The Best Nail Colors For Short Nails To Take It Up A Notch

1. Dark colors make your nails look short.

Let's first debunk 3 common myths!

No, they don’t! Dark colors are evergreen colors that you can wear all around the year.

2. Red nail colors are not suitable for short nails.

In fact, red nail polish is one of the best nail colors that you can choose.

3. Nail art can make your short nails look even shorter!

NOO, Nail art does not depend on the length of your nails.


Deep Dark Shades

Deep shades like burgundy reduce the width of the nails, thereby creating an elongated effect on your nails. In fact, they add a lot of drama to your nails!


Pastel Shades

They soften the overall look and also elongate the nail beds. Besides, they reflect light and thereby making your nails appear seamless and well-maintained.


Nude Or Neutral Nail Colors

Sometimes, simplicity is key. If you’re a pale woman, go for light pink nail colors, but if you’re brown, you would want to choose a light brown nail color for short nails!


Chrome Nail Polish Color

Not only are they one of the most trendy nail designs ever, but they also look so darn good on short nails! They are like a fresh breath of air, lol!


Bright Nail Polish Colors

Vibrant nail colors such as neon pink look magical on short nails. They sort of add fun and spark to your nails.


Gorgeous Reds

A classic red is always a go-to for anyone who wants to make a statement or add a pop of color to a rather basic outfit.


Light Shades

Light nail polish colors such as mauve and ice blue highlight the charm of your nails, even if they are very short. Besides, the light hues will make your nails chic & stylish.

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