How to use argan oil on stretch marks

argan oil on stretch marks

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If you haven’t yet tried argan oil on stretch marks, what are you even doing with your life?

Stretch marks are carriers of stress marks- you constantly worry about remedies that can prove effective in getting rid of them. If you are here reading my blog, you are certainly concerned about these dreadful stretch marks and gazing for a prominent solution.

Even when stretch marks are not medically threatening, they are certainly aesthetically unpleasant and welcome stress.  

Medical science talks about the difficulty involved with getting rid of the scars resulting from stretch marks which call for only invasive procedures like ultrasound ablation, microdermabrasion, and laser or chemical peeling methods. 

My sister recently delivered her firstborn, and I saw how stretch marks made her life hard. Every now and then, she would look for solutions to get her previous body back, but in vain. This was when I came across the use of Argan oil on stretch marks and to my shock, this actually worked!! No kidding.

What is Argan Oil?

argan oil on stretch marks

Also known as liquid gold, argan oil is derived from the kernels of an argan tree, which is native to Morocco. This fragrant nutty-flavored oil has been used for centuries as both a culinary delicacy and a beauty product. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and omega-3s, which all help to keep skin looking smooth, soft, and hydrated. It also helps protect against environmental damage, such as UV radiation from the sun and pollutants in the air.

A little bit from History about Argan Oil

History has recorded the discovery of a magical oil that helps in removing all kinds of scars and stretch marks smoothly. This oil possessing magical power is endemic to the North African country of Morocco and is known as Argan Oil. Among one the first uses of this oil, feeding oil lamps are widely recognized.

Following this, the Berber people found out the nutritional and cosmetic values hitched to it and started incorporating the use of Argan oil in their daily life. 

Why does argan oil work for stretch marks?

Argan oil works by improving your skin’s elasticity, which helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks by making them less visible over time. This is because argan oil contains high levels of antioxidants which help to repair damaged skin cells and restore collagen production in the area where stretch marks have appeared.

This makes your skin firmer and more resilient, thereby reducing the visibility of your stretch marks over time. Additionally, argan oil helps to moisturize your skin deeply, which prevents future damage from occurring.

Is it safe to use argan oil on stretch marks?

using argan oil for stretch marks

The next question you probably have in your mind is whether or not it would be safe to remove stretch marks with Argan oil at home! I get you. I mean, I had to make sure this thing was 100% safe before recommending it to my pregnant sister, or it could be dangerous. So here are the results…

Argan Oil is absolutely safe and effective to use on stretch marks (I can see that smile on your face)! It can prevent the formation of stretch marks as well as reduce their severity to an unimaginable extent. That’s true, and I am ready to go ahead with a bet on that for 5 packs of Sour patches 😃

Of all the benefits that Argan oil comes with, its ability to heal and rejuvenate the skin reduces and prevents stretch marks when compared to many other cosmetic products available in the market. The use of pure argan oil is the best for treating stretch marks during or post-pregnancy. 

Before I go ahead with the right usage of Argan oil to treat stretch marks, let me talk about stretch marks first. This will help you decide your actions in the best way possible. 

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks pop up when the skin is heavily stretched, resulting in the elastin and collagen fibers experiencing some wear and tear. This provokes your skin to get ahead with some damage repair, and boom- there you go with stretch marks. 

The repair work that the damage repair team of your skin undertakes is often imperfect leading to the formation of dense collagen fibers, which, when seen alongside a normal skin condition, clearly states the exact definition of visible scarring. 

The first sign of recognizing unwanted visits of stretch marks is to look for skin irritations that are obviously thin and pink, itchy, and at times sensitive to touch. As it begins to progress, you get to meet the first marks, which can either be reddish brown, pink, purple or even dark brown depending upon your skin tone. By the way, I do have some amazing ways to get rid of purple stretch marks.

While stretch marks are more common to women during or after their pregnancy, other reasons leading to this unpleasant skin condition can be a result of your poor diet, weight gain, obesity, excess use of Corticosteroids, rapid changes in the body during puberty, or Cushing’s Syndrome.

I personally experienced stretch marks on my thighs when I was in high school- which is possibly a result of rapid changes in the body during puberty. I did not pay heed to these until my sister’s pregnancy. Since then, we both have been using Morocco pure Argan oil every day, and to my surprise- it works!!

Also known as distension of the skin or Striae distensae, stretch marks are common to spots like- breasts, hips, tummy, buttocks, and thighs. 

benefits of argan oil for stretch marks

argan oil on stretch marks

It is now time for some damage control against the harms of stretch marks. Come on- do not give up on these annoying marks threatening your mental peace. I know that it is common to feel depressed and give up hope after you have failed to obtain your desired result using so many artificial products, but trust me, Argan oil won’t let you down!

1. Argan Oil boosts Skin Elasticity

As per studies as well as my personal use, I can definitely say that argan oil is the best oil on this planet to treat stretch marks. It can be used as a preventive remedy during pregnancy. 

The highly unsaturated fatty acid present in Argan oil which is otherwise known as linoleic and oleic acids, serves as a soothing moisturizer for your skin. While your stretch marks can naturally fade with time, it is still important to keep your skin hydrated as this will help to reduce scarring and damage. 

2. Keep the skin healthy

Natural Morocco Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, Anti-oxidants as well as Anti-inflammatory substances, helping it maintain the skin barrier. Now, if you don’t know, a functioning skin barrier is essential for keeping harmful bacteria from getting into your skin and leading to diseases, prevents dehydration (water is important for your skin health and that glow you love to always have), provides unsaturated fats that are needed by your body cells. 

3. Protects your skin from the UV radiation

Argan oil contains polyphenols which serve as a sunscreen and prevents UV radiation. It soothes the skin and prevents any sort of unwanted inflammatory reactions which is likely to be triggered by UV light exposure. This can have a havoc effect on the skin. 

benefits beyond stretch marks

In addition to being great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, argan oil has numerous other benefits when it comes to skincare.

  • It can help fight acne breakouts by unclogging pores
  • It can also be used as an anti-aging treatment due to its antioxidant content
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe irritated skin
  • It even helps protect against wrinkles by keeping skin hydrated and plump!

All in all, argan oil offers a wealth of benefits for any skincare routine—not just for sayonaraing those pesky stretch marks!

How to use Argan Oil for treating stretch marks

argan oil on stretch marks

Applying Argan oil twice a day on your stretch mark-affected area offers desirable results. It is still safe for use during pregnancy as this oil is not toxic to the baby’s health. Morocco Argan oil is retinol and tretinoin free. 

The best time to use Argan oil is when you first see stretch marks appearing on your body. Treating a skin condition or health issue at its first stage will prevent it from causing further complications. 

Argan oil is loaded with wound-healing agents, which makes it effective in treating these unwanted stretch marks when they are visibly red- this is when the live blood vessels are running underneath and aren’t large enough. At this stage, the tissue is highly responsive to any sort of treatment that can fix it. 

With the progression of stretch marks, the blood vessels underlying the skin will begin to narrow and end up losing their blood supply prior to turning white- A.K.A the last stage. 

It is difficult to treat stretch marks at a later stage, irrespective of whether you are thinking of opting for microdermabrasion or laser surgery.

But in case your stretch marks end up getting worse, you can think of opting for any other medical options or laser ablation. 

Coming on to the best method of using Argan Oil to derive optimum results, here are tips I follow:

  1. Take a few drops of argan oil on your fingertips and rub it on the belly or stretch mark-prone region for about 10 minutes.
  2. Apply it twice a day slowly without exerting much pressure.
  3. It is recommended to start with the application of argan oil as soon as you see the stretch marks showing up. Massaging longer helps the skin absorb the oil better, and like I have told you before, this oil is absolutely safe for the baby. 

My sister has incorporated this habit into her beauty and bath time routine, which helps her remember to use Argan oil daily- daily application gives you the best result. 

If you apply any body moisturizer, it is important to cleanse the stretch mark-prone area with gentle soap and water. Make sure there is no residue chemical content on the skin before you apply Argan oil. This will otherwise interfere with the action of the oil. 

Apply the oil for at least 6- 8 days to enjoy visible results. The new stretch marks will lighten, and after a few weeks, you will also see the older stretch marks start disappearing. In a month or two- depending on the condition of your stretch marks (since you began with the application of the oil), you will see your skin tone quite close to your normal skin tone. 

Which argan oil is best for stretch marks?

The best argan oil for stretch marks will be the one with 100% pure argan oil or 100% argania spinosa kernel oil on top of the ingredient list. I tried Cliganic Organic Argan Oil, and I have to say that I have never tried something better than this.

What are the side effects of argan oil?

While the majority of people who use argan oil will notice softer, healthier skin and improved hair hydration, those with more sensitive skin may experience irritation or blemishes. Additionally, some users have complained of rashes or breakouts due to the oils present in this product.

The best way to make sure you don’t experience any unwanted issues is to do a patch test on your chin or neck before using it as part of your routine.

frequently asked questions

Can argan oil cause stretch marks?

Not at all! In fact, it treats stretch marks with its powerful combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making it incredibly effective at restoring your skin’s elasticity while also providing nourishment that goes beyond just treating existing scars or lines on your body.

Does argan oil darken the skin?

Argan oil has been proven to lighten skin complexions, so making it dark is far from its ability.

Can I use argan oil on my skin everyday?

A little bit of argan oil never hurt nobody, so yeah, you go ahead and use it on your skin every day!

Besides moisturizing your skin, this amazing oil is also incredibly versatile: it can be used as a makeup remover, anti-acne serum, hair conditioner, and cuticle smoother – phew, that’s a lot!

Wrapping up argan oil on stretch marks

Pregnancy is a beautiful ride full of joy and happiness for the new member coming to your family, but it does take on toll on your physical beauty with stretch marks, sometimes pimples, hair loss, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks without resorting to expensive laser treatments or surgery, then look no further than argan oil!

The key to staying stress and stretch-mark-free here is to start taking care of yourself as soon as possible, and nothing can be better than beginning with 100% pure Argan oil. It is not just effective in treating stretch mark scars but also scars left behind from acne. 

I am a great Argan oil fan and am in love with its aroma too. It is not sticky like coconut oil and gets easily absorbed by my skin. And if you do not want to spend dollars visiting your dermatologist, girls, I am telling you- Argan Oil is your go-to option!

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Argan oil on stretch marks

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