The Best GLossier Dupes That are SO Darn Affordable!


Glossier Skin Tint

The Ordinary's serum foundation is SOO MUCH better than the OG skin tint.


Glossier Futuredew

Squalane is one of the top 3 ingredients in Futuredew which is responsible for its extra hydrating nature.


Glossier Cloud Paint

Flower Beauty's blush is literally is Cloud paint in different packaging and brand name.


Glossier Balm Dotcom

If you just want an occlusive to lock in the moisture, why spend $20 bucks on that? Instead, go for Vaseline!


Glossier Boy Brow

Not only the packaging, Colorpop nailed it with their thick, gel-cream-like consistency, just like Glossier's!


Glossier Lip Glo

ELF's lip lacquer feels buttery soft and comfortable on the lip, but is too darn affordable!


Glossier Stretch Concealer

Undone Beauty's concealer is the closest dupe to Glossier's. It is super creamy & super hydrating as well.


Glossier Haloscope

It certainly is less shimmery than Haloscope but gives an identical dewy, glowing finish to the face.


Glossier Lid Star

Maybelline's cream-gel eye shadow gives you intense pigmentation and is guaranteed to last literally all day long.


Glossier ‘Wowder’ Powder

Revlon's powder refines the skin & give a matte finish, just like Glossier!!

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