21 Cheap Egg Chairs for Your Garden, Patio (or Indoors)

cheap egg chairs

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Hanging egg chairs have become the garden staple. Comfortable and Instagrammable, cheap egg chairs make a fabulous addition to any outdoor or indoor space.

There is no better time to add a swoon-worthy but cheap egg chair to your lawn (or bedroom) than now. With their ever-rising popularity and Instagram-worthy beauty, you better order one sooner to actually be able to use it in summer while reading a book in the shade or sipping your favorite cocktail and clicking pictures for Instagram.

These egg lounge chairs come in so many chic and modern designs that it will be 100% worth it to spend your money on them. From stationery to hanging egg chairs, shop the best outdoor and indoor pieces to cuddle up this season.

21 cheap outdoor egg chairs

Honestly, you can use all the chairs mentioned below anywhere in your home, may it be indoor or outdoor. But just for your ease, they have been categorized as such.

1. teardrop hanging egg Chair

This is by far the best cheap egg chair in the market. Give your space an incredibly modern look with this woven finish, highly durable egg-shaped chair. It comes with water-resistant cushions as well. No doubt this is the best deal for the price. If you are looking for the exact same chair with a stand, then this one would fit right.

2. Southport Patio Egg Chair

This seriously is the best patio egg chair quality and design-wise. You may have spotted it on various bloggers’ feeds as well. This egg-shaped wicker chair supports you from every angle, making it the perfect place to cuddle up with a good book or a cocktail. There are different evergreen colors of cushions available which can easily match your aesthetic. This is one of those patio furniture that can actually change the entire vibe with just one-time investment.

3. outdoor hanging egg chair

A wonderful addition to your outdoor space, this cute patio egg chair hangs effortlessly from a durable, powder-coated iron frame and comes with weather-resistant cushions for you to build a cozy lounge area. Even though the design is a classic weave, you’ll love it for its high quality.

4. Outdoor Swivel Patio egg chair

Made from durable steel construction, this Wicker Outdoor Egg Chair is a great addition to your home decor. The unique design looks so chic without sacrificing comfort. It has included seat, back, and arm cushions that are suitable for outdoor use and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For the price you pay, I feel like this is worth every single cent.

5. Hanging Egg Swing Chair

This basket-style egg-shaped chair is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can add the perfect boho chic touch to the patio, deck, porch, or yard. But remember, it does not come with a stand. However, you can buy it additionally here on Amazon. It’s just a hanging swing chair but it is totally deal with bigger size, and the cushions are extremely comfy.

6. Woven Egg Chair with Cup Holder

No doubt it is one of the prettiest and cheapest egg-shaped chairs on the list if you get it on sale (hurry now and check the price). The best part is that this egg chair with a stand also has a cup holder! Which, btw is very rare but extremely useful. Moreover, it is durable and will surely last you a good time.

7. Patio Hanging Chair Swing Egg Chair

Super sturdy, beautiful, and very comfortable, this patio egg chair is a best-seller on Amazon. The assembly would take two people and is made from durable rattan material. Also, it is one of the most affordable pieces on the list.

indoor egg chairs

8. Swivel Patio Egg Chair with Cushions

If you are looking for something modern, classy, spacious, and comfy, then this stationary egg chair is literally the cutest bet. It swivels 360 degrees, but the swivel base is a bit heavy, so it can take a little over two hours for a single person to assemble it. The design is beautiful, material is sturdy, cushions are insanely soft, Overall, it’s a really good durable chair for the price and will look stunning wherever you keep it.

9. Furkan Swing Chair with Stand

This stylish hanging chair adds an eye-catching unique design and comfort to stop and enjoy your cozy time. This really doesn’t swing very far in either direction but only moves back and forth for about two feet. It is available in more than 6 colors and styles, but my favorite one is this gray dreamcatcher one.

10. Hanging Egg Chair

Another great weather-resistant rattan egg swing you need to consider is this one. Even though the design is pretty basic, the cushions and armrest are so soft, and the swig itself looks strong and sturdy. Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty, the rattan wicker construction of this egg chair is also smooth to the touch so you will not have to worry about splinters.

11. pod hanging indoor chair

Oh gosh, this is such a statement piece for your indoors as well as the patio. It is an off-white handwoven hanging chair made up of recyclable resin. The feature that stands out is that it is very deep, so you can actually sit in it and enjoy your comfy, cushy space.

Talking about outdoor decor, you can also try this apartment patio spring refresh. I think it’s really cool and refreshing!

12. Knotted Hanging Egg Chair

This may not be the most cost-effective hanging egg-shaped chair, but it is surely the prettiest among all. This handwoven seat is the perfect neutral accessory you need to pull off aesthetic home decor. So if you can spend some money, then this indoor hanging egg chair is actually worth every little penny.

some Other affordable egg-shaped chairs

Here are more swoon-worthy designs in the same price range that I personally love.

Well, these were all the affordable egg chairs in the market you want to consider at least once before buying. Some of them go on sale frequently, so keep a check there.

Btw, which one is your favorite? Have you already added that to your cart, huh? You better do because they get out of stock pretty quickly! And with summer approaching, their demand will be all-time high!

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