Styling Tips on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

colorful capsule wardrobe

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Want to add some sizzle to your style? A colorful capsule wardrobe is an answer!

We often hear about the term “Capsule Wardrobe” as an integral part of having a sorted and stylish fashion sense. Not just it saves us a lot of space in the closet and a great deal of money, but it also blesses us with a chic and voguish appearance that would set us apart from the rest of the world.

But when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe, we often come across suggestions like choosing neutral colors, focusing on monochromes and so on. What if your soul loves everything colorful? Is it possible to have a colorful capsule wardrobe? 

Hell yes! Curating a vibrant capsule wardrobe filled with joyous colors of life is no more a distant dream. Your girl has been following some of the most influential fashionistas and experts quite for some time now. After going through their interviews, articles and designs, I have finally cracked the secret to creating a colorful capsule wardrobe.

And guess what? My capsule wardrobe is no longer 50 shades of monochrome 😜 Rather, it seems as pretty and fresh as the bright and colorful butterflies in your backyard. 

If you are trying to build up a capsule wardrobe and wish to add a splash of color to your dull and dreary closet, lemme help you out. 

This article spills the beans on creating a capsule wardrobe that exudes colorful and happy vibes, all the while making you look chic and gorgeous. Read on to learn more about building your own colorful capsule wardrobe!

What on Earth is a Capsule Wardrobe?

colorful capsule wardrobe

So, a capsule wardrobe is nothing but a carefully sorted, curated and well-maintained collection of outfits that you can mix and match to different seasons, occasions and events. There will be a certain number of basics such as tops, denim, pants etc., which you can rotate throughout the year depending on factors like weather, body type, agenda, and so on. 

I have a detailed article on capsule wardrobe already on my blog that shares all the Dos and Don’ts of building a capsule wardrobe.

However, if your soul craves a dash of colors and you can’t bear to have just neutral colors in your capsule wardrobe, welcome to my club!

Babe, fashion is all about your own personal style and confidence. If adding a pop of color to your capsule wardrobe heightens your fashion game and cheers your mood, go on, darling!

Here’s how you can create your colorful capsule wardrobe just like that!

Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

1. Have your personal color palette

The first and foremost thing that you should do is create a color pallet for your closet. Basically, it is like having a wardrobe color scheme that will guide you while shopping for your outfits. Choose colors that appeal to you. Go for colors that compliment your skin tone. Try out colors that elevate your mood.

You can use an online color wheel or color palette generators such as Coolors or Colormind to generate a personalized wardrobe color palette. 

Once you have generated the color palette for your closet, you can choose either contrasting colors or complementary colors.

Styling Tips on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

For instance, the colors that you can see on the opposite ends of your color wheel are contrasting colors. And the ones that sit beside each other are called complementary colors. Mix and match the colors on the palette to create a style that looks seamless on you.

Since I’ve been crushing on hot pink and purples recently, that’s what we’re gonna work on today. And since these two are complementary colors, we can pair them together as well!

Styling Tips on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

2. Choose colorful patterns and solid colors carefully.

The choice between solid colors and colorful patterns is an important one. While creating a colorful capsule wardrobe, you need to focus on whether you want patterns or solid colors. 

While solid colors add versatility to your fashion game, patterns enhance and uplift your personality. When it comes to styling solid colors, you will find it much easier. On the other hand, you need to be extra cautious while styling patterns.

If you want something bold and dashing, try mixing up solid colors with colorful patterns.

While mixing patterns, make it a point to blend simple and complex patterns together to create a seamless look. And to get that cohesive look, you should try to mix patterns that belong to the same color family. 

3. Select neutrals that go well with your colorful outfits.

You can create a colorful capsule wardrobe. But you cannot take out neutrals from your capsule wardrobe. Study your wardrobe color scheme closely and see which neutral shades go well with them. These neutral colors act as a blank canvas for you upon which you can paint your colorful dreams using your colorful outfits.

Styling Tips on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

4. Choose “White,” “Black,” or “Navy” as your base color.

Don’t forget to add neutral base colors such as navy, cream, white and black to your capsule wardrobe. These hues are all-rounders when it comes to forming the right base. Imagine yourself wearing a white top and layering it with a colorful shrug. Neutrals are necessary to create that foundation upon which you can develop the rest of your outfit.

5. Draw inspiration from fashionistas and celebs.

colorful capsule wardrobe

I have always been vocal about seeking inspiration. There are so many talented fashion experts, celebs and influencers from whom you can learn a thing or two about colorful capsule wardrobes. 

See, the thing is, these celebs have a full-fledged team who have years of experience in styling. So, what your favorite celebs wear is not just a casual “I feel like wearing this today” kind of thing. What they are wearing is the culmination of the experience and knowledge of their fashion stylists. So, when you follow them to take hints from their fashion styling, you get to learn A LOT!!!!

If any of your favorite celebs flaunt her colorful capsule wardrobe, follow her on Instagram. Also, you can find a lot of good pictures on Pinterest.

Taking inspiration will bring you fresher and unique ideas to create your own vibrant capsule wardrobe.

6. Focus on your preferences.

There are some colors in which you feel happy. Those colors will keep your mood elevated and boost your confidence. You will love watching yourself in those colors in the mirror. 

Add such colors to your capsule wardrobe. The idea is to feel cheerful, comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. 

7. Add a pop of colors to your accessories.

Creating a colorful capsule wardrobe does not mean that you will have to wear only colorful clothes. Rather, you can balance out the look by adding colors to your accessories as well. For instance, you can choose a colorful bag, earrings, belt, shoes, and even your phone cover!!

Styling Tips on How to Create a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe!

And to spice up that white outfit, you can add the color pop effect by carrying a colorful bag and putting on colored hoops, sunnglasses or shoes. 

Why Should You Have a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe?

Ever heard of the term chromotherapy or color therapy? Basically, the colors you surround yourself with have a huge role to play in your life. The right colors can cheer you up, make you feel comfortable, add to your personality and whatnot.

So, it is indeed a smart move to develop a colorful capsule wardrobe for yourself.

By choosing specific colors to wear, we are displaying our true selves to the world. Take it as a way of interacting with the rest of the world. 

There will be some colors that you will call “my colors.” You will feel at home in these colors. Embrace them, add them to your capsule wardrobe and own your unique fashion style.

When you have a colorful capsule wardrobe, it brings in a sense of empowerment. You sort of feel free and flaunt your own style. 

Lemme explain this with an example.

Now suppose you work from home. And if I am not wrong, maybe you have completely given up on your styling game. With your luscious locks tied up in a messy bun, I can imagine you sitting in front of your laptop in your dull and dreary PJs and loose t-shirts. Believe me or not, this WFH fashion has a direct impact on your mindset.

Basically, there’s a fine line between being comfortable and being lazy. You are gradually reaching out to the latter.

And this dress-up is affecting your productivity and thoughts. Switch to something colorful and vibrant. Jazz up your work-from-home outfits and feel the sudden surge of power, zeal and ambition within you.

Try it, babe, and you will see the change for yourself!

Wrapping Up – colorful capsule wardrobe!

Since you are here, I am assuming that you are already jumping in excitement to give your capsule wardrobe a complete colorful makeover. And if you do not have a capsule wardrobe yet, take cues from my previous article as well as this one, and build one for yourself.

This will save a great deal of time for you, my darling. Whether you are running late for college, office or startup or date night, you will have something for every occasion. And at the end of the month, you will be glad to notice your savings go up. Because now you do not have to indulge in impulsive shopping!

Babe, try these hacks and tips, and most importantly, be yourself! You will have your personal colorful capsule wardrobe ready in no time!

Waiting eagerly to know your journey from a neutral to a colorful capsule wardrobe.


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colorful capsule wardrobe

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