6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You’ll EVER See

benefit's hoola bronzer dupes

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Say goodbye to expensive makeup – these Benefit Hoola Bronzer dupes will give you that perfect bronzed look without the splurge!

There’s something so satisfying about faking that fresh-from-beach glow for less than the price of a snack, right? And an excellent warm bronzer is all you need to convince everyone that you have had the best vacation of your life, and this glow is all we know is natural.

And Benefit’s Hoola bronzer has been a favorite staple in our bags for years. With more than 3000 glowing reviews on Sephora alone, it is no doubt one of the bests. But obviously, a $45 price tag is not for everyone, even though the shade is. 🥲😍

So I hunted down these best Benefit Hoola bronzer dupes that seriously look and work the same for a price much more affordable and worth it. So now you can get yourself one of these fantastic Hoola dupes and still make your heart, face, and pocket happy.

benefit Hoola bronzer dupes – original

1. Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun light

6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You'll EVER See

Out of all the bronzer dupes here, I think this one is the closest. The soft, light brown color of Rimmel’s natural bronzer is almost identical to that of the original Hoola bronzer. Except for the slight sheen part, responsible for giving off a naturally glowing skin look.

Apart from that, it is a waterproof, lightweight formula that gives a radiant finish and makes blending and building the product truly effortless.

A few things to note are – this shade is not for medium to dark skin tones, you can choose a darker shade and still won’t regret it. Second, this is not very long-wearing and fades off quickly. Also, it does not have a matte finish as one would expect after using the Hoola bronzer.

All in all, Rimmel natural bronzer is definitely a good Hoola Bronzer dupe that comes with almost twice as much product at less than $5.

2. nYX matte bronzer in medium

benefit's hoola bronzer dupes

NYX is one of the best drugstore beauty brands I know of, and I trust their products blindly. I also believe that many of their products are great alternatives to expensive brands. So is this matte bronzer with no shimmer, which by the way, is perfect if you need an affordable bronzer for daily contouring. 😉

It blends like a butter and builds easily and won’t leave your contour looking too dark, patchy, or caked on.

The only downside is that NYX bronzers have a little more orangey tint than Hoola. However, I didn’t feel that on my skin with this medium shade and loved it whatsoever. But if you choose some other shade, I would warn you to choose rightly.

Packaging-wise, it’s sturdy and travel-friendly too. Considering everything, I feel like this is one of the better Hoola bronzer dupes, and for its extremely low price and versatile enough shades for most of skin tones, just like Hoola, it is absolutely worth it.

3. the balm Bahama mama bronzer in dark tan

6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You'll EVER See

Although this one is on the expensive side of the price spectrum, you still would be saving a lot. If you are looking for a naturally bronzed glow just like the Hoola Bronzer, this Bahama Mama Matte Bronzer by theBalm is the best bet for the quality you are getting.

It has an intensely pigmented color that looks beautiful on all skin types and does not have an orange tint. So you can use it to contour, bronze, tan (even the body), or as a brown eyeshadow shade.

All-embracing, this Benefit’s Hoola bronzer alternative is a multipurpose bronzer shade worth the price and does the job beautifully. Just don’t get overboard because it is indeed a pigmented product.

4. wet n wild megaglo contouring powder in dulce de leche

6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You'll EVER See

Another great bronzer dupe of Hoola has to be from my personal favorite extremely cheap brand. Wet n Wild has its fair share of good products. And so is this one. It was one of my first contour/bronzers, and I have loved it ever since.

This shade is on the cooler side and is almost the exact shade as its higher counterpart. It is a matte, highly pigmented, easily blendable, and buttery soft formula perfect for everyday contouring. It also lasts the whole day. No kidding.

However, the only demerit of this Benefit Hoola bronzer dupe is its fallout. It does have a lot of kickbacks. But does that affect its pigmentation? Definitely not. Just dust off the brush real good, and you’ll be on your way for that sharp, chiseled face!

5. Physicians Formula Bronze Booster

6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You'll EVER See

IDK why this brand is so underrated, but it really has some of the best, skin-friendly products that are so good, that I can’t even!!

And this bronzer is the bomb and such a great dupe for Benefit Hoola bronzer. Not only does it provide an instant and lasting tan boost, but it also blends and builds easily to give you that perfect level of bronze.

Plus, it’s formulated with Glow Activators, so you don’t have to worry about any mistakes when applying. And the best part? It’s hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin and eyes – no need to worry about any harsh ingredients.

So if you’re looking for that perfect bronzed glow without breaking the bank, Physicians Formula Bronze Booster is so worth a try!!

benefit Hoola bronzer dupes – caramel

6. wet n wild bronzer in what shady beaches

6 Best Benefit hoola bronzer dupes You'll EVER See

Yes, Yes, this wet n wild bronzer retails just for $5, and the shade is so similar to the Benefit’s Hoola bronzer in caramel. However, the WnW bronzer is extremely easy to blend, is mostly matte with a slight tint of glitter for a glowing face, is buttery smooth, and can be doubled as a contour.

The only thing to remember is that it may not be as pigmented as Hoola, so you have to build it to your preference. But I don’t think that’s an issue because the bronzer in itself is buildable and won’t look patchy.

Overall, it makes up for the perfect Hoola bronzer dupes.

Final thoughts on benefit Hoola bronzer dupes

Hoola Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics is one of the best bronzers in the market and has a loyal customer base. Because it is a beautiful, versatile bronzer that can be double as a contouring powder, and if its price tag is out of your affordability, consider these Hoola dupes mentioned above.

Because these are literally the best Hoola Bronzer dupes that are extremely affordable and work the same, considering the price for each product, I feel all of them are pretty good on their own level. But if I have to choose, I’ll probably go with either NYX’s matte bronzer or Wet n Wild’s contouring powder.

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benefit Hoola bronzer dupes

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