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17 Styling Tips To Rescue

If You Are

1. Longer waist-to-shoulder distance. 2. Lower waistline. 3. Shorter crop tops on you. 4. Short legs, long torso. 5. Heavier bottom.

How To Determine If You Are Long-Waisted Or Not?


Vertical patterns and prints for bottoms

Opt for vertical patterned bottoms to create the illusion of longer legs and achieve a balanced look with your upper body.

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High-Waisted Jeans/Pants

Long-waisted ladies, grab high-waisted jeans for longer-looking legs. Choose any style you like, just make sure they're high-waisted.

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Monochromatic Outfits Can Save Your Day

Long-waisted? Go for monochromatic outfits, matching colors for your tops and bottoms. Co-ords work great for this.

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Shorter Jackets To Spice Up The Look

Choose hip-length jackets to enhance a long-waisted body. They create a higher waistline illusion. Opt for cropped jackets or hipbone-length shrugs.

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Opt For Paper Bag Designs

Paper bag designs flatter long torsos, creating defined waistlines and elongating legs. Avoid if you have belly fat or love handles.

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Invest In Some Stylish, Wide Belts

Wide belts shorten your torso and elongate your legs, while defining your waist for a balanced look.

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Try To Match Your Belts With Your Bottom

Match belt color with bottoms for longer, slender legs. Avoid contrasting colors that draw attention to torso and waist.

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Get Rid Of Drop Waist Dresses

Avoid drop waist dresses as they elongate the torso and widen the hips. Opt for A-line dresses that create a longer lower torso and hide belly fat and love handles.

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Add Dark Colors To Your Closet

Avoid drop waist dresses for a longer torso and wider hips. Opt for A-line dresses to lengthen lower torso and conceal belly fat.

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