What To Color Goes With Khaki?

what Color Goes With Khaki

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Wondering what color goes with khaki? It sure is a trendy but tough color to match. Let’s get you on the way to style khaki like no other!

Ladies, you know I love a good neutral tone, and khaki is one of my wardrobe favorites. It’s a nice stone/tan color which makes it versatile. Like white, Khaki can make an outfit look crisp and tidy, making it perfect for dressy-casual looks.

Many people confuse the term Khaki as a reference for pants, but the term actually refers to the color, which is a tan/stone shade that can sometimes be cool or warm.

Depending on which shade you opt for, certain colors will work better than others. In the guide below, I’ll give you an overview of what tones work well with khaki, how to tell if your clothes have a cool khaki tone or a warm khaki tone, and some outfit inspiration.

What Color Is Khaki?

The color Khaki is defined as a light yellow-toned tan color. The word came from a term that traditionally meant “dust-colored” in the West-Asian language of Urdu.

Originally worn by the US military, Khaki is a neutral shade that’s often used for cargo pants. Because so many people refer to chino pants and all tan colors as Khaki, there is often some confusion around it being more of a green or grey tone, but the truest form of the color is closer to a sandy/yellow-brown.

For those of you who are design fans, the Pantone tones and monochromatic colors are shown in the images below.

You can see how they range from a cooler tone starting at #7f7f7f to a warmer tone at #a18f5e. Confusingly, when most clothing companies refer to a khaki tone in clothing, they are usually talking about a washed-out version of the color similar to #c6bb9e. You’ll see most shades of khaki pants in this type of tone rather than the darker shades of brown.

khaki-color-Pantone 16-0726 Tpx Khaki Color | #A18F5E Monochromatic Color
What To Color Goes With Khaki?

What colors go with warm khaki tones?

Warm khaki is a great addition to a capsule wardrobe, as it works well with almost any pattern or color.

Lighter shades of khaki suit other neutral shades like white, ivory, and black and bright pops of color. Warm khaki tones suit brighter red-based tones like pink, red, and coral. If you have a darker shade of khaki, you can even get away with a rich burgundy for contrast.

What are some color combos that would go well with warm khaki-toned pants? I’m glad you asked! Some great colors to pair with khaki are:

White – This classic combo is always a winner. The clean and crisp look of white looks great with the warm tones of khaki.

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

Navy Blue – This is a great combo for a more preppy look. The navy blue complements the khaki perfectly and makes for a great contrast.

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

Neutral Colored Tops – This is a great option if you want to tone down the look. Pairing khaki with a neutral-colored top can help to create a more sophisticated look.

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

For a pop of color , consider a bright-colored tube top like pink, yellow, or even peach for a baddie girl look.

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

What colors go with cool khaki tones?

When it comes to choosing the right colors to complement cool khaki tones, there are a few key things to keep in mind. If your khaki has more of a cool undertone, you’ll want to pair it with colors that will complement, like other cool tones. Try different shades of blue, green, or purple. I have a whole guide on how to style colors in an outfit together

For a fuss-free classic style, pair your cool-toned khaki with a neutral color like white or grey. If you have a darker cool shade, pairing khaki with black looks sleek and sophisticated.

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

For a cool, dark khaki, pair it with a cool grey-green for the ultimate military-chic style

Another great color combination for a cool khaki is a light washed-out blue, this works well for casual looks. For a coastal grandma aesthetic, pair cool khaki-colored linen pants with a light blue linen shirt and a white tank top.

For a look that stands out, pair cool khaki with a purple or lilac color shirt.

What goes with khaki – outfit inspiration 

1. Coastal Grandma

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

No coastal grandma look is complete without a khaki-colored item. Pair some classic warm-toned khaki linen pants with a tight white tank top and layer over a crisp blue and white striped button-down shirt.

Add a matching khaki-toned bucket hat and some leather slides and you’ll absolutely slay happy hour mimosa’s in the Hamptons.

2. Monochromatic

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

Khaki is the ideal shade for a monochromatic look. You can’t go wrong in head-to-toe khaki. For a preppy warm winter look, pair tailored khaki pants with a khaki cable knit and a khaki-colored coat. A chic layered look that’s perfect for work.

3. 90’s Streetwear

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

Channel your inner skater girl with some warm-toned khaki Dickies shorts and a red graphic tee. Add some neutral tones with a white bucket hat, white air jordans, and white socks.

4. Baddie

What To Color Goes With Khaki?

Channel confident baddie energy with cool-toned khaki cargo pants. Style it with a black crop top, leather jacket, and boots for killer baddie attire.

Or you could even go for a white cotton tube top or crop top. I love this look with white sports shoes and a killer manicure. If you want more baddie outfit ideas, I have a whole blog on this.

wrapping up, what color goes with khaki

Khaki is such a beautiful color, and I’m sure it’ll shine in your wardrobe as well. Be it classy, professional, or informal, this is just the color to go. And with these colors to wear with khaki and all these stunning khaki outfits, how can you go wrong, haha.

So, let’s get going with khaki girls!

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what color goes with khaki

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