13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

dresses that make you look slimmer

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Dresses have this innate feminine energy that exudes nothing but grace and elegance. But many women avoid wearing their favorite dresses because of body issues such as belly bulges, love handles, flabby arms, etc. If this sounds like you, I have got something important to tell you!

See, dresses, when worn right, can make you look slimmer and thinner and hide your body insecurities as well. On the other hand, the wrong dress can make you look way bigger than you actually are!

If you have been looking for dressing tips and tricks that can conceal body fat and create an illusion of a thinner body frame, your girl has got your back with this elaborate list of dressing styles and hacks that you can use to fake a slimmer and shapely body.

Keep reading to know the juicy details!

5 Things to consider before buying a slimming dress!

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi
  • The Right Fit: A dress that’s too tight is a disaster, while one that’s too loose can make you look bigger than you are. Find a snug fit that’s still comfy.
  • The Right Length: Short dresses can make you look stubby, while maxi dresses can make you look too thin. Go for the sweet spot just above the knee and definitely not calf length.
  • The Right Color: Want to look your slimmest? Stick to dark colors like black or navy, or choose solid, light-colored dresses to keep it forgiving.
  • The Right Fabric: Heavy fabrics like wool and denim will work better than light cotton and linen. Choose a fabric with some weight to avoid cling.
  • The Right Style: Dresses that flare out can hide any belly bulges or problem spots, like A-line or fit and flare, whilst some dresses add height to your figure, like a maxi dress or empire waist. Choose wisely!

13 Dresses that make you Look thinner Irrespective of Your Weight

1. Sheath dress

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
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Sheath dresses can be your best friend when it comes to concealing belly jiggles and love handles. These babies cling to your curves, so they’re perfect for anyone with an athletic frame or an ultra-hourglass shape. Also, they elongate your body frame and accentuate your best assets.

The streamlined silhouette of a sheath dress creates that much-coveted, narrow and slim look. and the upwards stretch makes it a perfect choice for achieving that leaner body structure.

Sheath dresses can be a great choice for you if you are in search of something sleek, feminine and sexy. Also, most of them would come with a front slit to offer you a comfortable fit and ease of movement.

2. V-neckline dress

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @leah_geee

The V neck is undoubtedly one of the best necklines ever made in the history of mankind. The diagonal lines create a super flattering effect that will elongate your body and make you appear leaner.

ALSO, it is such a universally flattering design because it can work to draw attention away from the large bust or broader shoulders, but it also works to lure the eye if you have a smaller bust like that of a pear-shaped body.

The vertical emphasis also adds to the slimming effect, making you look more streamlined and slender.

I personally wear a lot of v-neckline dresses as they perfectly balance the skin show and look breathtaking on my pear shape body (although it works amazingly well for all body shapes!)

Other beautiful and flattering necklines are the scoop necks and square necks. They work just the same!

3. A-line cut dress

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

Want to get that perfectly proportioned body frame and look lean in a dress? Put on an A line dress that cinches your waist to define it and flares out from just below the waist. 

The silhouette of an A line dress makes sure that your body frame seems well-proportionate. Also, you will look slightly taller in an A-line cut dress.

Narrow waistline, elongated body frame- A-line silhouettes are my personal favorites. They add to this effortless beauty and, at the same time, make me look feminine and graceful.

4. Ruched dress

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

If you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing and undoubtedly sexy, ruched dresses are the way to go. They conveniently conceal your figure, especially any belly jiggles and ensure that you can flaunt that slimmer and leaner look. The design of the dress is done in a way that the attention of the beholders goes straight to the narrowest part of your ruched dress.

These types of dresses can look really flattering on you, irrespective of your body shape. Also, they highlight your best assets in the most elegant way possible. The sleek and sophisticated ruchings ensure that you look thin and stylish.

Also, you can wear a ruched dress all day because it feels quite comfortable and lightweight.

5. Vertically striped dresses

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

If you don’t already know, vertical stripes are your magic answer to make anything look slimmer, longer and more structured. Oh, diagonal lines do the same things as well!

Basically, the narrow lines create a sort of optical illusion that makes you look well-put, slim and sophisticated.

For me, above-the-knee or maxi dresses with vertical lines are a go-to option as they make me look slimmer (without having to give up on my favorite cheeseburgers😋)

P.S. DO NOT wear a dress with horizontal stripes until and unless you are too thin, as they do exactly the opposite and make things look wider.

6. Wrap dresses

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @petiteelliee

If you want to disguise a belly or give an illusion of an hourglass figure, pick a wrap dress without a doubt! Wrap dresses are typically fitted at the waist and then wrap around the body, creating a flattering silhouette, hiding belly fat, love handles or any other tummy area problem and presenting you the much-wanted slimming effect in no time!

Don’t believe me? Oh, you better!

As they cinch your waist and garner all the attention to this part, it forces your body shape to look much leaner than usual. And of course, they are universally flattering and offer a delicate and feminine vibe.

Pro tip: Go for a wrap dress that has a v-neckline. You will be amazed to see the slimming effect it creates so effortlessly!

7. Belted dresses

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi

Another dress that makes you look slimmer and taller is a belted dress. When you put on a belted dress, it instantly makes your legs look slender and longer. Also, the belt cinches your waist, thereby adding depth and definition to your waistline. So, of course, it’s a win!

8. Dresses with fitted, long sleeves

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi

Dresses with well-fitted and long sleeves are a really good option to blend in those flabby arms. If you are insecure about your arms, then sleeveless dresses may make you a bit insecure.

Not only fitted, long-sleeved dresses elongate your arms and make them look thinner, but according to your body shape, you can experiment with so many different sleeve styles. 

If you are not a big fan of long sleeves, then you can try 3/4th length sleeves as well. Remember, shorter sleeves always garner attention to your arm flab, making you feel uncomfortable or clumsy.

Other sleeve styles that make a dress look slimmer are – flutter sleeves, cap sleeves, bell sleeves, and Dolman sleeves. They lure attention away from areas you may want to downplay or by visually balancing your proportions.

9. Dresses with small prints

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

If you think prints on your dresses are only meant for fun purposes, then darling, you are surely missing out on something huge. You can play with prints strategically so that they can create the desired illusion on the body of the wearer. They can either make you look bigger or slimmer.

So, if you are someone with belly jiggles, flabby arms, and big thighs, I would suggest you go for small prints. Apart from adding to your charm and elegance, small prints on dresses divide your body frame into balanced proportions, creating a visual illusion, thereby making your body appear slimmer.

10. Empire waist dresses

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @dressupbuttercup

I am pretty fond of the sophisticated and classy look of empire waist dresses. The combination of a fitted bodice with a high waistline looks impressively stylish, especially on pear-shaped bodies, as they tend to accentuate the upper body while hiding the lower body. This silhouette focuses on your bust and waist area and creates an illusion of a narrower waistline. 

Also, there is something really elegant and stylish about empire waist dresses. That’s why a lot of high tea dresses, ball gowns, etc., are So, in case you need a dress that caters to your party needs and at the same time helps you conceal your problem areas, go for empire waist dresses without any hesitation!

11. Corset dresses

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @stylemeupwithsakshi

Looking for something seductive, alluring and adventurous? Go for corset dresses!

They fit every inch of your body with so much perfection and make your body frame appear naturally leaner. Apart from making you look classy and sassy, corset dresses can cinch in your waist to define it in the most appealing way ever. If you wish to create an illusion of having an hourglass body type, then darling, you need to try a corset dress NOW!

12. Bardot neckline dresses

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Bardot necklines are also a great option to look slimmer yet stylish in a dress. When you put on a Bardot neckline, the attention diverts away from your problem areas to your long neck as well as sexy collar bones. Naturally, you look slender and, of course, gorgeous!

9 Fail-proof Styling Hacks to Make You Look Slimmer in Dresses!

Besides wearing the right dresses, here’s what you can do to further gain that perfect slimming effect:

1. Choose the right undergarments!

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!
Courtesy: @ashley_emilyxox

Trust me, your undies can make or break your whole look. You need a good foundation to smooth everything out and support your curves so that your dress can do its job of snatching that waist and elongating those legs.

Don’t sell yourself short by skimping on the correct undergarments! Invest in some high-quality shapewear that will give you that extra oomph and ensure you feel like the best version of yourself.

2. Put those fancy heels to best use

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

We, girls, share a love-hate relationship with our heels. We cannot live without them, but at the same time, wearing them feels so painful. 

But if you realllyyyy want to look slimmer, I suggest you practice walking and moving around in heels. Of course, they make you a few inches taller and give you an upright posture, which further makes you appear thinner. So it’s a fashion struggle!

3. Opt for dark, deeper shades

dress Petite busty body
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Steer clear of light shades and go for dark, deeper colors. Darker colors have this miraculous ability to make any area look slimmer. Just try wearing a black top and then a white one to see your boobs looking a little smushed down in the mirror.

But does dark mean a black dress? Not at all! Darker shades could include darker tones of different hues, dark purple, burgundy, dark yellow, blue, hot pink, etc. It cou

4. Make Use of Cinched waist to the fullest

Invest in good quality belts. These belts accentuate your overall appearance and also define your waist, making you look thinner.

5. Avoid large prints

13 Gorg AF Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer Almost Instantly!

Large prints are a big NO-NO if you wish to hide your belly bulges and other problem areas. Instead, go for small or proportionally large prints that add to your feminine elegance and give a slimmer look.

6. Get rid of pleated dresses

Pleated dresses make you look bulky and huge. So, if you want dresses to look slim, discard all the pleated dresses you have got.

7. Befriend a local tailor

Get your dresses altered and customized as per your body fat. A local tailor would help you with this by customizing the dresses so that they fit you like a dream and offer that elusive slimming effect.

8. Say Hi to monochrome outfits

Petite busty woman
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Choose dresses with monochrome colors. Single, dark colors always help in blending in arm flab, belly jiggles and heavy thigh areas. Monochrome colors also make you look taller and slender.

9. Choose the right accessories

Get yourself pretty accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. These dainty accessories shift the focus away from your problem areas.

For instance, a chunky bracelet will entice attention away from your flabby arms whilst looking pretty. On the other hand, a gorgeous necklace will shift the focus to your neck and collarbones rather than tummy fat and love handles. 

Final Thoughts on Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer

Babe, one thing that I am pretty sure about you is that you look stunning, irrespective of your body type and size. And that there’s nothing called “Perfect Body Type/Size.” So, I would suggest you embrace your body as it is, love it and take care of it. 

Apart from this, what you can do is try these dressing hacks so that you look no lesser than those supermodels walking down the ramp.

And, being a fitness and health enthusiast, I would also want you to indulge in some type of exercise or physical movement so that you can lead a fit and healthy life. 

Remember, the idea is to enhance your fitness quotient so that you feel healthy and happy in your own skin.

Now, go give a makeover to your wardrobe. Donate all the dresses that don’t serve your purpose anymore. Get a few dresses customized. And also, shop for the ones that would actually flatter your body type while concealing your problem areas.

Still, have some doubts? Feel free to flood my comment section with your queries, and I will help you with all my knowledge and experience!

See ya’all super soon!


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