But then, the design only resembles 50% of the higher-counterpart. Still, this certainly is a good alternative for Anthro’s mirror.

3. Gold Victoria Scroll Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

Kirkland’s is totally slaying it with their Anthropologie mirror dupes. Just look at this exceptional piece which retails for under $100. Yes, you heard me, this is under $100! It feels heavy-duty and looks exceedingly posh.

The only con is that the mirror is made up of plastic. But if that doesn’t bother you, in terms of the price point, you may love the finish and final look of it. This Kirkland’s Anthropologie mirror can be a great addition to your home decor at a pocket-friendly price.

4. Brass Vintage Vanity Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

Interested in a really heavy-duty mirror for the fraction of the price Gleaming primrose mirrors are sold? Grab this antique vintage vanity mirror which obviously will look classy AF above your mantel, bedroom vanity, or even bathroom sink for that matter. It has glowing reviews with 4.3-star ratings and the price is extremely affordable for the sturdy quality and fine design it brings to the table.

Also, it is one of the best Anthropologie mirror dupes on the list. (And the most sold!)

5. Arendahl Traditional Arch Wall Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Add some traditional glam to your home decor with this beautiful Arendahl Arch Decorative Wall Mirror. This stunning mirror features an ornate, baroque-inspired frame with a decadent garland overlay and arched shape. The frame is made from resilient iron for a beautiful and long-lasting display.

Measuring 24 inches wide by 36 inches high, this mirror makes a big statement on any wall in your home. Not only does it look great, but it also helps to open up your space by making it more vibrant. If that’s not enough, installation of this wall mirror only takes a matter of seconds thanks to a metal keyhole hanger securely attached to the back.

6. Gold Athena Ornate Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

This Kirkland’s Anthro mirror dupe is the better one for less than 80 bucks. trust me, the oh-so-gorgeous design, and supreme quality is exactly what you need if you are on a serious hunt for bargain mirrors. Its convenient size can be advantageous for you to place it anywhere or hang it in any place you like.

7. Over the Mantel Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

How about a simple yet beautiful wide mirror to enhance over the mantel or bathroom looks at a price so affordable that you don’t want to miss it? With more than 95 glowing reviews and 4.5 stars, this Anthropologie mirror dupe from Target is probably the BEST value for the size and style it comes with.

8. White Ornate Antique Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

For the love of white beauty, this piece may not be even a close Anthropologie mirror dupe but still is a super beautiful option to consider while buying mirrors. The color is not stark white and it really does look very British and vintage in reality. Also, even though it feels heavy duty, it is not. So that’s a plus for people like me who love to play around with positions all the time.

9. Decorative Wall Mirror Gold

Anthropologie mirror dupe

If you are looking for decorative mirrors that match the same Anthro vibe, this one is really small in size but then also is the cheapest among all.

Anthropologie mirror dupes from $150 – $350

10. Crowned Top Wall Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

The design of this mirror is unique and more classic than all the mirrors. If you are looking for statement mirrors, then your hunt stops here. It has superior quality and can seriously elevate an average room with its existence. You can check all the reviews of people raving about this one here. This Anthro mirror dupe is easily the most vintage look and gives a British vibe.

11. Santino Traditional Accent Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

This Anthro mirror dupe is another great option to consider if you are eyeing the medium-sized primrose mirror. Fortunately, it happens to be the perfect dupe for it and can effortlessly upgrade any simple area. Also, it is heavier and sturdy than it appears and has a full 5-star rating.

12. Hofstetter Napoleon Accent Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

The Anthropologie dupe mirror has almost all the same features as the Gleaming Primrose. It has an arch/crowned top framed with distressed-looking metal just like the real deal, and features ornate detailing that gives it a simple yet beautiful appearance. However, it won’t cost you as much as $400. So yayyyy!

13. Ornate Filigree Mirrors

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Eyeing the smaller Anthropologie mirror? This Oldie goldie is of almost the same height but less than one-fourth the price. And that’s just amazing, right? This best-seller from Pottery barn looks very similar and seems like a good Anthropologie mirror dupe to me. You can also get it in a larger 5′ inch size as well which is a bit costly and listed below.

14. Selene Floor Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

This seriously is the best price for such a large mirror. It is modern, trendy, and has a sleek design that screams chicness and is certain to add a nice touch of luxury and aesthetic.

15. Metal Framed Full Length Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

The Metal Framed Full Length Mirror is perfect for checking your outfit before you head out the door. With its metal-framed edges and silver mirror finish, this mirror is sure to complement any space. Plus, it’s easy to mount with the included hardware.

16. Clintwood Beveled Rustic Dresser Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

This beveled dresser mirror is just what you need in your bedroom. Featuring a sandstone finish and distressed wood, this dresser mirror showcases a sculptured crown with frame moldings that perfectly line the beveled glass for a tailored touch. Including pre-positioned metal mounts that lock it into place on the dresser, this elegant mirror will catch your eye each time you pass by it.

17. Noble Park Crown Top Vanity Wall Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Noble Park’s Traditional Crown Top Wall Mirror is an exquisite piece that features a geometric shape and lush gold finish metal frame. The non-beveled glass gives this piece a sophisticated and timeless look, while the ornate crown top add a touch of luxury. This mirror is perfect for traditional or transitional decor.

Anthropologie mirror dupes $350 – $550

18. Tressie Full Length Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

If you really love those Anthropologie primrose mirrors so much but just cannot convince your heart and bank to buy them, YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS ONE. The design the chicness, the elegance, the vibe, I mean everything is just so freakin’ gorgeous. Obviously, quality and everything are taken into consideration. I don’t think you can get anything better in this price range. Just fabulous!

19. Brigitte Ornate Wall Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

Another perfect Anthropologie mirror dupe for you! It has got that luxurious width and size and looks worth the expense. The style pretty much resembles its higher counterpart but you cannot deny its beauty and chicness even though it sells for a far lesser price.

20. Ornate Filigree Mirrors 5′

Anthropologie mirror dupe

Remember, I talked about this one earlier. This large Anthropologie mirror dupe is of exactly the same height (i.e 5′ inches) as Anthro mirror and is sturdy af. Even the design looks almost the same. Now that’s a deal you should think about!

21. Beaudry Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Flowing lines, intricate details, and a touch of Old World glamour – this Beaudry Mirror has it all. Handcrafted from aluminum, glass, and engineered hardwood, this mirror is perfect for an entryway or above a vanity. The beaded frame is made of hand-forged iron, with scrolling corners and an elegant shell crest. It’s a timeless choice that will add a touch of luxury to any space. Available in two sizes.

22. Everett Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Another gorgeous, contemporary Anthropologie mirror dupe for you to add to your home decor today for a touch of elegance that will surely impress your guests!

Anthropologie mirror dupes $550 – $1550

23. Amelie Grand Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

Now when the budget is already crossed, you can always purchase the original Gleaming Primrose mirror but here are the exact copies of our OG. This is a spot-on 98% Large Anthropologie mirror dupe if just in case you want to consider. Also, it comes in smaller sizes as well that retail for less price.

24. Peacock Floor Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Bring a touch of glamor to any room with this stunning peacock floor mirror. With its intricate detailing and antique-inspired finish, this piece is sure to add personality and style to any space. Plus, it’s fitted with a D-ring for easy hanging, so you can enjoy it right away!

This and the one below are also a lot cheaper than the original.

25. Selene Extra Large Floor Mirror

26 Bargain Anthropologie Mirror Dupes you'll never Regret!

Create a unique focal point in your space with this standout oversized floor mirror. Featuring a minimalist design with curved corners and tubular metal construction, this beautiful Anthropologie mirror dupe is perfect for injecting some modern aesthetics into your décor. Plus, the included anti-tip hardware ensures safety and peace of mind. Lean it against the wall or place it in any corner to get creative with your styling.

26. Arched Framed Floor Mirror

Anthropologie mirror dupe

What a timeless design you can grow old with! But, it is designed to lean against a wall, therefore it does not hang.

Well, these were all the gorgeous Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupes to treasure now if you want to finally fulfill your dream of a luxe giant mirror in your house. These will be your best options.

So, what Anthropologie mirror dupe are you ready to buy? Have you added that to your cart?

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  1. The best Anthro dupes I have ever seen. I have been saving for the one from Kirklands’s from 2-3 months now, I’m finally gonna hit the buy button. Super excited!!!!!!!!!!

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