How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

How to Look Elegant and Classy

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Looking classy and sassy 24/7 is a lifestyle choice! And you do not have to go broke to add bring out this sophisticated version of yourself.

All you need is the right mindset, basic knowledge of the fashion industry, and a capsule wardrobe to elevate your fashion styling.

However, hiring a fashion stylist may cost a fortune! But this does not mean that you cannot look elegant and classy everyday.

Your girl is here to help you with the hacks and tips to curate your own classy wardrobe out of scratch. I am here to help you find clothes that look flattering on you.

So, wait no more and grab your favorite smoothie while you scroll down on this elaborate fashion guide!

25 Sure-Fire Hacks to Look Elegant and Classy EveryDay!

1. Solid colors > Prints and patterns

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Are you a fashion butterfly just like me? Do you love colors as much as I do? Then here’s the biggest fashion secret to dress elegantly!

Wear solid colors to create a robust fashion statement. Vibrant blues, dark reds, bright yellows, dreamy lavender- there are so many solid colors that you can opt from.

Wearing solid colors is an easy and effortless way to dress classy. Basically, they make you look chic and also styling them is oh-so-easy!

2. Opt for a monochrome style.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Add some polish to your wardrobe by opting for monochromatic fashion.

When it comes to classic styles, a monochromatic look always tops my list to look elegant and classy everyday.

To ace that monochromatic look, you can experiment with pastel colors, bright colors as well as neutral colors.

The key is to find a shade that goes well with your skin tone. Jumpsuits and pantsuits are one of the best options to pull off the monochromatic look.

3. Neutral colors > Funky colors

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Add neutral colors to your wardrobe and notch up your personal style in no time!

Neutral colors like black, white, beige, cream, gray, camel, navy etc., are the first step towards embracing classic styles and fashion elegance. Without these neutral colors, your capsule wardrobe is incomplete.

You can never go wrong with neutral colored outfit. For instance, when in doubt, wear a black dress, and you are sorted!

Besides, neutral colors look well in all seasons. So, if you are looking for ways to look elegant and classy on a minimal budget, invest in neutral-colored outfits.

4. Play with textures.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Texture to your outfits is what cheese is to potatoes! Yes, babe! Textures are THAT good!

And when you mix and match these textures, it gets easier to look and dress classy. You just need to know the secret to play mix-n-match with textures and different types of fabrics.

And just like that, you will be throwing your sass around as a classy woman.

For instance, try pairing corduroy with your woolen outfits and witness the magic! Or you can pair your satin shirt with a curve-hugging pair of leather pants.

Bonus tip: Try adding texture to your monochrome outfit and stand out from the crowd instantly!

5. Go by the rule of thirds.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Here’s a thumb rule that will help you ace that “classy woman” look.

It is called the Rule of Thirds. According to this rule, your top should compromise 1/3rd of your outfit, and the bottom should be 2/3rd. Or you can do a vice versa.

However, dividing your outfits into two equal halves not just looks unappealing but also creates an imbalanced look.

For instance, to create the 1/3rd look, you can wear a crop top, tie up a long one or tuck it in. Pair it with high-waisted jeans, cargo or a skirt.

The best part about this Rule of Third is that you can follow it irrespective of your body type and size.

6. Wear 3 colors at the max!

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Cassata looks good but only in your ice cream bowl, not on you!

You can try 3 colors at the max in your outfits. Anything more than that will make you look like a rainbow.

Choose 3 colors, prints or shades at one go to avoid looking messy.

Instead, choose 3 classic colors, preferably solid ones and then mix and match them to get a classy look.

7. Try the sandwich dressing rule.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

The sandwich dressing rule can create a big difference when it comes to staying effortlessly classy!

Basically, you need to wear matching bottom and upper halves and try something different in between.

For instance, you can layer your white T-shirt with a denim jacket and a pair of denim jeans.

This rule cuts down on unnecessary confusion and makes you effortlessly elegant.

8. Coordinate Your Accessories, Handbags, Shoes.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

You won’t believe how big of a difference it makes when you match your shoes with your handbags and accessories with your belts.

Seriously, it takes your whole outfit to another level! And you don’t even have to go for the exact same colors, just match the textures or tones.

Imagine rocking some golden hoops and having a matching golden watch, bracelets, and belt buckle. It’s all about coordination, baby! And don’t forget to coordinate your handbag color with your shoe color too. Trust me, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

9. Invest in branded and high-quality blazers.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Blazers are no longer restricted to just workplaces and formal events. Contemporary fashion trends have made blazers a part of our everyday fashion styling.

Wearing high-quality blazers is one of the easiest ways to look elegant and classy everyday!

Layer your dress with a blazer to get that chic look in no time. Or you can pair your skirt or denim with a blazer to pull off that boss bi*ch look.

Go neutral or play bold with solid colors- the choice is absolutely yours, darling!

10. Add some timeless pieces to your wardrobe.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Do you wanna know my coolest hack to look elegant every fu*king day?

I invest in timeless pieces every time I go out shopping. Of course, I love thrift shopping. But I make sure that my closet never runs out of high-quality, timeless pieces.

Some classic styles would be white shirts, tailored pants, satin shirts, a little black dress, denim jacket, leather pants and so on.

So, basically, these timelessly elegant pieces come really handy when you are already running late.

Just choose any as per the event and dress classy as you step out of your home.

11. Always wear well-fitted outfits.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

The fitting of your outfit can either make or break the deal for you. If you want to look classy and elegant, then you need to wear well-fitted clothes. Any outfit that is too tight or too loose will never give you the polished look you are eyeing upon.

So make it a point to wear clothes that fit you like a dream. Always pay attention to the fitting of any outfit you buy. Make the most out of those trial rooms in fashion stores.

Also, befriend a local tailor who can alter your outfits as per your body shape and size to give that flawless fit.

12. And try to balance out proportions.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Oh, the proportions! Creating the right body proportions is key to looking elegant and classy all the time.

No worries, though. Achieving the right body proportions is super easy. All you gotta do is focus on creating a balanced silhouette. That means giving equal attention to both your upper and lower halves.

If you’re rocking a tight top, balance it out with a flowy skirt or some wide-leg pants. And if you’re strutting in skinny jeans or leggings, pair ’em up with an oversized sweater or a trendy tunic top.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the accessories! A killer pair of earrings or a statement necklace can add some visual balance and complete your fab outfit.

13. Layering Always Looks Chic.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Layering a similar quality, texture or style of fabrics can do the trick, giving the illusion of putting in more effort than you actually did.

A simple blazer, denim jacket, satin cami over a white t-shirt, and shirt over tube/cami top are a few of many ways you can layer your pieces.

Let me break it down for you: start with a lightweight base like a tube top, turtle neck, or button-down shirts; then add a stylish denim jacket, a cute sweater, or even a dress. The key is to ensure that the first layer looks sleek and streamlined, not bulky or awkward.

Finally, finish off your look with thicker layers that complement the overall vibe. Consider adding a classic neutral blazer or a chic coat. Ta-da!

14. Create A Uniform Of Pieces You Like.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

When I mention uniforms, I bet you’re thinking, “Am I stuck wearing the same thing on repeat?” Not at all! All you need to do is rock more of what already looks amazing on you.

Once you’ve discovered the colors and styles that flatter your body, your wardrobe will effortlessly come together. And guess what? It’s totally cool to have go-to outfits that you adore and know work.

For example, on casual days, my uniform is a crop top and jeans. For work, I go for a cami top, jeans, and a blazer. But don’t worry, I don’t wear the exact same tops and jeans every single day—I just love that vibe!

Believe it or not, even the most fashionable people have their trusty uniforms, even if you don’t realize it!

15. Choose premium materials over flimsy ones.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

The fabric that you choose can heavily influence your overall appearance.

Anything too cheap or flashy, and you will end up looking like trash. Rather invest in high-quality fabrics like silk, cashmere, wool, velvet etc.

Keep cheap fabrics like rayon, polyester, etc. at bay. Not only do they look bad, but they also make you really uncomfortable.

It is always better to stick to natural fabrics in order to dress classy.

16. Invest in well-fitted undergarments.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Choose quality undergarments that offer you the right support and prevent any kind of inappropriate skin show.

Be careful while choosing the undergarment you are going to wear.

They need to be of the right size- neither too tight nor too loose.

Measure your body proportions correctly and shop for undergarments accordingly.

Bonus tip: The color of your undergarments also matters. Hoard nude-colored undergarments in all designs, as they are the best hues to wear under any color, even whites.

17. Opt for minimal makeup that goes well with your skin tone.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

A classy woman never overdoes her makeup. She knows the difference between minimal and cakey makeup.

Just like your clothes, your makeup, too plays an important role in making you look elegant and classy everyday.

Whether you are going to your workplace or college, choose natural makeup. Use makeup to add to your beauty and not add extra layers of products to your skin.

18. Steer clear of gaudy jewelry.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Chunky jewelry pieces are a big NO-NO if you want to ace that elegant charm.

Rather, go for dainty jewelry such as diamond studs, pretty pendants, and bracelets that make you look chic.

The right kind of jewelry can make you look like a million bucks effortlessly.

Choose classic neutral colors, wear minimal makeup and then polish up your look with minimalistic jewelry.

19. Add high-waisted pants and turtle necks.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

There’s something irresistibly classy and sassy about high-waisted pants and high necks.

High-waisted bottoms elongate your lower body and make your legs appear taller and slimmer.

They create the impression of a cinched waist and also accentuate your curves.

On the other hand, turtle necks or high necks can be an elegant outfit option as they elongate your upper torso and also prevent too much skin show.

They not just complement your body shape but also add to your sass by hugging your curves closely.

Apart from turtle necks, you can also opt for mock necks, crew necks and blouse collars.

20. Don’t underestimate your footwear.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Get that classy lady vibe by investing in the right footwear. If you have been ignoring your shoes, then babe, you are not doing things right.

Shoes can make or break your look and create a huge difference. So, you must get shoes that match your style and outfit.

Get yourself shoes in neutral colors, as they go well with almost all outfits. Next, try investing in high-end ballet flats, oxford shoes and pumps. And make sure your heels are not too high. Choose the heel length as per your comfort and habit.

If you feel uncomfortable while walking in heels, then it is better to avoid them. Coz’ classy ladies always walk with confidence and in style.

21. Stay well-groomed.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Just wearing classic pieces won’t do the trick for you. In order to look timelessly elegant and feel confident enough, you need to keep yourself well-groomed.

This includes maintaining basic hygiene, trimming your nails regularly, having a manageable hairstyle, etc.

Regular workout sessions can also add to your appearance by improving your posture and fitness.

Also, go for manicure sessions regularly to get those pretty hands. Remove chipped nail polish and apply fresh coats to enhance the beauty of your nails.

Another significant thing that I really want to add here is that your manners too reflect how classy you are.

No amount of makeup, branded outfit and accessories will add to your grace and elegance if you are a mannerless brat.

Learn good manners and practice them wholeheartedly to look effortlessly classy.

22. Pay attention to your posture.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

You cannot look like a million bucks with a slouchy posture.

The key to looking effortlessly elegant lies in your posture as well.

You need to hold your head high, chin up and walk with confidence and grace. Even when you are sitting casually, pay attention to your posture.

To feel confident and look classy, you need to maintain a good posture that heightens your classy avatar.

23. Smell irresistibly good!

smell good web story

Apart from dressing elegantly, what sets you apart as a classy woman is your dreamy fragrance.

Invest in a high-end perfume (or an expensive perfume dupe) that matches your personality and also lasts really long. Now spritz it at your pulse points. You can also spray this perfume slightly on your hair.

To escalate things up, try spritzing all the outfits in your closet with this perfume. But do you think that’s everything you gotta do to smell irresistible? Nah!

I have so many goldmine tips on how to smell intoxicating all day, every day here 😉

The way you smell has a direct impact on your elegance and grace.

24. Do not follow fashion trends blindly.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

If you are a shopaholic who jumps from one fashion trend to another, then it is almost impossible to look elegant and classy, no matter how much your outfits cost.

Rather than following the latest trends blindly, you can draw inspiration from your favorite fashion icons. Also, it is better to stick to timeless pieces such as denim, black dress, neutral-colored outfits etc.

25. Take good care of your outfits.

How to Look Elegant and Classy Every Day, No Matter the Occasion

Your clothes deserve your time and care, too, bub!

Wash them gently with suitable surfactants. Use a lint remover to remove lint from your woolen outfits.

Keep your outfits wrinkle-free by using a good quality steam iron. To get that polished look on the go, you can also try investing in a portable steam iron.

Wrapping Up – How to look Elegant and classy everyday

Dressing classy and sassy is not rocket science. Just add a dish of creativity and sprinkle your unique styling and leverage your existing fashion knowledge to get that elegant and classy look.

If you wish to save your precious time and not waste your money on hiring a styling coach, then these few tips are your way to curating classy outfits, enhancing personal style and slaying your natural beauty in the most effortless way!

You will be amazed to know that just a few small tweaks here and there will make you an elegant woman in no time.

Embrace grace and elegance by making a few lifestyle and fashion changes. Get ready to be appreciated by others for your elegant style.

Hope this content piece paves the way toward making you a graceful, charming and elegant woman.

Sending more power and love to you!

Hugs and kisses!

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