How To Dress Like Old Money? 14 Stellar Tips, Outfits & Old Money Styles

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The best way to elevate your fashion IQ? I’m dead sure it’s Nailing the old money styles!

The biggest misconception people have when styling their wardrobe is they need a hefty sum and branded attire to be fashionable. Trust me, you don’t need a six-digit figure in your bank to ace the girlboss look. 

You could have a plain white button-down and camel-colored wide-legs WITHOUT any flashy logos and still leave an impression of quiet luxury. Old money outfits are not about how much bucks you invest into your dresses but how timeless, elegant, and refined your picks are.

You don’t have to be loud with your clothes. Outfits that are understated and brimming with nonchalance are highly appreciated. That’s what the old-money aesthetic is all about.

BIG NO to being dolled up in flashy labels and the latest drops. If you wish to mimic the Royalties and the Kennedys, quality craftsmanship, versatility, and elegance are all you need.

On that note, I’m gonna spill the beans on how to dress like old money, things you need to remember, and even some outfit ideas to start off on the right foot!

How To Dress Like Old Money?

1. Pay Attention To The Quality

old money styles
Courtesy: @livia_auer

Let’s admit it — most of us are hoarders. The first thing that catches our attention has to be in our wardrobes. Be it a cutesy puffer jacket or a shiny, jeweled stiletto. 

And that’s the first habit you need to ditch.

The old money aesthetic is all about preferring quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you have only a couple of pants in your closet. You’re good to go if they’re versatile enough, i.e., can be styled in different ways.

Plus, the quality of the fabric plays a key role in deciding how elegant your final look is gonna be. The world doesn’t care about how gorgeous the style of your dress is. If it’s not crafted exquisitely, dump it away.

Fabrics like cashmere, wool, chiffon, silk, etc., are what we’re looking at. The finishing and workmanship of the dress is the meat and potatoes of the quiet luxury.  

2. When Going For Denim, Choose Dark Washes

old money styles
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

A rather often-ignored fact, always choose dark-washed denim lowers to flaunt a classic, sophisticated outfit. They look more polished than the light-washed ones and can be styled in countless ways for both formal and informal occasions.

And if you didn’t know, dark-washed denim is super durable, long-lasting, and highly resistant to fading. Yup, an insane amount of return on your mindful investment!

Plus (OMG, the list doesn’t end), jeans with dark washes are subtle in appearance. That is, they will let your tops and blouses shine all the way — an advantage for old-money style lovers who want to turn heads but not by being loud and gaudy.

So, the darker your denim is, the cleaner your silhouette looks. Of course, that doesn’t mean all you have to do is purchase dark-washed jeans and you’ve nailed the aesthetic. 

Make sure you’ve got the right fit to avoid looking uncomfortable and flaccid. Body confidence is the key. So, buy the right denim that suits and flatters your body shape. For instance, waist gaps? Avoid them at all costs!

3. Slayers Wear Layers!

old money styles
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

There are a million reasons why you must add layers to your outfit. But to put them in a couple of words — they’re the cherries on your cake.

I cannot even think of doing an old-money aesthetic without mentioning blazers, woolen coats, and cashmere sweaters. They contribute a hell lot to your attire and take the elegance up a notch. 

You can always bring a new side out of your dress with layers and make them as unique as possible. Not to forget there’s also a chance to express your individualism and balance between contemporary and tradition — exactly what we want!!!!

old money style
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

And yes, with layers you can easily draw a line between different outfits for different seasons. 

Another significant advantage of wearing layers is you get to make your outfits as detailed and with depth as possible. There’s so much scope to personalize them — you can accessorize easily with scarves, minimalist jewelry, and whatnot.

Last, but definitely not least, layering for old-money folks can be traced back to wearing vintage heirlooms that have been in their family for generations. Thus, it becomes an inevitable part of your outfit.

4. Prepare Your Basics

old money style

Like I’ve said above, your aim is quiet luxury and not screaming, theatrical fashion. Hence, it goes without saying that simpler outfits are much more loved than pretentious ones.

And all of this starts with getting the basics right. 

Always have at least a couple of white button-downs, tank tops, and polo shirts ready with you. So, even if you don’t have fancy blouses, you can ace the old money style with a decent pair of wide-legs and a fitted blazer.

Personally, I’d recommend keeping your tops as plain as possible. Reason: You can always finish it off with a chic layer that steals the spotlight without being blingy.

Moreover, tees and crisp cotton shirts are highly versatile. You can pair them in a zillion ways and yet come up with unique outfits. 

5. Neutral Tones Are Love

old money style
Courtesy: @livia_auer

There’s nothing wrong with going off the rulebook once in a while. So, if you wish to settle down with a pink colored blazer, it’s alright. I believe most of the colors can be drawn into the old-money aesthetic if you can get the right shade.

For example, blingy pink is a BIG, BIG NO. Blush Pink or Primrose? HELL YAAAS!

The best thing about this aesthetic is not just the classic vintage look it begets, but the fact that all of this is possible on a tight budget, too. 

Falling short of bucks for getting the subtler shades and hues? Not a problem. You can always rely on neutral tones that are easily available at economical prices like Beige, Black, White, Brown, Ivory, Charcoal, etc.

As a result, you can conveniently mix and match, rotate them without getting caught, and mimic an old-money personality effortlessly. 

6. Accessorize As A Minimalist

old money aesthetic
Courtesy: @vai_blog

Nothing defines the old-money aesthetic better than classic, minimalist accessories. Take a pearl necklace, for example. They are timeless, full of poise, and sophisticated compared to bibs and festoons. 

And it’s not just jewelry that can inspire your outfits. Silk headscarves, vintage leather bags, Panama hats, and analog watches are some additions you can make to amp up your look.

When choosing jewelry and watches, I’d suggest selecting golden and silver colors, since they scream elegance and old money. You can also go for simple rings, bracelets, and sunglasses to give your wardrobe an aristocrat’s touch.

However, do remember to pay attention to their quality. The more durable and excellent craftsmanship they come with, the better.

7. Create Clean Silhouettes

old money aesthetic
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

Neatness is non-negotiable when it comes to old-money style. This means you’ve got to think twice about your silhouette before purchasing clothes.

And we’re not just talking about overall proportions but also modest hemlines that are not too exposing. Hence, a plunging neckline or one-shoulders should not be your first choice.

Sweethearts, Queen Anne, and Split Crew are some necklines that you can try if you wish to be a bit more than simple but not flashy. Or else, you can always fall back on the basics — round and V-necks.

In addition, avoid dresses that do not flatter your body shape or hang loose. Baggy jeans and lowers are a big NO, except for a few wide-leg pants that are ideal for formal occasions.

So, make sure your clothes are well-tailored and carefully selected so that they fit your curves and edges perfectly.

8. Not Just Classic, But Timeless

old money aesthetic
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

When I say classic, of course, I don’t mean wearing ball gowns to formal events. But something contemporary yet refined that it becomes a timeless heirloom and invokes nostalgia. 

Sheath dresses, skirt outfits, and leather loafers are some examples. It’s better to steer clear of the fashion trends that go off the charts one day but fade as the season changes. 

And did I mention this also saves you a bomb from spending too much on clothes every couple of months!!!? Just another reason why the old-money aesthetic is here to stay.

A Handful Of Additional Tips To Save Your Day…

old money fashion
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

I’ve laid down the basics of nailing the old-money aesthetic right. But there’s still a lot to keep in mind before revamping your wardrobe:

1. Factor In Your Footwear. 

Buying footwear that pairs well with your outfits is a must. Invest in timeless and versatile pieces like loafers, ballet flats, neutral-colored stilettos, etc. 

Again, avoid blingy and trendy footwear that might not be significant in a couple of months.

2. Personal Grooming Matters A Ton.

Ensure your hair is elegantly styled, mani/pedicures done and skin well taken care of.

3. Exude Understated Elegance. 

There’s one accessory that you must ALWAYS have when going old-money aesthetic. And that is confidence. Walk with grace, hon. 

Old-money aesthetic is not just a fashion trend; it has taken a huge part in our lifestyles as well. So, if you wish to go all the way, don’t forget to pay attention to your decor, interior, and art choices. 

Indulge in habits that align with this aesthetic. For example, horse riding, sailing, art, etc. Lastly, value your privacy and practice courtesy.

Now, onto some Old Money Outfit Ideas!

Of course, I’m not gonna leave you without some outfit inspirations to crack the nut. Here are my top favorite combos/outfit ideas for old-money aesthetic:

1. Double-breasted Blazer + Tailored Pants

old money outfits
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

Double-breasted blazers are timeless pieces that have refinement dripping right outta them. A well-structured and fitted blazer can be a great addition to your old-money aesthetic wardrobe, especially when paired with tailored pants.

The resulting silhouette will be nothing less than the goddesses of grace in the 21st century. 

2. Tennis Whites

old money outfits
Courtesy: @sophielouisesdiary

For a relaxed weekend chic outfit, always keep tennis whites in your closet. A lifesaving tip for the scorching summers!

No sweat patches on colored clothes + a comfortable, cooling outfit for a relaxed weekend out in the heat. 

You can pair polo shirts with tennis shorts, or loose white linen button-down tucked in a tennis skirt. Pair that up with sturdy sunglasses, golden jewelry, and a classic watch!

3. Knee-High Boots

old money outfits
Courtesy: @sophielouisesdiary

Might sound a bit weird, but knee-high boots with little black dresses and skirts is a DEADLY combo. 

So, layer your collared shirts with full-sleeved sweaters and a woolen coat over a matching skirt, and top it off with knee-high boots and a headscarf.

What Should I Avoid when nailing the old money styles?

how to dress like old money
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet

Below I’ve outlined a few things you need to be aware of to avoid a disastrous old-money aesthetic:

1. Logos Are A No-No.

The very core of the old-money aesthetic is to enjoy quiet luxury without being showy. So, avoid clothes and accessories that have massive brand logos on them that can give away their true identity. 

2. Anything Bling Or Bright.

Discard sharp, bright colored clothes like the neon range or those eye-pinching hot pinks or reds. Even your accessories shouldn’t be ostentatious.

3. Revealing Clothes.

The old-money aesthetic is all about practicing conservative elegance. Hence, avoid clothes that are too exposing or through which your undergarments are visible, even if a tad bit.

Bottom Line on acing the old money style

The old-money aesthetic is no chess. It’s a pretty simple, classic trend that’s easy to adopt if you go by the rulebook and take care of all the instructions.

First, always prefer high-quality pieces over high quantity. Avoid purchasing fast fashion; rather, invest in timeless, well-crafted pieces that have an elegant finesse to them.

Second, go for neutral colors as much as possible. This includes dark-washed denim since it accentuates most body shapes well. 

Third, level up your game with classic, sophisticated layers once you’ve got the basics prepared. Pay attention to your silhouette, the cleaner it is, the better.

Last, include multiple timeless accessories in a way that they resemble minimalist fashion. Don’t overdo it, though. For example, you can wear a couple of pendants of different sizes to mimic a multi-strand necklace along with rings and sunglasses.

And you’re all set to bask in the dripping yet understated opulence of the old-money aesthetic!

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