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Taking time for yourself is crucial, and maybe we all know that. But, a good self-care routine doesn’t always mean eating the right food and allowing yourself to have valuable mental health days. Doing self-maintenance is also extremely important once in a while. Who even needs a boyfriend to feel pampered when you are your own girl boss? Huh?

So Hey #GirlBoss, here’s a pamper routine you need to follow when things go wrong and you can’t focus on yourself. Which I know you will do once things start to get in place which they will. Don’t worry, okay?


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Dreamy Self-care Pamper routine for Boss Babes

Messy Bun

Starting with the most difficult thing to handle ( for me since I have long hair ), make a cute messy bun up on your head so your hair doesnt come in the way and looks super cute as well. Oh, you’ll love it.

Clean your space


You cannot pamper yourself in a messed up place. So clean it at least the area you know you’ll be staying and pampering yourself. Say your room and bathroom. AT LEAST? This will help clear up your space and help relax your mind a lot more.

Scented candle/Room mist

pamper routine

Now that your room is clean, light up a scented candle. Please, it doesn’t have to be an expensive ass thing. Just a normal small scented candle you could easily get at Walmart or something. If not candle, spray a room mist. It’s easy and makes your room smell like flowers. Now why this is important is because girl, would you ever go to a restaurant to eat when it smells bad? I hope so not! Same thing.

You could choose your favourite from this huge variety on Amazon.

Slow calming music

Fudge makeup, Music is the best thing ever invented in the world. It can hype you up, help meditate, calm you, make you a party animal and whatnot. So a piece of calming slow music should be an extensively important step in your pamper routine.

Bath and don’t shower

Do not overthink the shit of out your life at this point, okay?

A shower is 10 times easier than bathing, I understand. But if you are pampering, then Pamper. Dim your lights, light a candle in your bathroom, use your favourite bath bomb/Epsom salt and stay in the bathtub until your skin is prune-like. It will definitely make you feel renewed. Just make sure, your water is not hot else your skin will feel dry later on.

Hair mask

As important as this pamper routine is to you, hair is important to your body. So go grab your hair mask and leave it on until you get out of the bath. Gosh, that will make your hair soft as hell. My ultimate hair mask for smooth hair is LO’real liss unlimited masque.

Exfoliate your body


Now is the time o remove those creepy dead cells off your body and make your inner layer of skin see a new life. You could probably make a scrub yourself or use the one you already have. To make a DIY body scrub that you want to work, take 4 parts of sugar and 1 part of coconut oil. Don’t worry if the proportions look wrong at first because it takes a while for the oil to mix with the sugar. Add 2-4 drops of any essential oil you love. and mix it well until it looks like a normal scrub. Easy-peasy? yeah!

But just in case you are looking for my body scrub recommendations, then I have just one, which is Dove body polish scrub.

Shave your body if required


Not everyone would be able to do it, but if you have hair on, this is literally the best time to remove the hell out of them. Since your body is nicely exfoliated, shaving won’t cause any ingrown or blackheads. Magic! Razor which is my absolute favourite is Gillette’s Venus razor.

Cleanse your face

Your body has got enough for now. Now it’s time to glow up your cute Lil face. Cleanse it thoroughly with a low ph-balanced face wash. Take 30-60 seconds but do it right. My all-time favourite cleansers are Cetaphil gentle cleanser, Simple foaming face wash and Neutrogena oil-free facial cleanser

Face Mask time!


Tell me if you have been waiting for this moment from the beginning because honestly, I have. I love some good face masks. And what pamper routine is even complete without one. Not in my world! Choose a moisturizing face mask or the one that solves your skin concerns. It can be again, DIY or something purchased. I would always go for the Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask. I just love them a little too much.

Moisturise face and body

Your skin is literally the cleanest in along a long time. Thanks to this pamper routine, right? So why not moisturize and make it all the more healthy and glowing. I would suggest you use different moisturizers for face and body because obviously!

My favourite face moisturisers are Neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer, Cetaphil pro-oil-absorbing moisturizer and Aveeno acne-fighting moisturizer And for the body, I love Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion, Vaseline body lotion, and CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion. They are the best!

Dance to the beats

Now that you have done most of your pamper routine, it’s time to dance to your favourite beats. Sing along even if you have the worst voice in the world or even if neighbours complain of noise pollution. Fudge them! You dance. You deserveeee dance!

Cozy Clothes

pamper routine
You don’t have to be this fancy but try and do amazing things for yourself

Yup! Finally you need to get out of your bathroom and and wear the comfiest clothes you have. It can be a bath robe or simply your night wear. It need not to be fancy. It’s your pamper routine and you decide what works for you. Okay? okayyy.

Healthy snacks and drinks

A good pamper routine does not mean just outer polishing, it also means that your stomach is full of healthy snacks and you feel complete within. And to break your heart, food is the only thing that can do it. So go to your kitchen and make some easy but healthy snacks for yourself. Better if you could have some juice or just detox water. It would help hydrate and clean your body as well.

Crumble in blanket

After all you have done, you deserve to get cozy and warm. So run and tug yourself into a blanket. It’s the best freakin’ feeling everrrrrr!

Line up entertainment

pamper routine

Now, its time to jus sit and relax. You could line up anything you feel you’ll love doing. Read a book, line up netflix movies or series, youtube videos literally anything that would calm your mind. And if just in case you chose upon netflix or youtube don’t forget that i said line up because the last step is still remaining.

Mani/Pedi session

pamper routine

My own little dreamy manicure/Pedicure session is all I do this entire pamper routine for. Tools you need for your super easy at home mani/pedi sess are

I find painting my nails one of the most relaxing things in my pamper routine.

Warning: Do it only if you know how to do it nicely because it can be a major mood spoiler if done wrong or your nails don’t look pretty later. If this is the case, what you can do is just cut and file them and apply clear nail paint over it. They’ll look glossy as hell!

PAMPER ROUTINE TIP: Never do anything just because someone said. Don’t do anything you don’t like. Pamper routine is all about you and only you. So always prefer things you want over what the other person or even me said. I don’t like bath bombs, I won’t do it. Get it?

And with painting our nails, we are done with our little dreamy pamper routine which help maintain your skin, relax your mind and you’ll step out of it with a brand new glow!

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Till then, be safe and keep smiling and listen, everything will fall back again. Just don’t give up!


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