Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

Are Scrunchies Good for your Hair?

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Are scrunchies good for your hair? Scrunchies have a special place in our hearts. And, as with anything, we’d like to know if it’s good for us or not.

If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember scrunchies. They were all the rage in the 80s and early 90s—but then they disappeared, only to be replaced by boring old hair elastics.

But now, scrunchies are back…and they’re being worn by some of the most stylish celebrities out there, including Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, and Kendall Jenner.

And, as with anything we use on our hair and bodies – we have some questions about it! We’d like to know if it’s good for us or if it’s secretly doing us harm. 

But could anything that has found its way into hundreds of trends, defined an era’s hairstyle, and held many iconic ponytails high really be bad? Believe me, I’ve asked the same question. I absolutely love scrunchies, so I just had to know the answer! So, I did the research, and I’ve answered the question below, so you don’t have to!

Are Scrunchies Good for your Hair?

Are scrunchies good for your hair

Yes, scrunchies are good for your hair. In fact, I’m going to go a step further and say they’re better for your hair than most other hair ties, especially those made out of plastic or metal. By their very design, scrunchies are meant to go easy on the hair and protect it from the squeezing and denting of usually hair ties.

The result of using scrunchies to style your hair is not only a trendy and stylish one, but it’s also a hair health-positive one. Scrunchies can reduce hair thinning while promoting an overall healthier, more luscious-looking head of hair. 

The Humble Scrunchie: An Origin Story

Did you know that the first scrunchie was invented as a hair-friendly alternative to typical hair ties? The year was 1987, and Rommy Hunt Revson was about to have a “lightbulb moment” that would change the course of hair fashion and haircare for good. Can I just say I, for one, am forever grateful to Revson and her genius? I know she made a fortune from her idea, and she deserved every last penny. Because, really, can you imagine a world without scrunchies? Maybe – but it’s not one I’d like to live in!

Her goal was simple: a functional yet stylish hair tie that doesn’t damage the hair. As a nightclub pianist (unusual job title, I know), Revson spent long hours with her hair tied up and in movement. As a hair tie, she was using the only option available at the time: plastic and metal. She noticed these hair ties were causing severe damage to her hair and that of others. 

She’d had enough.

But her idea for the scrunchie came out of nowhere. She already had the motivation, but now she’d need the inspiration. For Revson, it came in the shape of – again, a little unusual – her pajama pants. Their waistband prevented the elastic within from cutting into her sides, keeping her comfortable throughout the night and her skin red mark-free. 

Why couldn’t the same logic be applied to hairbands?

With that thought, the genius idea for the scrunchie was born. It wasn’t before the hair accessory was being manufactured, produced, and sold to the market that it was an instant hit that spread worldwide within a matter of years.

Still, to understand exactly why scrunchies are better for our hair, we first have to get to know the style and design of the scrunchie. So …

What Exactly is a Scrunchie?

Are scrunchies better for your hair

You’re probably thinking, “Duh, we all know what a scrunchie is!” And you’re right, but knowing exactly how a scrunchie is made is key to understanding its benefits. As well, I just love to talk about scrunchies, so I’m taking my chance!

According to Oxford English, the scrunchie is: “a circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for fastening the hair.” However, Merriam-Webster defines the scrunchie a little differently as “a fabric-covered elastic used for holding back hair (as in a ponytail).”

What are Scrunchies Made out of?

Usually, the fabric mentioned is, as the product name suggests – scrunched. This scrunched fabric can stretch when the hair tie is pulled, allowing for a full range of movement that makes tying the hair up easy.

Scrunchies can be made out of just about any fabric that’s soft and flexible. Think along the lines of silk, cotton, and velvet. You can even find scrunchies made out of beads, wool, and silk. But the premise remains the same: the material must be good for the hair.

What is the Best Scrunchie Material for Healthy Hair?

You would have seen scrunchies in all types of fabric, velvet, satin, silk, organza and whatnot. But are all types good? What is the best material for scrunchie?

I prefer silk or satin. Silk is way too expensive and even though silk for hair is like a boon, satin also is a similar option for healthy hair.

Since satin causes a lot less friction than cotton material, satin scrunchies prevent your hair from developing breakages and creases. If you’re the type that likes their hair tied during sleep, the satin scrunchie is just for you. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than silk.

Why are scrunchies good for your hair: All the benefits!

1. Scrunchies Act as a Protective Barrier

benefits of scrunchies

You know that decorative material that makes the scrunchie stand out? The bunched-up stuff that surrounds the elastic within? That keeps your hair safe!

You see, while the most basic purpose of a scrunchie is to hold your hair back from your face, its second purpose is to place a protective layer between your hair and the elastic band. 

Standard hair ties essentially “bite” into your hair, weakening the fibers over time, which leads to breakages and even hair thinning. They also pull more tightly, which can pluck the hair from the scalp throughout the day, leading to unnecessary hair loss. 

The material around the scrunchi prevents all of these haircare nightmares by acting as a soft cushion that prevents the elastic material from damaging the hair without sacrificing on reliable hold.

2. Prevent Too-tight Hairstyles

Are scrunchies bad for your hair

Pulling your hair back with a hair tie too tight causes damage to the hair follicles. When it comes to using scrunchies, this becomes less of an issue. The material-heavy makeup of the scrunchie creates the illusion of “more,” meaning you tend to stop before things get too tight.

As well the material acts as a sort of “lubricant,” meaning that the hair can move around to find the most comfortable position on its own without feeling locked into place like it would with a traditional hair tie.

3. No Hair Denting

Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

Tired of your hair looking out of shape after a workout or a day at the office? With scrunchies, that’s an issue of the past. Scrunchies, by design, have less tension than a hair tie but can grab x3 times the amount of hair. As you can guess, this means the hair is not as tightly held, meaning it doesn’t become dented. 

That said, the scrunchie won’t feel loose either, nor will your hair fall out of its grasp easily. You’ll just get to enjoy the benefits of a light hold without any of the disadvantages – that’s really the magic of the scrunchie!

Are scrunchies more comfortable?

While I can’t answer for everyone, usually – yes. Or, if I’m speaking personally – YES! Scrunchies don’t pull the hair as hard, meaning your scalp feels less tense and painful. I find that one of the best side effects of wearing scrunchies is simply fewer headaches! In fact, you might even forget you’re wearing your hair up throughout the day, which is always pleasant!

Satin scrunchies are incredibly soft and comfortable on your head. They expertly keep your hair back and out of your face while you sleep without the discomfort of a traditional hair tie. 

4. Scrunchies are great to sleep in

Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

While it’s not my thing, I know that some women out there swear by sleeping with their hair up – and I get it. If done correctly, the benefits can be fewer breakages, healthier hair, and even better quality of sleep. By if done correctly, I mean if done using a loose hair tie or, better yet – a scrunchie!

Since you’re likely going to move around plenty while you sleep, you don’t want your hair to be pulled as your turn and move. Instead, you want a flexible ponytail or plait that can move with you. The only way to achieve this is by keeping it loose!

5. Reduce Hair Thinning

As if they weren’t already doing enough – scrunchies are always extra. Their miracle-working powers even extend to your follicles! Ever had a fight with a hair tie? It just seems to tangle in your hair, and before you know it, it’s dragging out strands of your hair as you try to extract it from your hair. Well, if you’d like to avoid that situation for the rest of your life – scrunchies are here for you! 

First of all, they come off as easy as they go on. With all that extra material, scrunchies usually slip off when you try to remove them. This is due to the lack of friction between fabrics compared to the strong friction of more standard hair ties.

6. Scrunchies are also versatile

Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

You can wear them in a number of different styles—ponytails, buns, braids—and they always look chic. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can always find one that matches your outfit perfectly.

7. they’re a great accessory too!

scrunchie for hair benefits

Have you seen girls all over the planet adding matching scrunchies on their wrists? It look so cute and vintage. And who wouldn’t like something quick for bad hair days?

Nowadays, you can even use them as little wallet to stuff some cash, lip balm and other small things – talk about functionality!

The Cons of Scrunchies for hair

While scrunchies are gentle on your hair, they’re not necessarily good for it. The fabric can absorb oil and dirt from your hair, which means you might end up washing your scrunchie more often than you’d like. And if you don’t wash them often enough, they can start to smell pretty bad. Gross!

Is a scrunchie better than a hair tie?

Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

The answer, my friend, lies in your hair type and personal preference. Is your hair fine and prone to breakage? A scrunchie might be a better option as they are typically made of softer materials such as silk or velvet that won’t pull and damage delicate strands. Is your mane on the thicker side? You’re probably safe with a regular old hair tie.

However, there are other factors to consider such as comfort and style. Scrunchies give you the ability to add some flair to your ponytail or bun with fun patterns and colors. Plus, their larger size means they won’t leave that pesky crease in your hair when you take them out.

So really, it’s up to you to decide whether a scrunchie is worth the upgrade from a traditional hair tie. But hey, at the end of the day, rock what makes you feel good. And if that means upgrading to a scrunchie for some added fun and comfort, go for it!

Do scrunchies reduce hair fall?

Yes! In fact, scrunchies are a great way to reduce hair fall. The elasticity of the fabric helps keep your hair in place and prevents breakage.

Should I tie my hair all day?

Are Scrunchies really Good for your Hair?

Generally speaking though, keeping your hair tied up all day can cause breakage or damage to the strands if they aren’t used to being pulled back that often. It can also put strain on the scalp and lead to headaches if tied too tightly.

On the other hand, some people find that tying their hair keeps it neat and out of the way, and allows them to focus on tasks without constantly fussing with their hair. It all comes down to personal preference and finding what works for you and your unique mane!

Bottom line: listen to your hair’s needs and give it a break from those ponytails every now and then.

Final thoughts on are scrunchies good for your hair

Scrunchies are sensational. While I think there’s probably no need for a conclusion after my love letter to scrunchies above, I’ll just say it again anyway. So, are scrunchies good for your hair?

Yes! Scrunchies are one of the best hair accessories for your hair regarding style, comfort, and functionality. They’re an everything-in-one hair tie, and the best part is that they’re right on trend again! So, if you were thinking of stocking up on scrunchies or just buying that one perfect scrunchie – this is your sign to go ahead and make your haircare dreams come true!

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are scrunchies better for your hair

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  1. Completely agree with you scrunchies are definitely good For Your Hair!!! They are gentle on the hair and don’t cause as much tension or breakage as traditional hair ties. If anyone wants to keep your hair healthy and stylish, consider adding scrunches to your hair care routine.

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