15 Absolute Best Fall Nail Colors For Fair Skin

fair skin

Even though most of the nail colors look good on pale skin, there sure are some of the absolute best.

Burnt Orange

This warm, inviting hue will make your pale skin POP and give off major autumnal vibes wherever you go.


Plum Purple

It’s elegant and sophisticated yet bold enough to make a statement and accentuate all those cool undertones in your skin tone.


Emerald Green

This deep shade screams all things fall and luxe, making your pale skin glow like a queen.


Totally Teal

Teal is the unsung hero of the fall color palette. It’s bold and vibrant, with the perfect balance between green and blue.


Crimson Red

This sultry hue adds a touch of drama to your nails and complements pale skin tones amazingly well.


Slate Gray

This sleek, edgy shade is the literal definition of cool. It pairs well with pretty much everything and balances pale skin beautifully.


Lavender Love

Its dreamy, pastel hue is simply stunning against paler skin tones, allowing you to feel like a fall fairy.


Warm Taupe

Warm taupe is like your fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon roll, all wrapped up in nail color.


Red Wine

This sophisticated hue is literally one of the best fall nail colors for pale skin tones. The contrast between the two is chef's kiss!



It’s kinda basic but in the best possible way. Trust me; this glimmering hue will make your nails shine like October’s finest foliage.


I have more gorge shades as well...

Check out more do's and don'ts and fall nail colors for pale skin inside the article!



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