15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

beauty tips from kitchen

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Growing in a household where children are just not allowed to use “chemical” based skincare products or else they’ll ruin their skin has made me learn and experiment with hundreds and hundreds of beauty tips from kitchen that no one would have even thought of.

And honestly, there really are some mind-boggling ingredients that 99.9% of the households in the world would be having right in their kitchen that does wonders to your skin and hair if you just use them in the right way.

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

Even though you’ll find tons of ‘natural beauty products’ all over the internet, remember two things. First, natural is not always safe and healthy. And second, you can actually find many age-old beauty tips from your own kitchen.

So here are a few I blindly trust and have worked for me always!

15 beauty tips from kitchen

1. Ghee or Clarified Butter

beauty tips from kitchen with ghee

Clarified butter or commonly known as Ghee is a precious ingredient found in almost every Indian cuisine and ayurvedic medicines for its antioxidant properties and heart-healthy fats. But along with that, it can be an excellent natural beauty product you may want to keep for life. Some of them are:

  1. For your Lips: Lip balms and chapsticks may come and go but Ghee has always been there to help people with chapped and cracked lips, especially in freezing winters. I assure you of dreamy smooth, healthy lips, and radiant shine instantly after using it. Not kidding!
  2. Hydrates and Brightens Skin: Out of your body moisturizer? Go apply some ghee all over your body for soft, supple, and moisturized skin. I usually avoid it on my face for obvious reasons but you can always say yes to your body needs.
  3. For Cracked Heels: Ghee or clarified butter has this natural quality of quickly healing cracked skin and heels that are common during winter and places with very hot summer days.

2. turmeric powder

beauty tips from kitchen with turmeric

Who doesn’t know about all the brilliant benefits of turmeric for the body, skin, hair, and heath? And here’s how you can use this gem to enhance your beauty.

  1. Fights Acne: With its antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties, it is one kitchen ingredient trusted by billions of people to fight and prevent acne. You can use it in face masks mixed with yogurt or milk.
  2. Reduces Dark Circles: Just mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder in 1 tbsp of yogurt and few drops of lemon juice to effectively reduce dark circles. But make sure to use it regularly.
  3. Prevents Hair Growth: I have used this countless times in my childhood when threading and shaving was a big no-no. Make a fine paste of 1/2 tbsp of turmeric, 1/2 tbsp of gram flour, and adequate honey. Rub it off after 30 minutes. But this won’t work if you are not dedicated to it, by which I mean to apply it daily or on alternate days.

3. honey

beauty tips from kitchen with honey

I’m so sure that you are not using your delish Honey in all the ways it can be advantageous to you. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it:

  1. Moisturizer for Dry Skin: Raw Honey is indeed a blessing for people with dry skin. That is why you see it in most of the beauty products for dry skin. You just let the honey sit on your skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.
  2. Lightens Scars & brightens skin: Along with keeping your skin hydrated, this beauty gem can be potent in lightening scars due to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. You can mix a tbsp of raw honey with tomato juice. Massage for 5 minutes and leave for 20 minutes.
  3. Fights Acne and Pimples: It can be useful in removing excess oil from the skin, and fighting acne-causing bacteria so that you can have clean and clear skin.

4. almonds

beauty tips from kitchen with almonds

You’ll never know how much these little almonds can be beneficial to your skin. An extremely high content of Vitamin E not only shows effective results externally but internally as well. Ways you can get the most out of it are:

  1. Smoother Skin: Having an almond rich diet will not only help you achieve clear and acne-free skin but also keep it insanely soft and will act as an anti-aging secret.
  2. For Puffy Eyes: This was indeed shocking to me when my mother suggested applying Almond Oil to reduce the puffiness in my eyes and dark circles. And it worked like a charm!
  3. As a Makeup Remover: Almond Oil or Almond Milk can be a great substitute for your makeup removers. You can even use it for double cleansing and most of the time it will not be responsible for your pimples.

5. coconut oil

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

This is one kitchen ingredient we are using for ages. You may know it for hair specifically but it can be used to beautify your skin as well!

  1. As a Makeup Remover: Trust me, it won’t cause any pimples if removed (washed off) right. Much cheaper than Almond Oil, you can use a tbsp of Coconut oil and massage it to remove your makeup, even the waterproof one. Then wash it off with a good cleanser and make sure every bit of oil is removed. It will also moisturize your skin along.
  2. Hydrates your skin: I absolutely love applying Coconut Oil all over my body in summer and winter because first, it smells delicious, and second, it really moisturizes your skin and gives that radiant shine.
  3. As a Deep Conditioner: Looking for a natural way to treat those dry brittle hair strands? Massage your hair with hot coconut oil and leave it in for at least an hour to let it really sink in your hair to do wonders!

6. lemon

No doubt why Lemon is considered essential in the kitchen of every household. And the reasons listed below will just add to its countless benefits!

  1. Great for Acne & Blackheads: It may sound too good and easy to be true but Lemon can actually be efficacious in fighting acne and eliminating blackheads due to its anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. But do not apply it directly to the skin. Always add it to a face mask or lemon + honey mixture.
  2. Skin Brightener: Since lemons are rich in Vitamin C, they can help in Brightening the skin complexion, dark spots, and dark areas in your body like knees, underarms, and elbows.
  3. Strengthening & whitening your nails: Mix a tbsp of lemon juice and any cooking oil (preferably olive oil) and soak your nails in it. It’s a great way to fix dry, brittle, and yellow nails.
  4. For Chapped Lips: Applying a little lemon juice mixed in honey is an overnight remedy to get rid of chapped lips.

7. gram flour

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

I remember how Gram flour was a savior when I was not allowed to use any skincare product in the market. I used it in almost every way I could, and this is how you can use it to the most!

  1. In Tan Removal: This is my favorite of all! Mix a tbsp of gram flour with 1/2 tbsp of yogurt, lemon juice, and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on your face and neck and wash it off with cold water after it dries. The best part? You can use it daily and it will have no side effects whatsoever!
  2. Absorbs excess oil: Gram flour is popular in reducing the oil from your skin, fighting pimples, and leaving it super soft and squeaky clean.
  3. As a Facial Hair Remover: Make a paste of gram flour powder, fenugreek powder, and yogurt. Apply on areas you have excess hair and scrub it off after it dries. Two things to remember, it is a long process, and don’t scrub too hard else it will irritate your skin.

8. papaya

Papaya is one of the few fruits my mom absolutely loves to use on her skin and is always forcing me as well. Personally, I feel the results are GREAT and you need to try it for the following reasons:

  1. Soft and Clearer Skin: You may not know, but papaya has enzymes that can decrease inflammation and help remove dead skin cells thus, controlling and cleaning acne leaving you with smooth skin.
  2. Gives Instant Glow: Massaging papaya into your skin or doing a papaya facial at home will instantly give you naturally glowing skin at no cost to you. I suggest you try this at least once because I know you won’t regret it.
  3. Good for the Gut: This recipe is an age-old thing in my house to clean the gut quickly. Eat papaya at night and drink at least 2 glasses of water over it. It is an excellent stomach cleaner. Plus, healthy gut, healthy you!

9. tomatoes

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

Despite adding great flavours to the food, tomatoes are a wonderful skincare ingredient you can add from your kitchen. You know why? Here’s that!

  1. Removes Tan: Since tomatoes are acidic in nature, they are great for this purpose. I love rubbing half a tomato and yogurt for about 10-15 minutes on the tanned area and then leaving it on for 15 more minutes. Wash it off with cold water!
  2. Reduces Excess Oil & Tightens Pores: Rubbing half a tomato on oily skin will make it squeaky clean, control the greasiness, and give the illusion of tight pores and pretty skin. Because you know, pores never close, right?

10. potatoes

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

Yup, potato is more than being fries and burgers! They are amazing for treating skin conditions like:

  1. Reduce Dark Circles: If you are ever run out of cucumbers, I urge you to try chilled (or even normal would work) potato slices for dark circles. They are outstanding for this and you will actually see results quite instantly.
  2. Fadeaway Blemishes: Since they are quite useful in removing darkness around the eyes, I tried it for my blemishes as well. And hey hey, they seriously are a great skin lightener!
  3. Use it as Toner: Being rich in starch, potato juice can be rubbed as a toner to tighten your skin and giving it an instant brightening effect.

11. yogurt

One of the key ingredients in almost all homemade face maks, yogurt contains lactic acid which helps your skin in ways you may not even realize.

  1. Tightens Pores: It helps clean out pores, hence making them look tightened and skin look younger.
  2. Skin Brightner: Being an excellent tan remover, it instantly helps in brightening the skin. The simplest way to use it is to take a tbsp of yogurt and massage it into the skin for 15 minutes. Leave it for 10 more minutes and then rinse. Do it regularly for visible results!
  3. Great Conditioner for Hair: Massage it in your hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes and shampoo them normally. For added shine, you can even try mixing egg whites or coconut oil with it.

12. avocadoes

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

Despite tasting delicious, Avocadoes have a lot of other benefits for your skin due to its mineral and vitamin rich properties.

  1. Minimizes Breakouts: If you have acne-prone skin, cleaning your skin with Avacado oil can help treat your pimples due to its anti-microbial property. But please remember, DO NOT leave it for longer on the skin because then, it may become the reason for your acne, not cure.
  2. Tackles Dry Skin: Avocadoes have Biotin in it. And biotin is known to treat dry skin. You can use avocadoes in face masks for this.
  3. Slows Aging: Well-moisturized skin will always age slow.

13. coffee

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

Despite being mind-boggling good, coffee has numerous beauty benefits you cannot even think of. Some of them you must know are:

  1. Cellulite Reduction: This is a legit way of using the caffeine content in coffee to the fullest. You can make a coffee scrub and use it to exfoliate your skin with cellulite to make it look smoother and even-toned. Gua sha for cellulite is also a fantastic idea!
  2. Fight Acne: Scrubbing your face with coffee can really help in unclogging the pores and remove dead skin cells, which can in return help with your acne problem.
  3. Getting rid of Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes: Caffeine helps dilates the blood vessels which increases blood flow around dar circles. Make a paste of coffee grounds and olive oil and apply it onto the rea and rinse it after 15 minutes.

14. aloe vera

15 Clever Beauty Tips From Kitchen that are highly effective

The magic kitchen ingredient is right here! With countless benefits, there’s no doubt it is one of the most used ingredients in the beauty industry.

  1. Fights Skin Aging: It helps in increasing the production of collagen naturally which eventually helps in reducing the visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Lightens Blemishes: Use raw aloe vera gel before bedtime to wake up to a bright face every morning.
  3. Great for Hair: Aloe vera has certain enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a conditioner and leaves your hair smooth and shiny. Along with that, it also treats almost all hair problems like hair growth, itching on the scalp, and dandruff.

15. water for life

I CANNOT stress more on how important this tasteless water thingy is for you, your health, and especially your skin. If you want to glow all the time, clear that shitty acne, and live a happy life, 2 liters of water is just as necessary for you as eating food, haha.

If you find it a little difficult to make time for drinking water, these 12 insanely easy tips will seriously help keep you fully hydrated and skin naturally glowing!

So what beauty tips from kitchen are your absolute favorite? What ingredients are you not letting go of waste from this list?

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  2. This information is literally for me. Because during school days I have always been careless about my skin but now I really want it clean. But these acnes and oily skin are not getting rid of my face. But hopefully, now I will be able to get rid of them. Thanks for your blog.

  3. These are super helpful tips! I love honey in my skincare. I saw a few YouTube videos using Ghee in facials and was super intrigued by it! Glad I found your blog.

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