What Color Tie to Wear with Blue Shirt + rules to never break!

what tie to wear with blue shirts

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Don’t get puzzled about what color tie to wear with a blue shirt because you can pick these choices blindly for a put-together look!

Blue shirts are the perfect example of the saying, “Beauty is pain,” because these shirts may be a beauty, but they’re a pain to style. That is … if you don’t know how to style them. On the other hand, if you do, these shirts are a piece of stylish cake!

I’ve seen it many times before and I’m sure you have too. It’s a familiar scenario: the whole outfit is styled to perfection. The suit, the shoes, the cufflinks, the fashionably blue shirt … and then there’s the tie. Well, it’s just sitting there, looking quite out of place and throwing the stylish harmony of the outfit off. 

It’s a tragedy, really. But we’re not going to let the shirt that James Bond loves get away that easily. It’s classic. It’s timeless. It’s sublimely stylish.

What do Blue Shirts mean?

Believe it or not, the color of your shirt says a lot about you (and the science proves it!) What’s more, you’re being judged based on it. Not exactly harshly judged, but people will make assumptions about you based on the color of the shirt you choose to wear.

When it comes to blue – you’re in luck. A man wearing a blue shirt is considered dependable, committed, and trustworthy, making it no surprise that it is so widely worn by law enforcement. The same can be said about bankers and lawyers who regularly wear blue shirts to draw on their association with honesty, dependability, and organization. 

The reputation of blue shirts plays a large part in why styling them correctly is so important! If you can get the blue shirt look, you stand to gain favor with others. If not, it’s just like wearing any other shirt. So, I’m going to get right into with … 

Blue Shirt and Tie combinations

Truthfully, I told a little lie. I’ll actually be starting with the must-follow guidelines when shopping for a tie to match with a blue shirt. While I’m not the biggest fan of limits, I do admit that having some “rules” to follow does make things easier. It also makes decisions a whole lot easier. 

Matching Blue Shirts With Ties: The Rules

1. Keep The Tie Darker Than The Shirt

what color tie to wear with blue shirt

Wearing light-colored ties with a blue shirt creates a particular “washed out” or pale look that does neither the shirt nor tie justice, no matter how good they look separately. On the other hand, ties of darker shades add a certain depth and richness to the more “easy-going” appearance of blue shirts.

As we’ll learn later, patterns with both dark and light shades are okay in some cases – but not all – so read on to find out!

An exception

As you move through the spectrum toward the darker shades of blue, wearing lighter ties becomes more acceptable. This stands especially true for a navy shirt, which pairs wonderfully with grey ties. 

3. Consider The Formality

what color tie to wear with a blue shirt

When it comes to picking your tie color, of course, you’ll have to consider where you plan on wearing it. The more contrast there is between the tie and shirt color, the more casual it appears. So, while a blue shirt and striking red tie can look sublime on their own, they may stand out a little at a wedding. 

For formal occasions, stick to muted shade ties. Neutral colors will always look more formal, making them the perfect go-to choice if you’re not sure.

4. One Pattern Only

If you plan on wearing a patterned blue shirt, opt for a monotone tie. Likewise, if you choose a bold tie, keep the shirt simple. If both your shirt and tie are “loud,” things can start to look a little messy, so be sure to pick one or the other. 

What Color Tie to Wear with a Blue Shirt

1. Monochromatic Blue Shirt And Tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and blue tie combo

(Otherwise knowns as Blue Shirt and Blue Tie)

Example: Light Blue Shirt With Navy Blue Tie

The worst-kept secret of the fashion industry is that blues match with blues. In fact, they not only just match – they’re a match made in fashion heaven. 

So, if you want to make sure you never run out of ties to match your blue shirts, just buy blue ties of all hues and shades, and you’ll be good for life!

That said, if you’re buying ties for a specific shirt, there is one rule, and it’s one we learned above. But since this isn’t a pop quiz, I’ll share it again anyway: Make sure whatever tie makes the cut is darker than the shirt – and that’s that – simple!

2. Blue Shirt and Neutral-Colored Tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and neutral tie combo

Example: Dark Blue Shirt With Brown Tie

This is your safest option. You can never go too far wrong with neutrals, no matter what the occasion. However, I will say that this color combo works mainly for lighter shades of blue, especially when it comes to the more “neutrally” neutrals. In other words, neutrals always risk breaking the “tie always darker than the shirt” rule. 

With that said, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with when it comes to blue shirts and neutral ties. 

  • The true neutral colors are grey, white, black, and maybe even light blue. 
  • The “fringe” neutral colors include khaki brown, olive green, and navy blue. 

The best way to think of neutrals is that they’re the colors you often see in nature. Perhaps that’s why they’re so at harmony when matched with sky-blue shirts!

3. Blue Shirt with Red Tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and red tie combo

Example: Blue Shirt With Burgundy Red Tie

The red tie-blue short combo is ideal for showing off your color-matching expertise. It seems like a risk, but it works every time as long as you follow the rules outlined above. The fashion guidelines considered, I suggest you stick to a deep, rich red (preferably burgundy) tie without any patterns – not even dots!

There’s a certain confidence and style-savvy to this subtly bold look, making it perfect for when you need to command attention, such as at work or in a meeting. When paired with a navy suit jacket, you really can’t go wrong with this tie-shirt color match!

4. Blue Shirt with Green Tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and green tie combo

Example: Light Blue Shirt With Hunter Green Tie

Okay, before you ask, “why?” just hear me out. Blue and green are next to each other on the color spectrum. So, green naturally benefits somewhat from the “blues with blues” effect. However, instead of the more quiet, simple, and muted allure of the blues match, green offers a welcome contrast without breaking the harmony of your look.

It’s like blue but a little extra, allowing you to show your personality without moving out of the formal or informal categories, making this an all-occasion color combination – ideal!

5. Blue Shirt and Yellow or Orange Tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and yellow tie combo

Example: Light Blue Shirt With pastel yellow Tie 

I know; we’re really taking it up a notch all of a sudden! But it’s true – blue shirts and bright colors can work. In fact, yellow or orange ties with blue shirts are actually a huge trend on the wedding scene at the moment. It’s one style choice that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon – and for a good reason. It’s vibrant, zesty, and loaded with personality – need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. 

Orange and yellow add warmth to your look, making you seem more charming and approachable. So, I’m thankful that this combo is becoming more popular by the day – expect to see a lot more of it in the future! 

6. blue shirt with black tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and black tie combo

Example: Dark Blue Shirt With Black Tie

I mean, how can we forget about the classic duo? Yes, I know people say that black and blue are not the usual look combo, but I say it’s the look-sexy combo. If you know how to style a blue shirt with a tie, you can never go wrong with this.

It’s so easy, either pick a dark blue or light shirt and pair it with a solid black or printed tie. Black and blue are such close friends on a color wheel that they instantly mix together, making you look sizzling hot. Just make sure you pair black pants or shoes to look cohesive and put-together and not like a walking fashion disaster.

7. blue shirt with pink tie

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt and pink tie combo

Example: Light Blue Shirt With Pink Tie

As a man, you know you’ll pick a pink tie with a white shirt almost instantaneously. But try pairing it with a blue shirt for once, and you’ll fall in love with it. It’s the perfect summer wedding combo, and if not a wedding, you could easily take this combination to your office for a delicate but equally strong vibe.

And no, it is not feminine. So get over that!

How to style Striped Blue Shirts?

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt

Good questions. Despite being a popular shirt style choice among men, they’re often overlooked when it comes to styling advice. So, I’m going to cover them here! In fact, just as I mentioned yellows above, mustard yellow ties are one of the options to match with dark or light, horizontally blue shirts. The same can be said about red or green ties.

However, I do have to mention that blue ties have a habit of blending in with the blue and white stripes.

How to style Paisley Pattern Ties?

What color tie to wear with a blue shirt

Okay, let’s just all admit it, paisley pattern ties are the prettiest tie style. They’re ornamental, exquisite, and oh-so sublime. Their popularity spiked considerably before the more minimalistic look took over.

However, they’re back and better than ever, adding a splash of life to all shirt colors. I had to include this beautiful pattern on the list because it’s the perfect ultra-chic and cool addition to any blue shirt – enjoy!

The Bottom Line on what color tie to wear with a blue shirt 

Blue shirts are a staple of every man’s wardrobe. They can be worn day-to-day, to the office, or to the after-work dinner, and can even hold their own on a night out. However, their versatility is rarely complete without the perfect tie to match your mood and the occasion’s vibe. 

I have covered all of the tie colors and shades that go best with blue shirts above so that you can be the most fashionably appropriate and on-trend man wherever you go – enjoy!

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what color tie to wear with a blue shirt

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