10 Literally the Best Drugstore Cleansing Balms in the market

drugstore cleansing balms

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High-quality Drugstore cleansing balms are hard to find. But when you do, you need to steal them right away!

Oh, I’m totally about the double cleansing regimen at night. And feel like that’s the best way to pamper and clean your skin after a full day’s dirt and makeup. But when you have to use a product daily, there’s nothing better than to find a drugstore, more feasible version of some of the skincare products because obviously, a $40 cleansing balm can break an arm and a leg for some of us if we have to use it every day.

But with a new affordable cleansing balm hitting the market every other day, it gets difficult and confusing to pick the best that is made to cater to your needs, right?

So here are 10 of the best drugstore cleansing balms that can give tough competition to many high-end luxurious brands you might be eyeing on. Keep scrolling to find some fabulous cheap makeup-removing balms to steal right now!

10 best Drugstore cleansing balms ever

1. heimish all clean balm

If you haven’t yet tried the Heimish All clean balm, what are you even spending your money on? This is the only drugstore cleansing balm I reach out to the most. It has a soothing scent that is not bothersome, and you just need a small quantity to remove all the makeup.

The fun part? It turns from a solid balm texture to oil upon contact with the skin and then to milk with the addition of water. But it actually nourishes the skin and leaves it squeaky clean and hydrated.

If you are thinking, then this is the best drugstore makeup remover balm on this list. So order it without thinking!

2. Ponds makeup remover cleansing balm

This Ponds cold cream cleansing balm instantly melts into oil after application and removes your makeup beautifully, even the heavy full coverage foundations and mascaras. One great thing about this drugstore cleansing balm is that it doesn’t leave any residue behind after washing it off with water.

Said that it has a very strong signature Ponds fragrance that is hard to explain, which most Ponds products have. So if you are sensitive to scents, this may be an issue for you. But, overall, it is a really good makeup-removing balm at an affordable price.

3. physicians formula matcha 3-in-1 cleansing balm

Physicians Formula’s 3-in-1 matcha melting cleansing balm is enriched with matcha green tea, bamboo shoot, and lotus extract. Its extremely gentle formula quickly melts makeup and leaves the skin fully hydrated. I have oily and acne-prone skin, but fortunately, it didn’t break it. And has a pleasant faint smell as well, which is a plus for fragrance-sensitive skins.

The only problem I can see is that the size of the product is small. But that doesn’t bother me because even then, it is way more reasonable than many others in the market.

4. Neutrogena makeup remover melting balm

Looking for a gentle, nourishing, travel-friendly, drugstore cleansing balm? Neutrogena makeup remover melting balm is the answer for you. Formulated with vitamin E, this is meant to nourish your skin after removing the makeup gently. It actually starts as a balm but then transforms into a luxurious oil to remove every bit of waterproof, stay-all-day makeup.

And, it is fragrance-free! Now that’s what all the sensitive skins need. I actually loved this super affordable cleansing balm and will go back to it just because it does not tingle or irritate my face and eyes like most of the scented balms.

5. the inkey list oat cleansing balm

Formulated with 3% oat kernel oil to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier and 1% colloidal oatmeal to help reduce redness and minimize irritation, The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm is one of the best makeup removers for dry skin types. It actually removes every bit of the makeup and dirt, leaves your skin soft and bouncy after every wash.

But keep in mind that it is supposed to be used as the first cleanser, followed by a regular cleanser. And yes, it has a thick melted Vaseline kinda formula, but that should not be bothersome if you use a normal face cleanser later on.

Overall, this is a great yet very affordable cleansing balm for dry skin that you’ll probably regret if not purchased. No seriously.

6. banilla co. clean it zero 3-in-1 cleansing balm

Banilla Co. Clean It Zero 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm is the OG cleansing balm that most of these makeup melts are trying to compete with. It transforms from a sherbet-like balm texture into a smooth oil when applied to the skin. And can even remove tough waterproof makeup along with all of your skin’s impurities, leaving the skin softer than ever.

The best part? This K-beauty favorite comes in 5 different types to cater to different skin issues, and luckily all of them are pretty good—no wonder why one of these babies is sold every 3.1 seconds.

7. Palmer’s coconut oil formula cleansing balm

Oh good god, Palmer’s Coconut Monoi Cleansing balm and makeup remover is great and one of the cheapest cleansing balms on the list. It is formulated with organic extra virgin coconut oil that balances the skin’s moisture levels, monoi oil hydrates the skin further, and sweet almond oil soothes irritated skin.

It transforms with water into a creamy facial cleanser that gently and effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, dirt, and impurities without tugging, pulling, drying, or making the skin feel tight.

And if you fear that coconut oil will trigger acne, it is worth mentioning that it is a non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically-tested makeup removing balm.

Said that there are some cons to it as well. It has an added fragrance, which is not much, honestly, for me, but if you get put off by scents, you may want to have a second thought.

Also, the product size may seem small to some. However, even though the price makes up for it, as it is one of the cheapest cleansing balms in the market, it may not last long if you want to use it daily.

8. derma e universal cleansing balm

Formulated with soothing extracts and nourishing vitamins for a deep yet gentle cleanse for even the most sensitive skin, the Derma E universal cleansing balm instantly melts into a lightweight cleansing oil and will dissolve all your makeup, dirt, and excess oil, along with leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

It smells like orange candy, but the scent isn’t overpowering. Considering the price point and quantity, it is a pretty good deal, I must say.

The only downside it has is that the packaging is not that great. But I believe that the packaging should not break you as this drugstore cleansing balm is one of the most efficient and environmentally safe skincare products on the market.

9. e.l.f cosmetics Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm

You’ll be surprised at how this e.l.f cosmetics makeup melting balm is so gentle and hydrating but still removes ALL the makeup within 30 seconds. It has a solid balm-like consistency but quickly melts into a luxurious oil and then into a nourishing milk texture that you can rinse with a non-oily face cleanser after.

Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides are the star ingredients, And it has a slight fragrance but is not at all irritating for me.

Al in all, it is definitely worth considering.

10. soap & glory nourishing cleansing balm

Soap & Glory products will rarely disappoint you. And so will this nourishing cleansing balm from the same name. Its transformative balm-to-milk formula contains vitamin C and four nourishing oils: Marula, Avocado, Apricot, Jojoba, which help reveal healthy glowing skin without making it feel tighter or leave any residue.

For 3.3 oz of product, it has an affordable price, light fragrance, and does not irritate your eyes.

Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and peptides are the star ingredients, And it has a slight fragrance but is not at all irritating for me.

Al in all, it is definitely worth considering.

The only demerit I can see is that this drugstore cleansing balm does not lather. I know it is important for some people psychologically, especially my mother (but it is awful if you have dry tight feeling skin ).

But all-embracing, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for makeup remover balms in the budget.

final thoughts on Drugstore cleansing balms

Well, here you go, 10 of the best drugstore cleansing balms you can choose blindly and are worth every penny. But if you ask, what tops my list of favorites? Then that definitely is Heimish All Clean cleansing Balm, without a doubt.

What drugstore cleansing balm have you added to your bag? Do you have any other affordable makeup remover balm that I should try? Drop your comments below!

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