12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

best korean lip balms

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Of all the 10K worries in your life, chapped, unkissable lips shouldn’t be one! So try these best Korean lip balms and get swooped!

The Korean wave swept everyone around the world and got us invested in the world of K-drama and K-pop. Their charm is unfathomable! Girls and guys are going crazy over K-world.

But do you ever look at your favorite K-drama actors and go, damn, how are their skins so crystal clear? How are their lips so dainty, so luscious, and looks so smoochable??😵‍💫

Well, I’m just assuming it’s got to do something with their lip balm or products! And when it comes to that, you know that Korean lip balms are KILLING the game lately!

Don’t trust me?

Just get yourself a Korean lip balm and see the transformation for yourself, babe! The best part? K-beauty lip products are not even that expensive! 🤩

From fruity to floral, sheer to pigmented, these balms will have your lips looking and feeling their best. So, pucker up and get ready to discover your new favorite Korean lip balms!

10 Best Korean Lip Balms to Flaunt Those Perfect Pouts!

1. I’m meme Pep! Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

If you’re a sucker for creamy lip balms that moisturize your lips and last longer, I have the perfect pick for you. This lip balm contains Shea butter and is known for being highly pigmented, so you are pretty much getting the best of both worlds and at the most affordable prices!

With a range of colors designed for different skin tones, this lip treatment might just become your new favorite. 

Apart from lip care, this Korean lip balm can serve multiple purposes like a cheek tint, and if you want to experiment, you can use it as an eyeshadow as well! Give your lips and cheeks the color and moisture they deserve. And your pocket won’t complain much!

2. Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

If you ask me 1000 times, what my pick for the best Korean lip balm is, I’d say Laneige without a doubt! It was my first love and will forever be!

And if you’re anything like me and are super picky when it comes to how your lip balm smells, I think I just found your lip balm soulmate! This product is light as air, fragrant and moisturizing, and basically covers all grounds to make your lips kissable all day. 

With ingredients such as shea butter, the lip balm offers the perfect hydration and leaves your lips feeling soft AF. The lip balm collection has a faint tint to it and is formulated to encompass moisture lock-in, so you have fabulous-looking lips around the clock!

Whether you have just relished a huge, creamy burger, have made a presentation, or maybe locked your lips with your soulmate, your lips will never feel dried out thanks to Laneige Lip Glowy Balm. Also, it does not require much of a re-application.

This glossy goodness retails at an affordable price and can elevate your lip beauty game in no time!

Here is a full Laneige review at your clicks!

3. Melixir Vegan Lip Butter

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

It’s going to take a while if I start mentioning every benefit of this lip butter, that’s just how good it is! My lips have never been better, with this product, you are assured of having healthy, glowing lips.

Suitable for any skin type and available in a wide range of colors, this lip butter has something for everyone. It is sustainably made, cruelty-free, 100% vegan and curated to suit sensitive lips. Not just me, you will find that anyone who purchased this product has become absolutely obsessed with it! 

The lip butter is an assured trick to get your lips soft and juicy looking in no time. You will immediately notice a difference in the texture of your lips, and there’s no turning back from there. This plant-based product is a definite answer to your lip problems.

Its pleasant fragrance, natural tint and deep moisturizing formula make it a must-have lip product for everyone. 

4. COSRX AHA/BHA Refresh Vitamin C Lip Plumper

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

I had to include this one in my list of best Korean lip balms!

This baby is enriched with the goodness of AHA, BHA and Vitamin C. Not just it moisturizes your parched lips, but it also volumizes your gorgeous pouts.

The lightweight, gel-based formula of the product makes your lips look healthier, fuller and well-nourished. All you need to do is apply the product to your lips whenever you feel like it!

AHA and BHA exfoliate your lips, thereby removing the dead skin cells and dirt, while Vitamin C nourishes them to reveal that natural glow. The product is perfect if you want hydrated, moisturized and fuller lips in no time!

5. Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

Absolutely pocket-friendly, this lip balm is a steal deal if you want a lip balm infused with the goodness of natural ingredients. As the name suggests, the lip balm offers intense hydration and gives your chapped lips a magical makeover in just the first few applications.

Apart from nourishing damaged and dry lips, the lip balm also adds volume to your lips, making them appear juicier, fuller, and pouty. With thousands of people giving it a 5-star rating, I really don’t think you need to think twice about it.

6. 3CE Plumping Lips

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

If you are looking for a lip balm that comes with a slight plumping effect as well, then 3CE Plumping Lips is for you, girl! I have never seen something as effortless and effective as this lip balm in my entire life! It comes in 5 different tints and can be used both as lip balm and tinted lip plumper.

The thick, rich, creamy formula of the lip balm protects your delicate lips from dryness. You will literally forget that once you used to have patchy lips! I apply it on my naked lips as well as over my lip color. In both cases, the product offers intense moisturization.

Also, the glossy effect is a bonus! And the slight minty tingle sensation makes your lips a bit plumper. Overall, a must-try, I would say!

7. Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

Koreans have this obsession with making their skincare products look cute and adorable!

Once you see this bunny-themed lip balm, you can never ignore it.

This Korean lip balm is all you need if you want a long-lasting and deeply moisturizing formula for your delicate lips but in a FUN kind of way! These bunny gloss bars are enough to brighten up your dull day and dry lips instantly!

I am just in love with the fruity scent of these gloss bars. Besides, just one swipe and they nourish my dried lips. And you will also notice a sheer, glossy touch on your lips that sort of looks- sexy!

Also, I can assure you that the product does not irritate your lips or feel heavy and sticky. And boy, oh boy, I must say this lip balm/gloss bar is indeed long-lasting and you won’t have to re-apply it too many times.

8. Torriden SOLID In Ceramide Lip Essence

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

Got sensitive lips? Korean lip balms are about to become your solace. This product, in particular, contains the most convincing ingredients list. So you can be totally sure to add this to your cart immediately!

Not only are you taking care of your lips, but you are also benefiting the earth by choosing this lip balm. It is certified vegan, cruelty-free and free from all types of parabens and mineral oils. 

With five different ceramides like Ceramide NP, NS, AS, EOP, and AP, this Korean lip balm will solve all your lip concerns.

I personally love that it has a non-stick and unscented formula because you basically forget it’s even on your lips. You can get hold of all of these benefits at super-affordable prices too! Restore your plump and pink lips in no time with this lip care essential!

9. SkinFood Tomato Jelly Tint

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

This product describes itself perfectly! Girl, if you’re skeptical right now (I was, too), trust me, just keep reading. 

On reading the name of the product, you must be wondering – Who the heck adds tomato extract to lip balms? Well, that’s how you know that the product is innovative and has proper research to back it up.

Tomato extract has proven results of rejuvenating dark, dry and chapped lips, and this lip product does just that. 

Made by an authentic and leading Korean beauty brand, this lip balm is available in a range of subtle tints that make your lips look alive! And can we talk about the super fun jelly-like formula of the product?

It applies easily and is the perfect combination of glossy and matte, not to forget, it moisturizes your lips long for hours after you first apply it. Revitalize your dry lips with this product, you won’t regret it. 

10. MACQUEEN Loving You Tint Lip Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

Babe, do you know Koreans have these special traditional herbs which they actively use for lip care purposes? Here’s your chance to explore the magic of Korean herbal ingredients on your lips through this miraculous lip balm!

Not just the product looks super chic, but it also heals your lips from within. Ingredients like lanolin, shea butter, beeswax and avocado oil soothe and nourish your lips. 

And guess what? This Korean lip balm changes its colors by leveraging the body heat of the user. So, you get to choose among 3 stunning tints. 

11. Etude House Ginger Sugar Essential Lip Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

Do you know the feeling when certain products are sickening good? You want to keep reapplying to them because of how good they feel. Well, this product is the perfect representation of that.

This gentle Korean lip balm is your one-stop, affordable solution for dry, chapped, or dark lips. It makes your lips so soft that you forget what having dry and chapped lips felt like.

The presence of ginger and orange oil in the product helps re-energize and soothe your lips. And the sugar and shea butter then softens, moisturize and adds a layer of protection to your lips.

It’s the perfect combination of ingredients, made to enhance the soft skin on your lips and make them ready for everyday wear and tear. Add this to your cart now, and forget about your lip problems! 

12. ETUDE HOUSE SoonJung Lip Balm

12 Best Korean Lip Balms to Get Those Kissable Lips!

The most versatile and effective lip balm it is! Dry lips are a problem of the past once you get this lip balm. It ticks off every one of my lip balm requirements. First of all, it is highly moisturizing. It is a clear formula, which means it regenerates your lips to their original pink color, and also it is suitable for all skin types. 

There are no negatives with this product! Heal your lips with this non-irritant, 24/7 moisturizing and fragrance-free Korean lip balm!

frequently asked questions on lip balms –

1. Do lip balms really work?

Absolutely! Lip balms are like a magical elixir for your lips, keeping them soft, supple, and oh-so-smooth. They work wonders by hydrating and nourishing your lips while shielding them from the harsh elements of the great outdoors.

2. What do Koreans use on lips?

One popular and highly regarded lip treatment in Korea is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. This thick balm is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize your lips overnight. This guarantees that you’ll wake up with kissably soft, hydrated lips that are ready to take on the day!

Final Verdict on the Best Korean Lip Balms

I think it’s safe to say that this list is all you need to discover the Korean lip balm of your dreams. Trying these Korean products has changed my lip care routine, and I can vouch for the healthy glow my lips have now. 

The Korean lip balms that I have enlisted above vary in price and formula. So carefully understand your needs and choose the product most suitable to you. Even though all of them are beautiful lip balms, I still have my ultimate favorites, and that includes – Laneige lip balm, Melixir lip butter, and CosRX lip plumper!

I am so excited for you to have luscious lips which your BF won’t stop kissing! And I think we all owe a great ton to the Korean beauty industry for creating these gems! 

Go and add at least a few of these Korean miracle products to your lip care routine now! 

Until next time, ciao!

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Best Korean Lip Balms

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