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In this situation of mass anxiety and fear of getting affected by our not so famous coronavirus, what are you doing at your home? Is it something productive? Is it destructive? Or is it just sleeping? I’m definitely in the third category?

We all are in self-isolation for more than 1.5 months now, so am I. And today I’m just gonna tell you what my life’s been upto in this quarantine.


In india, lockdown started from March 22 i guess but my personal lockdown dates back to March 7 since my parents were a little scared of all the happenings and news around, they called me a little earlier from Chandigarh.

Two months down, i have 50% changed my lifestyle for good and i can proudly say that. The rest of 50% is just sleeping around and eating and playing cards. (Not really proud but won’t cringe upon it)

It’s been a month, i got serious about “your girl knows”, and been working my ass off day and night to learn more about what I’m doing. ( not exaggerating)


And gosh, not to forget, my DAD. He’s a business man and here in india, a businessman’s half heart lies in business and the other half in family. Tell me if this is true for other parts of the country as well? ? So when he is all home now, it is being a blessing for me. Obviously, also because of his presence but omg his foooooooood is just so delicious!! He cooks a new dish literally everyday and not a single one has been a fail. I’m lovin’ it!

Life in coronavirus
These were the only pictures i had of the food since I don’t believe in capturing every little thing on the plate. Just a personal choice.


On the other hand, my MOM has learnt to play cards and seriously defeating us all one at a time. Is she kidding us? On contrast, she also studying really hard for an exam she wants to crack after this pandemic gets over safely. So she’s studying about polity and economics and about some eminent entrepreneurs. So all she does is come to me, share all the knowledge and motivates me to become innovative and successful. I get to know things i would never have invested my time on. Is it useful? You’ll get to know! ?


And my BROTHER. He is just 3 years younger to me but I don’t think we have ever bonded the way ever like now. We always loved each other tho but never shared our little secrets. But guess what’s happening nowadays? We’re laughing and fighting and playing and i am so glad it’s happening. Btw, he’s exploring the genes he got from dad of cooking. Can it be any better? ?


Is it my turn now? Oh forget it, cause I’m literally sleeping all day, focusing on my blog, netflix-ing and talking to literally just few people daily. That apparently means my Social life is 0. Alsoooo, i just deactivated my Instagram account! Yaaa. I found it a little too negative for me like seeing other people much much beautiful than me. Not that i was jealous but I started feeling insecure and unhappy. And honestly, it’s been GREAT!! Not joking.

Not to forget, i think my second semester exams may not get conducted and i may get promoted to third semester which feels SOOO GOOOOD but yes it’s still a “may” ( the modal verb stupid ??‍♀️ )

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However, the coronavirus situation is not very good in my city as there are over 100 cases (at the time of writing) and everyone’s a little scared and we all should be. But i believe in destiny and feel if it is meant to happen it will because it’s a disease and not something you can control ( obviously take preventions ). And if we get anxious about this, it will start affecting us mentally which may not be something anyone would want.

I have stopped watching news from a month now because i feel that they exaggerate so much and make people worry about some things that doesn’t even matter much. So i just take look at important headlines of the day at night and that’s it.


Though I’m not doing much but still there’s something i can boast about? and that is

  • Me constantly trying to drink water (I’m 80% successful guyssss)
  • Having a small little skincare that includes cleansing, spot treatment, a mask once in a while and moisturizer. Along with castor oil on my eyebrows and lashes.
  • A brand new yet decent blog
  • Have read 5 novels which is a lot for me since I haven’t read any in along while.
  • Able to be pro in playing cards (bet you cannot defeat me. It’s an art)
  • give my family and my baby (my dog) all the love and care i could
Life lately in coronavirus

So yes, this is my life lately and i think it’s my kinda fun. I wish it could last for a long long time. Not the coronavirus off course?. But the time I’m having right now.

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I wish everyone to be safe and secure all around the world. And the world to recover soon of all the chaos it has gone through.

Keep safe and smiling <3

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