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Steal these Ultra-soft Barefoot dreams blanket dupe and robes at bargain prices!

It’s no secret that Barefoot Dreams blankets are all the rage lately. They’re soft, cozy, and just generally make your life better. Also, it’s no secret that you’ve been eyeing them for a while now, but over $200 a pop, is holding you back. Oh, am I a genius, or what for knowing that?

Actually, the truth is that I’ve addressed these blankets to my cart as well, but there’s something that would not let me hit the checkout button on them. It was then I decided to find some really similar Barefoot dreams blanket dupes that are almost exactly the same. I’m sure these will make you just as happy as a Barefoot Dreams one would. Plus, they’re all much much less than $180. Yep, you can take more than four such blankets home at the cost of one BD blanket!

So here are all the Barefoot Dreams dupes that will not only be kinder to your wallet and heart but also are rumored to be just as superior (or even better) as the originals.

the real deal: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw Blanket – $147

Who doesn’t know this classic CozyChic blanket? We all want to own it to cuddle up on chilly days. But if you can’t afford the $147 price tag, below are the best things on the internet for you to buy instead.

Barefoot dreams blanket Dupes

1. Stargazer Knit Throw Blanket from Urban outfitters

The closest ever Barefoot Dreams dupe to the Famous Cozychic Blanket is this Stargrazer Knit Throw Blanket. It is so freakin’ soft, warm, stretchy, and lightweight that there’s no better Barefoot Dreams Blanket dupe than this one. The best part? It’s not even $50!!! (which is three times lesser than the original price of the real BD).

Even though both the blankets are 100% polyester, the barefoot dreams blanket dupe is a bit smaller, measuring 50″ l x 60″ w, than its higher counterpart, which is  54″l x 72″w – not a massive difference, in my opinion.

Overall, the Stargrazer Blanket looks exactly like the Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Blanket in terms of material, softness, dimensions, and its STEAL at this price.

2. Brooklyn Loom Marshmallow Sherpa Throw

Another really great Barefoot Dreams dupe blanket is Brooklyn Loom Marshmallow Sherpa Throw which is as soft and comfortable as you can imagine. It is made up of the finest microfibre fibers and is 50 x 60 inches, which is undoubtedly smaller than the original, but it is also insanely affordable that you can buy four such blankets!

3. Cozy Pom Pom Sherpa Throws from pottery barn

Oh god, this crazy cozy sherpa blanket is everything Barefoot dreams blanket is, just with the addition of the adorable pom-poms on the trim. Super close to the real deal; this is also made up of 100% polyester.

Considering its exceptionally soft quality, this barefoot dreams dupe from Pottery Barn sells for just under $50 and sometimes goes to $30 for one.

This Pottery barn blanket and the above-mentioned Urban Outfitters blanket are 99% similar and can be called exact Barefoot dreams blanket dupes.

the real deal: Barefoot Dreams In the wild throw Blanket – $180

The most famous and cutest BD blanket out there is this printed one. Everyone (I know) has an eye on it. But, with more than eight adorable prints and a giant price tag, this is definitely not something many of us can actually buy. So here are the best barefoot dreams blanket dupes below that are just as cute and cozy as this one.

barefoot dreams dupe blankets

1. “Sweet Dreams” Blanket

Are you kidding me? Even the name is a close dupe of the original blanket, lol.

This website always has excellent dupes for designer jewelry which sometimes even look better than the originals. But this time, they hit the JACKPOT!

This blanket is even better than the real deal. It is softer, warmer, bigger, and incredibly beautiful. It comes in 4 cutesy prints and is reversible as well.

Even though this is on the pricier side, trust me when I say it is all worth the money.

2. Crafted by Catherine Cozy Knit Throw

You’ll be happy to know that Sam’s Club is selling an almost identical dupe for the BD in the wild blanket for just $29.99. It is available in 5 beautiful prints. But according to some of the reviews, this version is even better!

It is incredibly soft, stylish, comfortable, and even larger in size. I believe, for the price, it’s a total steal.

3. keep you warm blanket from pink lily

Another super great, very close Barefoot Dreams dupe blanket is this one from Pink Lily. The material is so soft and stretchy. It’s thick and keeps you warm. And also feels heavy too.

It’s much larger in size than the real deal but totally worth it.

4. Sasha plush leopard blanket from she is boutique

Oooooh, this is yet another gorgeous plush blanket that looks and feels so similar to the Barefoot Dreams one that it honestly is crazy.

The size is a bit smaller, but you cannot find the difference considering the design and material. Currently, they are available in two adorable prints, but the chances are that you can find more prints and designs soon.

It may not be the cheapest Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe, but it definitely is one of the closest.

Barefoot dreams robes Dupe

Barefoot dreams cozyChic unisex robe – $99

Perfect for cozy evenings at home, this cushy robe is one of the best out there. And here’s a close dupe of it.

1. Cozy Chenille Robe from Target

This bonus Barefoot dreams dupe is insanely soft and stretchy and literally boasts everything that a BD robe does. 

Don’t believe me? Read all the reviews for yourself!

And yep, these are all the Barefoot Dreams dupe blankets and robes you’d seriously regret not buying. But, of course, you can literally pick any of the mentioned above, and you’ll thank me later!

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  1. I already had a BD original blanket but didn’t wanted to spend that much money again so got one from Urban Outfitters and one from The styled collective. I have to say, I loved both of them, like seriously they are amazing. Thank you for recommending them!

  2. All of them are so pretty and look just like the original barefoot blanket. I’m confused between the one from Sam’s club and Pink lily. What should I choose?

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