What To Wear If You Are Short & Chubby


Let's be real: slaying the fashion game is not an easy task, especially if you're short and chubby.

Because certain styles are simply not meant for you and can make you look weird, bigger or worse, a fashion victim!

Why does it matter to dress according to your body type?

Wear The Right Bra

You can appear top-heavy if your bra is too small, and you could appear saggy if it is too huge.


Choose A Good Shapewear

I think this should blindly be your first resort if you're short & chubby, to make your body  lines will look smoother, & improve posture


Size Matters!

To avoid looking frumpy, make sure your clothes fit like a glove. Too tight or too loose can exaggerate your curves, and henny, not in a good way!


V-Necks? Yes, Please!

Show off that decolletage with V-neck tops. They create a focal point and draw the eyes upward, giving ya an elongated look.


High-Waisted Heaven

High-waisted bottoms cinch in at just the right spots, accentuating your waist and makin' ya legs look a mile long.


Vertical Stripes for the Win

Leverage stripes to your advantage! Choose vertical stripes for a taller and slimmer appearance.


Say YES to Asymmetrical!

These babies create fabulous diagonal lines that'll have you looking like a total snack.


Monochrome Magic!

One sure-shot way to look long and lean is by wearing a single color from head to toe, especially in darker shades like black or navy blue.


Choose Proportionally Larger Prints

Freakishly small, busy prints make you look shorter & wider. So befriend somewhat larger prints for top area.


Avoid Bulky Clothing

Bulky clothes include heavy fabrics like wool, ruffles, pleats, frills, and puffy sleeves, giving them a chunky appearance.


I have more tips as well...

Check out more do's and don'ts and short and chubby girl outfit ideas inside the article!