8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

tatcha water cream dupes

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Looking for Tatcha water cream dupes that quench the thirst without a big price tag?

There are some skincare or beauty products in the market that take away all our money (literally) for a few benefits that they claim are something we can never live without. I mean, sure! :/

One such brand is Tatcha and its luxuriously pretty pot of ‘the water cream’.

This thing claims to be an oil-free, anti-aging water cream that releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanicals, and optimal hydration for smooth, balanced skin. Sounds perfect but the whopping price of $68 is just so hard to justify until and unless you are not giving us diamonds, lol.

And everyone deserves healthy, plump, supple, hydrated skin no matter what the budget. So here are the perfect Tatcha water cream dupes that are almost similar to their expensive counterpart.

the Tatcha water cream dupes

1. Neutrogena hydroboost gel

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

If there is just one moisturizer I would pick blindly for almost any skin type, this is it. It is by far one of the best affordable lightweight moisturizers on the market (and I have tried many).

Hydroboost is an oil-free, non-greasy, deeply moisturizing non-comedogenic gel/cream that gives a perfect boost of hydration to normal, dry, and oily skin types alike. And no doubt the hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate in it makes it a very similar Tatcha water cream dupe.

The only few differences between the Tatcha and Neutrogena are that one, Neutrogena doesn’t have any other skin-loving ingredients like Japanese wild rose, rice ferment, or leopard lily, but do we really need those when all we are looking for is nice hydration? Second, it doesn’t have gold extracts that give a radiant glowing effect to the Tatcha water cream, which I’m not even sure are good for the skin.

Other than these, there’s just a little difference in the formula of both as Neutrogena is more watery in texture but that doesn’t count for me because it does not have a noticeable impact on the skin.

All in all, I really do not think that the price difference between the two can be justified for just a few additional ingredients and nice luxurious packaging.

So yes, Neutrogena hydro boost water gel is the best cheapest Tatcha water cream dupe available in the whole market.

2. dr. jart vital hydra solution biome water moisturizer

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Dr. Jart is one of the well-known trusted Korean beauty brands we know of. And its products are always beautiful, much needed, and pretty reasonable.

Honestly, this Dr. Jart’s water cream moisturizer is even similar Tatcha water cream dupe because of its texture, finish, and hydration levels. I mean both of them almost look identical. Dr. Jart’s one also has added benefits of niacinamide for a brightening even-tone effect and different types of hyaluronic acid along with humectants to actually keep your skin hydrated for longer hours.

Unlike Tatcha cream, it does not have any overpowering scents that could irritate the skin.

Actually, I like this Tatcha water cream dupe better because it’s cheaper and has everything along with a few better ingredients. And I won’t miss that!

3. belif aqua bomb

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Another great moisturizer and an amazing Tatcha dupe have to this Korean beauty product. Belif is undoubtedly one of the better brands known for quality products and this aqua bomb is no exception.

Just like tatcha, this cream-gel claims to provide a burst of hydration to dull, dry, and dehydrated skin – which I can say is true. It literally feels like water on the skin. Not only that, this light as air gel-cream contains apothecary herbs including antioxidant-rich lady’s mantle, which works to combat free radical damage and improve skin elasticity while minimizing the appearance of large pores.

I mean, both these moisturizers have the same texture and finish along with anti-aging and cooling properties but with different secondary ingredients. All I can say is that both of them are wonderful at their own levels and Belif aqua bomb can definitely be considered a comparable Tatcha water cream dupe.

4. Laneige water bank hydro gel

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Insanely similar to Tatcha water cream, this gel is one of my top recommendations for normal to oily skin after Neutrogena just because it is uu-hh–aamazingg!! It is one of the better non-oily, cooling creams that gives a dewy, plump, supple skin for the whole freakin’ day just like its expensive counterpart.

It’s a sweet spot between Neutrogena hydro boost and Tatcha water cream, where Laneige has not every skin-friendly ingredient that tatcha has but has many more antioxidants than Neutrogena like green mineral water, etc.

As per the price point, it is not ridiculously expensive nor very cheap. This water cream gel is nice and a little over affordable for a hydrating moisturizer like this.

5. peter thomas roth cloud cream

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Omg, this moisturizer splashes your face with hydration, hydration, and hydration! Featuring a 30% hyaluronic acid composition, Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Moisturizer can help you achieve smoother, softer skin while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, just like Tatcha’s Water Cream, for up to 27 hours.

This is one of the rare fragrance and alcohol-free formulas that actually looks and feels like Tatcha but obviously not exactly the same.

All-embracing, The Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench strikes me as the better product, with a lighter texture than Tatcha, zero fragrance, zero alcohol, and mind-blowing hydration.

6. bliss drench & quench cream

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Yet another affordable moisturizer on the list as compared to others, Bliss drench & quench cream feels a lot like Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer.

It has such a unique formula that the cream-gel changes to water when in contact with the skin. Along with that, it has 4 types of hyaluronic acids in it. Yes, FOUR!!! There’s nothing other than the intense hydration I can see in it.

Developed for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic Tatcha water cream dupe absorbs quickly and easily without leaving a greasy or heavy residue.

7. vichy aqualia thermal mineral water gel

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

Not the best but worth consideration, Vichy water gel cream is a deeply hydrating dry skin moisturizer which has a refreshing and lightweight formula that helps smoothens fine lines and hydrate the skin effectively.

This Tatcha dupe is jam-packed with hyaluronic acid and glycerin which are known ingredients for hydration in skincare.

The only disappointment this is its scent. It has a weird artificial floral scent to it which also lingers for a few seconds before fading.

8. first aid beauty coconut water cream

8 Insanely Good Tatcha Water cream dupes to give a shot

This water cream is an oil-free, non-comedogenic, and refreshingly light moisturizer, infused with skin-nourishing Coconut Water, delivering an electrolyte-rich boost of moisture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Suitable for normal, combination, and oily skin, this Tatcha cream dupe is jam-packed with amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that majorly help in hydrating and replenishing the skin.

That being said, these were all the Tatcha dupes that you can actually love because of their very similar properties and textures. The best Tatcha water cream dupe has to be Neutrogena hydro boost because it feels the same and is actually the most affordable. Other ones that I like are Dr. Jart’s water solution, Laneige water bank gel, and Belif aqua bomb.

You can pick any that is in your budget and you’ll not regret missing the Tatcha one!

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tatcha water cream dupes

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