What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb

featured image What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

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Can’t find things that actually flatter you? Are you, too, always wondering what to wear if you are short and chubby? Get ready to look phenomenal after this!

Have you ever bought something online that you thought would look good on you but ended up looking terrible? It can appear that the fashion industry favors those who are tall and slim. And as a short and chubby woman, you might not find yourself fitting into the usual trends and styles. 

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: there is no such thing as a “perfect” body type. We are all beautiful, no matter our size or shape. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to find clothing that flatters our figure if we don’t fit the traditional mold.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to look amazing no matter your body type – and in this blog post, I’m going to share some tips on how to do just that if you’re short chubby girl. Keep reading for some fashion inspiration!

What to wear if you are short and chubby?

One of the best things about fashion is that there are no rules. You can wear whatever you want, and with a little confidence, you can pull off any look. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain styles that are more flattering than others if you’re short and chubby and styles that you can wear better than skinny gals!

So here are some styling tips that can bring out the best in you and elevate your look into something better.

1. Wear The Right Bra

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

According to statistics, many women regularly wear the wrong bra size. Just imagine, one thing that every woman is wearing every day is the one thing that she’s wearing all wrong.

You can appear top-heavy if your bra is too small, and you could appear saggy if it is too huge.

To select your perfect size, visit a store and have a bra fitted by a professional. The shop assistant will make sure you find the precise size that fits you. If you wanna do that at home, pick a tape measure and follow this guide.

Be sure to select a supportive, correctly fitted bra. A well-fitting bra can also give the appearance of a slim torso and make short and chubby women look skinny.

2. Choose A Good Shapewear

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

Consider your undergarments if you want your dress to fit you ideally, and avoid making you look big or unattractive. Invest in good quality shapewear. Your figure will look slimmer, your lines will look smoother, and your posture will improve if you wear shapewear underneath your clothes. 

These are all excellent tips that will make your garments look more attractive. You’ll be more comfortable in your dress if you wear high-waisted underwear or shapewear that isn’t excessively tight or loose.

3. Start Wearing Fitted Clothes without fear!

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

Even though everyone has a different body shape, short and chubby people are always taught to conceal it. They have been advised to wear oversized clothing in order to hide their bodies.

I’m here to tell you that, yes, you can look really cute and pretty in those but what you want to do is the exact opposite of that. A short, curvy, or petite, plus-size person can easily elongate their body features by wearing fitted clothes.

You may appear bulkier and shorter than you actually are in shapeless, large clothing if not styled right. Oversized tops and dresses that are nipped in at the waist will help to highlight your best assets.

So yes, it’s time to invest in clothing that emphasizes every facet of who you are and don’t feel guilty about it. You should be proud of your shape and curves because skinny people crave them!

4. Use Single-Coloured Clothing

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb

Monochrome is seriously one of the best things that happened in the world!

By wearing all the same colors, you create the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette. And it is one style made for taller and shorter bodies alike.

Just remember, if you choose to wear a shirt and pants, you would want to keep the primary color the same and play with the patterns to harmonize the two items. Monochrome outfits offer a neat, refined look and provide a structured appearance to your chubby body type.

5. Choose The Right Neckline

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb

Regardless of size or height, necklines significantly impact how we appear. After all, they are the second thing people see after your face, so make it worth it!

If you have a curvy figure and a full bust, necklines are even more crucial. They help grab the attention from the shoulders and put them on your neck. The perfect neckline can make you look taller and slimmer right away.

A V-neck or U-neckline will put your upper body in focus, unlike high or turtle necks that add on a few pounds automatically. Other necklines that look phenomenal on a chubbier body are Off-the-Shoulder, Boat neck, and Sweetheart and square.

6. Choose proportionally larger prints

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

You must have heard somewhere, or sometime that short and chubby people must avoid prints. I mean, it’s ridiculous! You just need to know how to play with them that best flatters your body shape. That’s it; the sky is your limit here.

If you’re short and chubby, you don’t want to choose clothing with freakishly small, busy prints. That will just make you look shorter and wider. Instead, go for large, bold prints. They’ll make you look proportional and stylish.

Balance the look by wearing solid-colored bottoms with a printed top.

7. Vertical And Diagonal Lines are your BFFs

You know what, as much as learning the lines and how they impact an outfit is difficult, you’ll absolutely love them once learned.

Unlike horizontal lines that make dressing up worse for curvy people, vertical striped clothing can instantly make you appear slimmer and taller than you really are. Not only that, wearing vertical stripes makes you appear more professional because they express smartness. Haha, I’ll wear them just for this sake!

In contrast to vertical lines that lengthen the body, diagonal lines make the body appear slimmer by drawing the viewer’s attention away from the body’s true bulk and width. This, along with the appropriate placement, misleads the eyes into seeing a thinner form.

Wear diagonal lines on the problem parts of the body that you want to give a slimmer boost to.

8. Go for darker colors

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Darker colors are always more slimming than lighter colors. If you want to camouflage your problem areas, stick to dark colors like black, navy, or charcoal gray. You can always add a pop of color to your accessories.

So does that mean you can never wear lighter colors? That’s silly!

Oh no, you totally can and you must! Your body shape doesn’t limit you, okay?

The key is to choose darker shades of your favorite colors. For example, instead of wearing a bright yellow dress, go for a rich mustard shade. Or, instead of a fire-engine red top, opt for a deep burgundy.

9. Avoid Bulky Clothing

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb

You must avoid wearing heavy clothing. What does bulky clothing even mean, you ask me?

Bulky clothes are anything that is heavy to look at, for instance, wool – which reminds us of big chunky sweaters or tweed. Even ruffles, pleats, or frills, and puffy, and balloon sleeves come under this category.

Dark colors can be very slim, but only if they are made from lightweight fabrics that drape nicely. Steer clear of thick fabrics like wool or corduroy, which will just make you look larger. Instead, choose softer fabrics like silk or cotton.

Although bulky details may seem great, these do make you appear larger. It’s just an illusion, of course, but it’s not the kind of illusion you want to create, do we?

So it’s always better to avoid anything that appears to add to your physique. It’s sad you can’t enjoy these kinds of styles, but each style has its drawbacks. And trust me, not all people can enjoy everything.

10. Choose the Right Style

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @leah_geee

Selecting the right clothing that actually suits your body type is very important, like asymmetrical dresses that make your legs appear longer and slimmer, thanks to the unequal height of these dresses. Or A-line dresses that perfectly cinch at your waist and flow down to cover the hip area.

Add a pair of heels for the final touches to your whole look; nude ones especially!

Additionally, when choosing any clothing, look for hourglass patterns. A-line dresses and peplum tops are the best examples of hourglass-shaped clothing. They provide the appearance of an hourglass shape because they hug the waist and flare out at the hips.

Designers manipulate a variety of elements, such as shapes, colors, and patterns, to give the impression of an hourglass. You can never go wrong with hourglass items, no matter what form your body is. They define the hips, define the curves, and trim the waist, a.k.a. the ideal scenario for anybody!

11. find the perfect jeans

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @leah_geee

It’s a major myth in the fashion industry that short and chubby women should stick to skinny jeans only. Whatttt? Never!

There are so manyyyy jeans that look spectacular on short, chubby bodies – flared, straight, high-waisted, and boot cut are all the types that you need in your closet. They will balance out the proportions and make you feel like a million bucks!

Another great tip is to invest in a good pair of high-waisted jeans. Again, the goal here is to create the illusion of a slimmer waistline – and high-waisted jeans do just that. Plus, they’re super comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Win-win!

12. Layering, layering, layering!

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @PetiteElliee

Even after tucking in or wearing a belt, you may not be able to achieve the desired look with your top, I mean, yes, they sure can make you look stylish instantly, but they still are small adjustments.

You know what can actually make a fabulous difference? You guessed it right, layering! If you doubt what to wear if you are short and chubby, throw on a denim jacket, a blazer, or even a scarf and see a visibly skinnier-looking body for yourselves!

13. Cinch Your Waist

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @PetiteElliee

Want to know how that is accomplished? Without a doubt, with a belt! Belts come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. I always talk about how a good quality belt is an investment and an asset to your wardrobe. If you invest in a handful of them, you won’t look back on your choice.

A belt will complete the look for a chubby short girl if thrown over a shirt and jeans or a top and skirt. In fact, accentuate your waist with the help of a belt over dresses, oversized outfits, and blazers. Your waistlines will get more defined, which in turn adds length to your outfit.

14. Select The Right Accessories

What to Wear if You Are Short and Chubby: 17 Easy Ways to Look Bomb
Courtesy: @leah_geee

No outfit and no person, whether short or tall, is complete without accessories. The right accessories give the right illusion.

A few accessories that could come out as loud and too heavy are chunky bangles, heavy earrings, large handbags, and big boots. However, adding simple and sleek accessories to your outfits will make you seem put together and fashionable.

You’ll be amazed at how effectively you can pull off the boot look as a short, overweight lady, especially when worn with a tucked-in shirt and sharply fitted trousers. Always check to see that your accessories complete the outfit rather than giving it an odd appearance.

14. Pick Your Footwear Wisely

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby

Select shoes that look flattering on you. In general, footwear with ankle straps or that stops at the ankle will shorten your legs and obstruct your body’s natural lines. Go for some tall boots or ballet flats instead. Lace-up heels or pumps are other great options.

As for the colors, nude heels are just what you need to elongate your legs. Clear heels work spectacularly well as well!

Same color heels as your dress with create a monochrome outfit that looks stunning on shorter, heavy people.

15. Embrace your inner maximalist

Pairing an oversized top with a pair of high-waisted shorts or straight-leg pants will balance out your proportions and make you look chic AF. Yes, you can rock straight-leg pants, so ditch the skinny, for god sake!

16. Confidence is everything

Finally, remember that confidence is key. Whatever you wear, make sure you wear it with confidence. The best fashion advice for any woman is to simply be herself and rock whatever she has on – curves, weight or fabulous clothing!

17. show off what you love

What To Wear If You Are Short And Chubby
Courtesy: @heidifuentes

Don’t be afraid to show off your assets. If you’ve got nice legs, for example, go ahead and rock a pair of shorts or a skirt! The key is not to try and hide your body but rather embrace it – after all, it’s what makes you unique. Once you start doing that, I promise you’ll exude confidence in everything you wear.

Final Words on what to wear if you are short and chubby

In a nutshell, chubby girl fashion is all about feeling confident and at ease in your clothing choices. You don’t really need my fashion advice to look better than your natural self if you have the correct mindset to pull off your body form without any concerns. 

Many may argue that shorter women and curvy women should strictly avoid wearing particular items, but if you pair your outfits correctly, make sure you disguise what doesn’t need to be seen, and accentuate what does, you will be a winner in every way.

Oh, oh, to make your outfits extra cute and put-together, you gotta invest in the best strapless bras for large breasts (given if you have them)

I hope these tips help short and chubby women decide what to wear. If you need more help, you can work with a personal stylist that has experience with short and curvy people or try these plus size fashion tips!

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what to wear if you are short and chubby


  1. If #4 is short and chubby then something is wrong in this country. She’s probably a size 6 in real life. That’s not short and chubby in my book. I’m thinking size roughly 16 and heights of 5’6” at the most and below. Am I out of line here? I’d love feed back specifically on photo #4.

  2. These tips are amazing! As a short and Chubby person, I’ve always struggled with finding the right outfits. Thanks for these fantastic ideas. Keep sharing and I’m Looking forward for more such tips.

  3. very helpful article 😊, however I do agree that we need some more accurate models for some of the outfits. Also, respectfuly, could you please stop using the term ” fat” or ” fatter” in your articles that are supposed to empower plus sized women? The second you use that term it brings us back to feeling shame immediately thus defeating the point of the article. You can use terms like plus,heavy, curvy, chubby, big.. pretty much anything but ” fat” and you’ll probably be ok 😉 other than that, a very helpful article 😊 it’s incredibly hard to find helpful stuff for our body type out there

  4. Good morning Harman, I guess today was my lucky day because I found your article! 😘
    I weigh 207 lbs and I am 5′ 1″.
    My main problem is jeans that won’t fit because they say down on my waistline because my stomach is big but my thighs are small. It is horrible and I have to wear belts on every single pair of jeans. Help me.


    1. Sweetest morning, Wanda! 🌻 Of what you said, I think you have an apple body type – heavier in the stomach area and comparatively slimmer in the chest and legs, right? So yes, jeans would be quite a struggle for you because, guess what, you’re an apple body in the world of pears and hourglasses 🙃 But fret not! I have these two posts on dressing apple shape body and then best jeans for this body type. Hope these will make you understand your body better and even give you some options you’ll like! Have a wonderful day!! <3

    2. try pull on jeans. the ones by Kim Gravel from qvc are the absolute best. they rage from 50-66.00 but they are worth it. she has petite in every size. wear your shirts out.your shirts not do tight. wearing shirts in your jeans is out! so is one side in n one side out. cover your cooch. ppl don’t need to see a bulging cooch. don’t wear any shoes with straps around the ankle.

    3. I really need help! I’m 4’ 10” and weight 185. I’ve had a mastectomy and I have a colostomy so I have nothing on the top but my arms are Hugh on top and my butt is large and so is my stomach. Give up?5

    4. I can relate. I am a DDD, possibly bigger on top but have no waist, my waist and hips even as a size 4, are basically one measurement. I’m wearing a size 14/16 shorts right now, and list some weight so they fall down because I have no shape under my breasts down.

    5. I can relate. I am a DDD, possibly bigger on top but have no waist, my waist and hips even as a size 4, are basically one measurement. I’m wearing a size 14/16 shorts right now, and list some weight so they fall down because I have no shape under my breasts down.

  5. I’m short and chubby and have a mastectomy on my right side. I only wear sports bras and bralettes. What about styling women who short and chubby and have no/one breast? Everyone styles with plus size women with big breast…so that’s not me.

    1. More power to you, girl! You’re absolutely beautiful and I can feel it 🥰 I would suggest that you don’t let this come in your way because, as far as I can see, your body shape has now become a pear – usually a smaller bust and larger hip area. This means that you can steal a few tricks from here and then others from this guide styling for pear shape bodies. In short, your goal should be to balance your upper body with tops that have Bardot, off-shoulder, halter, queen Anne, square necklines, and sleeves that give volume like bell, flutters, puff, or batwing. There’s always a way, hottie! 😉

  6. if the article is to assist short and chubby people, why not show short and chubby people is the recommended clothing? very misleading.

    1. I apologize for your inconvenience, which is why I changed the imagery. I thought it was pretty adequate before as well, but I’m here for you, so your feedback matters a ton! Hope you love these new women trying to conquer fashion like nobody’s business!

    2. I thought it was just me! The #4 photo is prob a size 4/6 and not short. What’s the point of writing an article and then being misleading with photos we all know are not short chubby people? I think of size roughly 16 or up and 5’4” or shorter short and chubby. Maybe I’m way off here? I like be in MA not LA.

      1. Hi there Konnie, sometimes it’s the angles, and other times the clothes they wear. And styling tips for you and somebody taller or shorter will be more or less the same. So don’t worry at all!

      2. Your chubby. Don’t be like me and downgrade yourself constantly by calling yourself fat. You can lose weight, ugly people inside don’t change the way they are.

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