Life is tough. We all have bad days. And you are not the only one dealing with it. Okay?We all are at the same place. But we’ll get through it! And that’s For sure.

Honestly, there’s nothing better than a self-care Sunday to replenish your mind and soul and get yourself ready, mentally, emotionally and physically, to kick-start your upcoming week with a bang! and definitely avoid those Monday blues. Lol!

But before starting off with all the powerful self-care Sunday ideas I have for you, please agree to the fact that self-care Sunday is something more than just a slang or a cool hashtag you can use with an aesthetic picture. Actually, lemme just tell you in brief what it really is. Just a quick go through, okay?


self-care sunday ideas

We all hate Mondays. Who even likes getting back to work? We are tired, And definitely want some time to ourselves. So self-care is one way you can totally forget all things bad going on in your life and hung up on positive things to actually improve your overall well being! Because girl, you owe yourself that love and care!

Remember: These are the ideas you can do at any point and any day of yourself. Not just Sunday. Do it 5 days a week, no one’s stopping you. But then get back to work with much power, okay?

Calm down, sit back, have a cup of coffee or whatever YOU love and revive your inner self with these self-care Sunday ideas you can do at any time of any day!



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  1. Sleep in a little longer – you have got one day to compensate for all the loss of sleep you had. So COMPENSATE!
  2. Stretch your body – a little stretching after waking up will make you feel more energetic and motivated
  3. Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/green tea, literally anything you love
  4. Take a bath and not a shower – I explain the why here in my pamper routine. You’ll love it!
  5. Apply a hair and face mask – A chilled Sunday is a good time to get your hair and skin back on track. You’ve been doing all things bad to them all week. My favourite hair and face masks are this and this respectively.
  6. Listen to your favourite music – I absolutely agree when they say that music makes you calm, happy and serene. So play some happy music there
  7. Make yourself a healthy breakfast – Get going with oatmeal, add some berries or have some egg, sandwich anyythinggg!
  8. Sit on a couch, just sit and eat – Just sitting and not really doing anything makes your mind calm and thinks beyond what you have been thinking. Umm, like, when I want to do something and I’m thinking and thinking and not getting anywhere, I sit back and do any of the self-care rituals and my mind starts to think better ways to that thing. Hope that was clear enough.
  9. Watch your favourite TV/Netflix show- I’m a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan so I watch that or any other show I’d be obsessing on currently.
  10. Tidy up your place a bit- It’s time to put “Cleanliness is the way to calm your mind, soul and body” in work.
  11. Drink a glass of water/detox waterThis is to make you remember that do not forget to drink water. Keep yourself hydrated. It is as important as to keep your sanity in place.
  12. Write a love letter to yourself – Write a beautiful letter to yourself as a third person. You’ll be happy to come back to this and see your growth later in life. Even the smallest growth matter!
  13. Roam around the house – Just go and give yourself a house tour. Grab a fruit or snack along the way. Just roam!
  14. Make a list of to-do tasks for the upcoming week – Having a clear idea of what you have to do next makes your today and tomorrow better as you know everything is organised and pretty.
  15. Paint your nails – Giving myself a quick mani/Pedi session is what I look forward to every weekend. Even if that means just trimming my nails applying a clear topcoat. It’s one of the most relaxing self-care Sunday activity to do. I have rounded up a few pretty nail designs here.
  16. Sing at the top of your lungs – My favourite thing to do is this. I don’t even care how bad my voice is. All I care is I love this song and it sounds delicious (to my ears at least)
  17. Manage your photo albums – We all love going through good memories which we caught up o camera. Along with managing, You’ll find yourself smiling a lot seeing all those good times.
  18. Prep for lunch – Before you’ll know, it will be lunchtime already. So prep your lunch and eat it with your friends and family if any or
  19. Listen to a motivational podcast – Motivational talks help you think what you want and how you want it in your life. They leave a highly positive impact on your life.
  20. Take a nap – Naps get you back fresher. Take a nap. Even make it a little longer. Just feel cosy and warm.
  21. Go outside for a walk – An evening walk can literally refresh you. You’ll see children playing, people laughing cute dogs and all the happy things. Evening > Morning walk.
  22. Do some gardening – Watering plants and talking to them really makes your inner soul satisfied. Watching those plants grow is serene.
  23. Get dressed and put on some makeup – If you are a makeup junkie like me, try creating amazing eye looks. Put on your glam makeup. Click cute selfies. Dance to your favourite song. Love yourself a little.
  24. Take yourself to a solo date – It’s okay, don’t feel awkward, everybody does it, you are more important than what everybody thinks.
  25. Buy yourself some fresh flowers/ plant you want to nurture – Fresh flowers have this instant vibe to make you feel happy internally.
  26. Light a scented candle and do your skincare – As a skincare freak, this self-care Sunday idea is my personal favourite. Cleanse your skin deeply, apply layers of moisturizers and relax. You could check out some beautiful candles here.
  27. Read a chapter of the book- I agree, a thing about books is that it’s never just reading one chapter. At least 3-4. But if you love that, go ahead! Who’s stopping you?
  28. Leave a positive note for yourself to wake up to the next morning – Just a ‘You are strong and you can do this. I love you.” would be fine to smile upon the next day
  29. Practise breathing – Deep breathe in, deep breathe out. Meditate for a little while. Keep a check on the way you breathe.
  30. Take a good 8 hours of sleep – Sleep a Lil early but do make sure to have a full night’s sleep. You deserve it!
self care sunday ideas

And with that your self-care Sunday comes to an end and you’ll be so ready to kick-start Monday with a lot more energy, sanity, freshness, calmness and strength. These words are motivating enough to have this full self-care Sunday routine to yourself. Right?

What are you gonna practise this Sunday? If you have any other self-care Sunday idea, I would love for you to drop it in the comments to let other people know it as well.

Till then, bye-bye, and take care! Everything will get into place, Do not worry!

self-care sunday

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