How to Style Crop Tops For Big Busts


Well, let me break the myth: crop tops can definitely be rocked by all you beauties with a bigger bust! The secret? Styling them the right way!

Peplum, V-necks, Wrap and off-the-shoulder tops are few of the best styles that flatter big busts effortlessly!

What Kind Of Tops Look Good On Big Bust?

The Perfect Fit Matters!

Seek tops with stretch and adjustable straps, preferably with some structure for both support and comfort.


Choose The Perfect Neckline

Go for V-neck or scoop neck tops. They create a seamless silhouette, providing ample coverage and support


Choose Crop Tops With Structure!

These features help sculpt and support your bust, while keeping everything neatly in place.


Befriend Long Sleeves Or Wide Straps

These styles distribute the weight of your bust more evenly. Any styles that make your top look heavier should also be a no-no!


High-Waisted Bottoms Are Your BFFs!

Not only do they balance the proportions, but they also keep things chic and sophisticated.


Say Yes To Patterns & Colors!

When styling crop tops for big busts, avoid super-busy patterns or horizontal stripes.


Balance Proportions

For instance, if you’re wearing a form-fitting crop top, consider pairing it with wide-leg pants or an A-line skirt or vice-versa.


Distract Eyes With Cut-Out Crop Top

Opt for tops with strategic cut-outs that divert attention away from the bust and towards areas like the shoulders or back.


Go Monochrome. It Always Works!

These outfits elongate your figure, without making any part of your body look bigger or appear weird.


Opt For Slimming Colors

Opt for dark colors like black, navy, emerald green, or wine—they have a slimming effect.


I have more tips as well...

Check out more do's and don'ts and outfit ideas inside the article!