Guide 101: Face roller Tips, how it works, how to use it, and more!

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Adding face roller to your skincare routine? here’s a full on guide with all the face roller tips you’ll need to get started!

Face rollers have become the new ‘it’ thing in the skincare world. And even though I don’t think it’s an absolute must-have, I like to use it just for the additional benefits it comes with.

So if you are new to face rollers and gua shas, this guide will ensure that you start on the right foot with your face roller and reap all its goodness!

What is face rolling?

Guide 101: Face roller Tips, how it works, how to use it, and more!

Face rolling is an in-home facial massage tool that helps to stimulate skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It happens when you roll your face upwards in one direction. The way it works is by helping with lymphatic drainage that in turn promotes healthy, glowing skin, which we all desire for.

If you want to learn more about what face rolling can do for your skin and what types of benefits could be derived from doing it regularly, keep reading! There are some genius face roller tips below as well that’ll swoon your mind.

does face rolling work?

Of course, yes, it works! There are many ways how face rolling can help improve the skin in different ways.

Increases blood circulation in your face. By stimulating blood flow to your face, a face roller may help make your skin provide a healthy glow.

Reduces puffiness. Face rolling can also help decrease puffiness, especially under-eye bags, by enhancing lymphatic drainage.

Helps to soothe and cool your skin. Some stones have naturally cooling properties that can relax the muscles sometimes.

Helps skincare products to absorb deeply. Have you ever seen bloggers using a face roller over a sheet mask to allow the ingredients to penetrate the deep layers of the skin quickly? You may or may not have, but it does help in that regard.

And what type of roller should I use?

Guide 101: Face roller Tips, how it works, how to use it, and more!

When using a face roller, you want to make sure that it’s not too hard or too soft. If it’s too hard, there is a risk of something terrible happening if you aren’t careful with how much pressure you are applying onto your face; what could happen is damage to the structures underneath your skin. If it’s too soft, however… well… what do you think happens? Yeah… nothing.

how to use face roller?

face roller tips: how to use face roller

To use a face roller, use the rolling motion to push the fluid through the different layers of your skin.

To use it properly, wash your face first to ensure no open wounds or pores you might puncture. Then use face moisturizer, serum, or oil to hydrate the skin and create a smooth canvas for the roller to work on.

Then apply enough pressure on either side of the tool with two fingers but not too much pressure where it hurts at all. Move along in short strokes from chin to forehead. This action is more or less a massage motion, so use whatever pressure you can handle. Always roll upwards and in one direction. More on that later…

After use, tap down on your face lightly to get rid of any surplus liquid from the roller. Then, clean the roller and keep it in a cool, dry place for the next day.

how often should you use a face roller?

It is absolutely safe to use a face roller every day for 5-10 minutes with gentle pressure. With just a few minutes of face rolling, you will be able to improve blood circulation, de-stress muscles, and de-puff your face.

best face roller tips

Apply the right amount of pressure

You just need to apply a firm yet gentle pressure while rolling your face. Don’t pull or tug on your skin while using your roller, as it can irritate and even damage the skin, especially in sensitive areas, like under the eyes.

Start with your neck

The goal of face rolling or gua sha is always lymphatic drainage. Because the lymphatic system acts as our body’s detox center, it sucks out the body’s excess fluids and toxins and pushes them out of our system. And to your shock, face rolling or massages won’t do a thing if you don’t clear the lymph nodes in the funnel (a.k.a, your neck) between your head and body effectively.

So using your face roller on the neck first is as important as using the face roller at all. In fact, if you have time for rolling either the face or neck, choose neck because neck rolling alone will give you a glowing, puff-free face instantly. See it for yourself!

Always roll upwards in one direction

face roller tips: girl rolling in upward direction

You always have to roll upwards or outwards and in one direction. Do not roll up and down. And it’s recommended to start rolling from your face’s jawline to the cheekbone, and then eyebrows and forehead. Repeat up to 5-10 rolls in each area and up to 3 around the eyes.

avoid rolling on dry face

Make sure you have a clean, moisturized canvas before you start rolling. You need smooth, hydrated skin for the best results. Face moisturizers, serums, or oils work the best. You can use anything you like or have. I personally prefer face rolling after I’m done with serum and moisturizer.

freeze your roller before rolling

Here’s one of the best face roller tips you’ll ever come across. Keep the face roller in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before using it. An extra-chilled face roller can help make the pores appear shrink and skin look younger, along with waking up your sleepy skin cells in the morning and relaxing your tired cells at the end of the day.

do not over roll your skin

Excess of everything is bad. Even face rolling! Try not to over roll your face, especially with intense vigorous pressure, because that can do more harm than good by aggravating acne or creating rashes and irritation.

Best face rollers for glowing skin

This was all for how to use face roller and what face roller tips can help you with better skin. So what part shocked your brain cells?

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