Here’s How To Purge Your Closet And Stay Sorted!

Toss Out These Clothes And Stuff ASAP!

- Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore - One-time wear outfit - Stained clothes -Outfits That You Are Holding Onto In The Hope Of Passing Down To Your Daughter

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Toss Out These Clothes And Stuff ASAP!

-Clothes That You Plan To Wear “One Day” -Uncomfortable clothes - Gifted Items That are not Your Style - Damaged clothe - Mismatched Sock

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Take Out Every Single Clothing Item From The Closet.

Gather all your clothes, whether in the laundry, storage, or at your boyfriend's place.


Do A Black, White And Grey Sorting!

Create 3 bins and label them black, white and grey - black (unwanted clothes), white (joyful and confidence-boosting outfits), grey (maybe clothing)


Try  Every Outfit in the "Grey" Category

Check if you fit into them or not. And most importantly, try to understand how a particular outfit makes you feel.


Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Now, add all those pieces back and see what more do you want to buy and start buying that, piece by piece!

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