What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women

What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants (5)

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No idea What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants? Let’s hop onto some really cute khaki pants outfits then!

Khaki pants are stealing the style show these days. But it comes as no surprise to pretty much anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the fashion industry for a while now. Or, to anyone who’s ever stepped out of their house in the last 20 years. 

Khaki Pants are so IN

I admit it! I have a habit of checking out people’s outfits – it’s not a crime! I’m just interested in seeing what they’re wearing. I love fashion, and I appreciate the effort people go to express themselves through the outfits they choose. It beats looking anywhere else on those more boring trips, anyhow!

Here are my observations:

Khaki pants, while always a timeless classic – are back and more popular than ever. While they never really disappeared, they’ve also never been so prevalent.

My Theory: This pre-fall favorite is in for a bigger style resurgence than ever as more people embrace a minimalist aesthetic. While khaki pants are a closet staple, it’s often overlooked when highlighting must-have trousers, but the “clean girl” look is bringing it into the spotlight. Most noticeably, we’ve seen Gigi Hadid sport the look lately – and it’s no different when it comes to men. 

what color shirts goes with khaki pants
Courtesy: @aimeesong
What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women

In fact, that’s just another feature that makes up the whole of why khaki pants are great – they’re unisex. Of course, they’re styled to suit different body types, but overall, they’re much like jeans in their popularity with both men and women. They’re distinguishable by their classic khaki color, a slightly yellow-beige, and have long been a wardrobe staple in menswear and women’s fashion. 

But how do you pick a short color that’s right for them?

First Things First: Don’t Overthink it

The great thing about khaki pants is they work for casual and formal dress codes. You can wear khaki pants with a combination of dark and light clothing items, even branching out into patterns and bolder colors.

They also look fantastic with neutral-colored shirts like white, dark grey, and black. In other words, you can’t really pick the wrong color shirt to wear with khaki pants, no matter what shade of khaki you go with – from darkest to lightest.

That said, some work better than others, and I’ve gathered them all in one place just for you – enjoy!

What Color Shirts to Wear With Khaki Pants

1. Other Neutrals

what color shirts goes with khaki pants

Khakis are classic neutrals. If anyone ever says “neutral pants,” there’s an 80% chance they’re referring to some form of khakis – that’s just the facts!

One of the first rules in the “Fashion Rule Book” is that neutrals complement neutrals. You might say, “but that’s not a rule?” Oh, but it is … because while this may seem like a suggestion, it’s actually a fashion must-do. So, even if you choose to wear your khakis w

ith bolder colors sometimes (don’t worry, the fashion police won’t arrest you), always be sure to have a more neutral shirt on hand.

Another question you might be asking is, “what do you mean by neutral?” While it’s true that neutral is a broad term that covers a wide section of the color spectrum – the truth is – all neutral shades go with khaki trousers!

In fact, I’d argue that’s one of the reasons behind their immense popularity – they match so well with wardrobe staples.

The true neutrals: White, black, or grey.

2. White Shirts 

what color shirts go with khaki pants
what color shirts go with khaki pants

A white shirt and khaki pants mix is always a safe go-to option that never fails. You can never go wrong with a crisp, clean white shirt for a polished, chic look. As white and khaki are neutrals, both colors complement each other no matter what shade of khaki pants you choose to wear. I’d recommend this color combo for a fresh look that’s perfect for especially Summer.

3. Grey Shirts

gray color shirt with khaki pants
Courtesy: @flintandtinder

As a dark neutral, we already know grey is going to look fantastic with khaki trousers, don’t we? Lighter shades of khaki with a dark grey shirt are a nice balance. But be sure to stick with simple footwear, like sneakers or brown shoes, if you really want to bring out the best in this timelessly fashionable color duo.

4. Black Shirts 

what color shirts go with khaki pants
what color shirts go with khaki pants

The last time khaki pants were on trend, we rarely saw them paired with black shirts. However, it’s a go-to pairing this time around, and I can see why. It simply works. There’s even a luxurious look to the color duo, which I believe stems from two possible reasons – this is the shirt color of choice for wealthy people who wear khakis, and it’s also the one we’re seeing most frequently on social media.

So, if they’re the true neutrals, you might be wondering what the false neutrals are? Well, in the interest of not offending them, I’m going to call them “alternative neutrals,” and they are beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, and maybe even light blue.

These “gentle” almost pastel-like colors don’t overwhelm the khaki’s neutral hues, making for a harmonized, slick look that’s currently dominating the haute couture scene.

5. Blue Shirts 

blue shirt with khaki pants
blue shirt with khaki pants

When it comes to the question of “what color shirt to wear with khaki pants,” the first answer you’ll often hear is a simple “blue.” Mainly because that’s a great answer!

However, just one thing to take note of is that this classic color isn’t quite as trendy this year as it once was. But that doesn’t mean that blue shirts with khaki pants still doesn’t match effortlessly.

Blue and khaki are staples in most offices and workplaces. It’s the color pairing of choice of business people and hardworking professionals. The look has a certain formal quality, but it never extends into seriousness. Instead, it remains sophisticated yet lighthearted. 

So lighthearted that this look has even found its way into the “men’s beachwear” category when worn loosely with a white shirt underneath, paired with some slick sunnies.

6. Navy Shirts 

navy blue shirt with khaki pants
navy blue shirt with khaki pants

Pair a your khaki pants with a navy-blue shirt to achieve a more elevated vibe. A nice quality navy blue knit sweater or button-up shirt really compliments khaki pants well. There’s something distinguished about this color match, it almost looks “intelligent and trendy”.

Blue shirts and khaki pants can definitely be worn all year-round but I get the feeling it’s more suited to the colder days of Fall and Winter. In short, this combination won’t ever fail or feel outdated – I can’t recommend it enough!

7. Red Shirts 

red shirt with khaki pants
red shirt with khaki pants

Is everyday casual your thing? Also, want to look dressed up but not too dressed up? A red shirt with khakis creates a “laid-back and ultra-cool but no time to put together a look” look. I actually think this is one of my favorites. There’s something warm about it, a certain fashionable allure. 

One thing I will say, when it comes to red shirts, I mean shirts. You can

definitely get away with a sweater or well-fitted top, but the beauty of red never looks as good unless it’s a formal shirt.

8. Go Bright!

What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women
What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women

I just LOVE seeing someone wear khakis with striking colors. It speaks of confidence and just spreads happiness around. What’s not to like? Even the khakis themselves get in on the fun. You see, the wonderful thing about khakis is that they’re neutral – fashion’s favorite blank canvas.

That means that while it matches with some colors better than others, it can actually be worn with ALL colors – if you’ve got the confidence! 

Some favorites of mine are sage, coral, and teal. This trio pushes the boat out a bit but not too far. Of course, if you’d like to take things a little further, you can always opt for any shade of pink. From hot pink to baby pink, this fun shade offers a warm contrast to khaki’s natural tones, that’s always a welcome sight. 

Interestingly, bright orange can look fantastically zesty and captivating with khakis, especially if you’re the lucky owner of tanned skin. It’s a really stand-out look that’s perfect for casual occasions but might be best to keep out of the office.

9. Lilac Shirts

What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women
What Color Shirts goes With Khaki Pants for men and women

I’ve saved the best for last. Yes, I know lilacs technically fall into the neutral category, but I believe this fantastic color deserves a section of its own. Lilac shirts are the color of the modern man and woman. They’re delightfully soft and warm without moving into “delicate” territory. They also play into the pastel trend that’s been floating around on the fashion scene for almost a decade now.

Wraping up what color shirts goes with khaki pants

And there you have it! The low-down on what color shirts goes with khaki pants. Remember: neutrals love neutrals, and you can’t go wrong with blues or reds. But all of the above said, there are no hard rules in the fashion industry, especially not when it comes to neutrals! So, let your imagination run wild and explore with various shades until you find what works for you! 

I believe that since khakis are neutrals, usually the best color shirt to wear with them is whatever color looks best on you in general! No matter what color you choose to sport, rest assured you’ll look wonderful because that’s what khakis are!

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what color shirts goes with khaki pants

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