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Infused water benefits and some delish recipes!


It’s summertime! As much as I love summers because I get to buy new clothes ( and I need to stop saying this at beginning of my every blog around summers), summer’s are genuinely hard for me as I have oily skin and all the malfunctions just pop out if I’m not in an Air conditioner. Can you relate? But obviously, normal people like me are not in cool conditions every time. So in that case, WATER HELPS. And to make water a little fun, we have infused waters! So, to your rescue, I am gonna share some fun infused water benefits and infused water recipes with you so that you enjoy your summers to the fullest.

What are infused waters?

infused water benefits

Basically, infused water is normal, filtered water with added benefits and flavors of fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Also referred to as “detox water” or “fruit-flavored water”, these amazingly tasty waters are flushed with ingredients to hydrate your skin and body along with giving some additional advantages of weight loss, improve digestion or can get you a glowing skin. Read more of its benefits below.

How to make an infused water in summers?

Just 4 easy steps to get your infused water handy:

Step 1. Choose your flavours

Now, infused water can be made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even spices. You just have to see what gives you the best taste when combined with two to three other ingredients.

For fruits, you could use berries, apples, pears, coconut, kiwi, oranges, watermelon, etc. The key is to find fruits that have thick skin and do not decompose easily like a banana. Banana would make a gross detox.

For vegetables, you can go for celery, carrots, fennel, cucumbers or lime. They make some yummy drinks.

For herbs, rosemary, mint, basil, parsley would make great, hydrating, and cool infused waters. Mint is my favorite. It gives you a cooling sensation along with a refreshing taste.

For spices, obviously you cannot use normal salt and pepper, but, what you can use is cinnamon sticks or fresh ginger. They taste good and ginger enhances your immune system.

Step 2. Chop your ingredients

infused water benefits

If you are using large fruits and vegetables like watermelon or cucumbers, you certainly cannot just throw it into a bottle or something. So chop them into small medium-sized pieces to throw them into your water bottle. If your ingredients are small enough, you can put them straight or just cut them in half and use them.

Step 3. Store them

After you popped all the ingredients in a jar or bottle, keep it for at least 30 minutes in the fridge to let it cool down. It tastes delicious when cold.

Keep in mind, that if you are using citrus foods like oranges or lime only, you don’t even need any wait time to consume it because they infuse instantly into the water. Whilst, if you are using berries or herbs then your wait time should be longer than 2-3 hours at least. They take time you see.

Step 4. Drink it, gorgeous

You can drink your flavorsome infused water now. Remember, if you keep the bottle in the fridge, you can go with the same ingredients for about 3-4 days but if it is out in normal temperature, you want to replace the ingredients with a fresh one every 24 hours. Because then, the ingredients start to decompose and you don’t need that to drink. Refill and get your things done.

Delish infused water Recipes

infused water benefits
  • Strawberry + basil + lemon
  • Cucumber + mint
  • Watermelon + mint
  • Lemon + oranges + rosemary
  • Apple + cinnamon
  • Lemon + cucumber
  • Orange + kiwi
  • Blueberry + lemon
  • Strawberry + watermelon + mint + lemon
  • Lemon + ginger + mint

Don’t add too much of the ingredients. Just small amounts.

Ultimate infused water benefits

infused water benefits

Along with drenching your thirst, detox water comes with numerous other positives for us.

  • Helps in weight loss
  • Your body will be able to transport nutrients and oxygen better
  • Help keep your body temperature at optimum levels
  • Gives you a softer, smoother and glowing complexion
  • Good compensation for all the alcoholic drinks and coffee you had last night
  • gives you more energy than normal water
  • Will boost up your metabolism
  • Will fill your stomach so you eat and snack less
  • Helps indigestion
  • Flushes the toxins out of your body
  • Enhance your mood greatly
  • Gives you less muscle fatigue so you can now have more energy while exercising
  • You’ll never be dehydrated
  • A healthy yet delicious compensation for carbonated drinks you love

Do you really need more infused water benefits to start having it?

I’m all about a good detox water bottle and staying hydrated all throughout the summers. What recipe are you gonna try now? And for what benefit you are aiming for? I aimed for a glowing, healthy, and acne-free skin and got it in less than a month’s time. And that’s one of the major infused water benefits for me.

Just in case you liked what I say, please comment it down below as it would mean the absolute world to me, and please consider sharing as it would motivate me to create more for you guys!

Till then, keep smiling and shining! Bye bye!

Infused water benefits


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