8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

must-have accessories

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Here are eight must-have accessories that every woman needs in her closet. Pick a few and add them today!


Accessories can do so much for an outfit, and wearing a few select pieces can be the easiest way to make your current ensembles feel more exciting and new.

Accessorizing may be the last step when you’re getting ready to leave the house, but it surely is what ties your whole outfit together and certainly make you look expensive. Look at it this way: it is the perfect opportunity for you to set the tone of how you want to look that day. Dress nice but don’t put on any makeup or jewelry, and leave the house in your home slippers. I bet not one person will take you seriously.

And it’s not like you can wear anything. You have to accessorize right. Depending on the accessories you wear, you can look put together and dainty or a messy little potato.

Even an outfit built on wardrobe basics can feel more current and jazzed up with a fun pair of earrings, a printed scarf, a lovely handbag, or even a stack of necklaces. 

But with so many accessories in many different styles, shapes, and colors, it can get overwhelming to figure out what you need in your wardrobe and what’s just another useless purchase (like you don’t already have enough, ugh!).

Don’t worry, though! Accessorizing shouldn’t be complicated; it only takes a few pieces or, should we say, a few must-have accessories to elevate your look.

Hopefully, this list of fashion accessories can help you enhance your outfits, so all of your OOTDs moving forward feel fun, unique, and a very stylish version of you.

9 must-have Accessories to add today!

1. a structured Bag 

must-have Accessories - bag

How is any outfit complete without a matching bag? We bring our bags with us every time we head out of the house or pretty much everywhere. And often, it is the most prominent accessory of your entire outfit. 

Bags serve a practical purpose for many of us, myself included. My bag has everything: my laptop, snacks, makeup, perfume, charger, and even my crystals. This is why it’s sometimes easy to forget that bags are a part of the outfit and not just something to carry all our stuff around. 

For example, a nice structured handbag can make you look polished and sophisticated, a woven raffia bag can scream “effortless weekend look,” and anything with sequins or glitter always makes you look ready for a great time. 

You can also opt for bold colors and prints to make the bag the statement piece of your outfit. For a more put-together look with really minimal effort, you can go monochrome or tonal, matching your clothes with your shoes and bag for that cohesive look. It’s also one of my juicy tips for always looking stylish

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

2. Belt 

must-have Accessories - belt

For the longest time, I have neglected this like people ignore meditation. But trust me, something as little as a belt can make all the difference.

Belts come in so many different materials, shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes. Wearing a belt can lend an extra element of interest to your outfit. 

You can choose a sleek and smooth leather belt for that girl boss sophistication or a belt with a big buckle like a Gucci belt for more of a statement. Experimenting with different belt widths helps with changing the appearance of your proportions. And other materials can give your outfit more texture and pizzazz. 

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

3. a cool pair of Sunglasses 

must-have Accessories - sunglasses

Everyone should have a pair of sunglasses. Not only is it great for your eye health, protecting you from sun damage and dry eyes (a real convenience, especially if you don’t have eye drops with you), but it’s also just a quick and easy way to glam up an outfit. 

Also, my secret to hiding my sleepless nights, ha.

Wearing a pair of dark lens sunglasses in a frame that suits your face shape is always a classic and will complement any outfit you wear. 

But if you’ve got some money to invest, try getting a few pairs of sunglasses in all the trendiest colors. If you have no accessory on hand, matching sunglasses will do the trick!

And not to forget, it can also be a great and budget-friendly way to participate in the trends without much commitment. 

If you find that sunglasses are your thing, enjoy styling your clothes with colorful and funky frames of different sizes and styles. 

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

4. Hair accessories 

must-have Accessories - beret

Wearing hair accessories can make you look like you’ve put more effort into your outfit than you actually did. They are also a great way to hide your poor hair days!

Hair scarves, bandanas, claw clips, scrunchies, and barrettes draw the eye up to your face and can give the impression that you put a lot of thought into your outfit literally from head to toe when in reality, you just used a styling trick!

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

5. Necklaces 

must-have Accessories - necklaces

Necklaces are great when you feel like you love your top, but your outfit could use some extra “wow” factor. Like belts, necklaces can give your outfit an extra layer of interest and texture. 

Necklaces can be thin and delicate, or they can be big and bold. You can wear one or choose to layer them up. They also come in different lengths and styles to best complement your outfit. Play around with different materials and colors too! 

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

6. Earrings 

must-have Accessories - earrings

In all honesty, I hate wearing earrings. I just don’t like the feeling that something is on my ear. And they can be quite heavy too. That being said, my outfits are almost never complete without the right set of earrings.

They are just so many designs and styles that you can never have enough. From subtle to bold, and funky to classic, choosing the right pair can be a game changer and make your whole outfit look 50x more put together. 

A pair of simple studs, like pearl or diamond jewelry, can give off an air of sophistication and elegance. Dangling earrings can draw the eye up to your face, bringing more focus to the upper half of your outfit.

Wearing a pair of earrings with similar elements to your clothes and other accessories can make you appear more cohesive. A big pair of earrings can have just as much statement as a bold necklace. 

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

7. Bracelets 

must-have Accessories - bracelets

And this I absolutely love. Bracelets are another must-have accessories that are so easy to throw on, and they can instantly spice up an outfit. With so many sizes, colors, and materials, there’s bound to be a bunch of bracelets that fit your style and taste. 

A bold cuff can give your outfit an edgy feel, while some stacked arm candy can give more contrast and texture to your ensemble. Play around with different styles and see which ones suit your fashion needs.

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

8. classy Scarves 

must-have Accessories - scarf

Not only are scarves useful for keeping you warm, but they can also take your outfit to the next level. With a scarf, you can get away with not wearing too many must-have accessories listed above, considering the scale it takes up in relation to your outfit. 

A scarf in a fun print or bold color is easy to throw on and doesn’t require much fussing. If you’re going for the monochromatic look, a scarf with some texture, tassels, or pom poms can give your outfit some interest without needing bold colors. 

8 Must-Have Accessories That can Elevate any Outfit within seconds 

Wrapping Up The must-have Accessories to elevate any outfit

Accessories are a great way of enhancing your outfit. They can make old closet items feel new and modern, make basic pieces feel more fun and bold, or provide more elegance and sophistication to your ensemble. 

Finding out which pieces work best for you and your wardrobe may require some playing around and a bit of trial and error, but all in the name of fashion! Just remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

Do you have any favorite accessories? How do you style them? Let us know in the comments below!

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must-have Accessories to elevate any outfit

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