What to Wear after a Spray Tan: Outfit Ideas to Match Your Golden Glow!

What to Wear after a Spray Tan

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Sun’s out, tan’s out, am I right? Nothing screams summer louder than strutting around with that sun-kissed glow. But hey, not all of us are beach bums! So for those of you who love the tan, but not the sunburn, say hello to your new BFF – spray tans!

Post-spray tan feeling? It’s like being on cloud nine with a bronzed, sassy confidence that’s just irresistible. But ah, the eternal dilemma – to wear or not to wear after a spray tan?

Think of your spray tan like your fave cashmere sweater. Would you just throw it anywhere? Nah! So just as you would protect it, let’s talk about how to keep that stunning spray tan shining bright. Stay tuned, we’ll have you glowing like a goddess in no time!

Can you wear clothes after a spray tan?

Of course, you can wear clothes after a spray tan. Were you planning on going home naked?

The only thing to remember is that your clothes must be LDC – Loose, Dark, and Cotton (or linen would work too). Be it shoes or undergarments, LDC is your after-spray tan mantra.

Nothing suffocating, tight, irritating, or uncomfortable. Nothing that can leave stains or tan lines. If you want your spray tan to look as consistent as possible, keep your clothing loose-fitted, dark-colored, and made of cotton or linen.

1. What Can You Wear After a Spray Tan?

Rule number one: Think loose, think airy, think comfort. A maxi dress or an oversized T-shirt paired with loose-fitting pants or shorts are your besties. Essentially, you’re going for that “I woke up like this” vibe, but make it fashion.

2. Speaking of Pants, Can You Wear Them Right After a Spray Tan?

Yes, but with a catch! Opt for wide-leg pants or something with a looser fit. Super tight leggings or skinny jeans are a big no-no unless you’re aiming for that patchy, tie-dye effect (spoiler alert: you’re not).

3. The Major Don’ts After a Spray Tan

  • Forget tight clothing. Seriously, leave the Spanx and skinny jeans at home.
  • No sweating! Gyms are off-limits unless you want to rock the streaky tan look.
  • Water is not your friend – avoid showers, pools, and rain like you’re the Wicked Witch of the West.

4. Should I Wear Clothes to Bed After a Spray Tan?

Picture this: pristine white sheets and a glorious tan. Now, imagine them together – I know, horrifying. If you must wear clothes to bed, think loose and dark – an old T-shirt and soft shorts that you’re not too attached to. Or, you can go au natural; just ensure your bedding won’t regret it.

5. Do You Wear a Bra for Spray Tan?

Here’s the tea: It’s a personal choice, but to avoid strap lines, going braless or opting for a strapless style post-tan can help prevent any unwelcome lines or marks.

6. How long after a spray tan can you wear a bra?

Wait until the solution is completely dried or at least 6 hours before wearing a bra after a spray tan; that’s an ideal time. Don’t rush it and risk spoiling your bronzed glow just for a bra!

7. Do Spray Tans Come Off When You Sweat?

In the immortal words of Missy Elliott, “I can’t stand the rain.” Well, your spray tan feels the same way about sweat! Keep activities low-impact to avoid sweating and smudging your fabulous tan.

8. Can I Sit on Toilet After Spray Tan?

It sounds like a trick question, but it’s legit! To play it safe, lay down some toilet paper first. And maybe don’t wear your favorite white lace underwear, just in case.

9. How Long Do Spray Tans Last?

With proper care and minimal crying over spilled water (literally), your tan can live its best life for about 7 to 10 days. Treat it like that delicate houseplant you swear won’t die this time.

10. Can I Lay Down 1 Hour After Spray Tan?

Yes, but think like a starfish – spread out and don’t let any part of your body rest directly on another. It might look weird if someone walks in, but it’s all for the cause of beauty, right?

What to wear after a spray tan?

Although there are tons of things to not wear after a spray tan, there are still plenty of options. And what’s a better chance to show off your most comfy clothes out on the street?

So to answer what to wear after a spray tan to look comfy and stylish, here’s what I recommend:

1. t-shirt dresses

A loose, comfy t-shirt dress can be stylish and appropriate for your after-spray tan look. Style it with a baseball cap and sliders for casual attire.

2. maxi dresses

Something like this loosely-fitted, lightweight, fully protective garment can work for a cute outfit to protect as well as show off your new spray tan subtly.

3. skirts + t-shirt

Skirts do not mean tight, body-hugging pieces, but loose and comfortable ones. Pair them with your usual t-shirts, and you are good to go!

4. kaftan

What’s comfier than this piece of clothing? It’s the perfect post spray tan outfit.

5. loose pants + t-shirt

Pants never go out of style! So get a comfy pair and style it casually. Carry a lovely handbag and don’t forget your sunglasses!

6. jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a tricky little one. They are usually tight. But if you can find a loose-fitted piece, pick that up. You’ll be needing it to slay after tan!

7. flip flops or sliders

No sneakers, boots, pumps, or even sandals. Nothing that is closed-toe! Make sure the footwear you choose is breathable. Sliders and flip-flops are great options!

8. comfy two-piece set

If you are pretty serious about what to wear after a spray tan, a two-piece set will surely rock. With that bronzed glow, you may even set fire to the streets, lol!

What not to wear after a spray tan?

1. bra

Yes, a bra of any type is a no-no for at least 6 hours or until the spray tan dries into the skin completely. You need to ensure nothing rubs off the tan or creates streaks or lines that can look bad later.

2. tight jeans/shorts/pants

what to wear after a spray tan

Obviously, when loose-fitted is the main keyword, your tight jeans, shorts, and pants need to take the back seat. No matter how comfortable you feel in them, some clothes are meant to leave streaks and rub off the newly applied spray tan.

3. light colored clothes

Unless you want to walk around looking like a walking billboard for your local tanning salon, it’s best to avoid light-colored clothing after a spray tan. The last thing you want is for everyone to know where you got your glow. They can also get easily stained!

4. skip the polyester

This synthetic fabric has a tendency to hold onto stains, so it’s not a good choice for post-tan wear. Instead, choose natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Also, avoid wool, rayon, silk, lycra, nylon, spandex, and leather if you don’t wanna risk them to staining.

5. any jewelry

what to wear after a spray tan

As much as you love your little pieces, they are not the best choice to wear after tanning. Unless you want tan lines everywhere your bracelet, watch, or necklaces sit!

6. tight or closed-toe shoes

As already mentioned, your footwear must be relaxing and loose as well. That means no sneakers, pumps, boots, or strappy sandals. They can easily rub off your new tan!

7. socks

Seriously, leave the socks/stocking and the accompanied sweat at home when you go to tan. You don’t want socks to cause sweat, which will mess up your whole spray tan. Remember, water from anywhere is evil.

8. makeup

Additionally, makeup can affect how much your skin will absorb the tan, so it’s better to go commando on it too. It’s all in the good name!

9. perfumes/deodorants

Just like makeup, these can also affect your skin’s absorption levels.

What to wear after a spray tan to bed?

What to Wear after a Spray Tan: Outfit Ideas to Match Your Golden Glow!

I would prefer going naked 😉 And get your partner obsessed with your new goddess look already, but if you have to wear something duh, opt for your comfiest pajamas or nightgown with cotton or linen material. Don’t think much about it. If it’s already been 6-8 hours, and the tan has dried up absolutely well, you can go for almost anything!

What to wear after a spray tan in winter

Yes, women absolutely do get spray tans in winter because there’s nothing like the feeling of looking a queen, right? And this feeling doesn’t go according to season.

For winter, you can wear a sleeved hooded jacket not made of wool or other harsh fabric. Something like this would work amazingly! It’s warm, safe for the tan, and won’t let any water come in contact with the skin. You can even try plastic or rubber gloves for your hands.

What to wear after a spray tan in the rainy season

The rainy season is literally the worse for getting spray tans, but in areas where the weather is unpredictable, you really cannot postpone much.

So an umbrella is a must. But more than that, I would suggest wearing a rain jacket like this to fully protect the spray tan.

do and don’ts after spray tan

1. Moisturize regularly.

Moisturizing helps extend your spray tan’s life by keeping your skin hydrated. It’s best to use a light, oil-free lotion or cream that won’t clog your pores or interfere with the absorption of the DHA. Apply liberally every day, especially after showering or swimming.

2. Do exfoliate before your appointment.

This is so important!! Exfoliating before you get sprayed will help to remove any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin so that the solution can better penetrate and produce an even, natural-looking tan.

Just be sure not to exfoliate too close to your appointment time, as this can leave your skin slightly irritated and more susceptible to staining. Doing it at least 24 hours beforehand is a safe bet.

what to wear do before a spray tan

3. Wear loose, dark clothing.

Once you’re done getting sprayed, you’ll want to put on loose, dark clothing that won’t rub off on your newly tanned skin. Yes, that means no bra – sports, lace, non-padded, padded, nothing for at least 6 hours.

The DHA in the solution will continue to develop over the next few hours, so it’s important to avoid anything that might disrupt the process or cause uneven coloration. This means no tight clothing, no light colors, and no sweating! If possible, try to stay cool and dry until the initial development period is complete.

4. Don’t apply any products immediately after getting sprayed.

After your spray tan, resist the urge to put on lotion, perfume, or deodorant immediately. These products can interact with the DHA in the solution and cause streaking or cause your color to fade prematurely. Instead, wait at least 6 hours after getting sprayed before applying anything to your skin, including sunscreen.

What to Wear after a Spray Tan: Outfit Ideas to Match Your Golden Glow!

5. Don’t swim or shower for at least 8 hours post-spray tan.

Water can cause the DHA to react prematurely, resulting in an uneven tan that fades quickly. So make sure you wait at least 8 hours after getting sprayed before taking a dip in the pool or hopping in the shower. And when you do shower, avoid using any harsh soaps or scrubs that might strip away your newly acquired color.

6. Don’t expose yourself to direct sunlight or UV rays.

Sunlight will cause the DHA in the solution to oxidize and turn your skin an unattractive orange color. To avoid this, ensure you stay out of direct sunlight for at least 6 hours after getting sprayed—and don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you’re spending time outdoors!

Final thoughts on what to wear clothes after a spray tan

So, what to wear post-spray tan? The only golden rule is LDC – loose, dark, and cotton material. Avoid wearing anything tight, white/light-colored. As for shoes, go with something comfortable that won’t rub against your feet or show any telltale signs of a spray tan job gone wrong. Ballet flats or sliders are always a safe bet.

Finally, stay away from makeup! The last thing you want is your foundation or blush mixing with your bronzer and creating an orange mess on your face. So just relax and let the tan develop naturally – you’ll be looking fabulous in no time!

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