Who is Harman Awal?


Hey Babe, I’m Harman, a small-town girl who is low-key obsessed with everything fashion and beauty, so and so, my friends call me their Guru; I mean, that’s a little too much exaggeration. I feel proud to be called a dog mama, your personal stylist, and your favorite beauty advisor. I have all sorts of nuts and bolts to a happy skin, happy wardrobe life!

At this moment, you’ll find me behind my laptop writing the best possible content for you ladies because who doesn’t like their life easier? Ya, I’m talking about you!

What’s my story?

Remember when you were asked for the very first time what your hobbies & talents are? We all wanted to become a doctor, an engineer, actors, and god knows what?

Umm, I never knew what I wanted to be, What was made for me. I was great at nothing, or we can say okay-ish at everything. But what’s that one thing I’d never get bored of and considered my real hobby? No answer whatsoever until one day, back in 2018, I applied my mom’s nude brown lipstick for the very first time. Haha, all I can say is things changed!

I was a total tomboy before that. I would rarely wear jeans and step out. I’d usually be in joggers. But after that day, I vividly remember there were fireworks (again, an exaggeration, lol). I ordered some useless makeup brushes and some VERY cheap makeup products from Maybelline and Wet n Wild. And that’s how a complete tomboy became the ‘beauty and fashion expert’ among people.

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In the process, I figured out that whatever I have in me needed to get out. I have to share my tips and tricks with others. So I started an Instagram account (like every other girl these days), and I started to wake up, get ready for no reason, click pictures, and post them every other day. Although that did help grow some audience, I was not really happy. My insecurities and comparisons grew enormously, which probably was not a good idea for me.

So I stopped posting on Instagram. Things went downhill. Nothing was good. I never felt good about myself. No-No-No, I knew I had to find something else…

But what?? I knew I’m an extrovert and talking is water to me. I knew I wrote pretty good essays for the school paper. I knew I’m pretty good with my fashion and beauty recommendations.

This Blog And Everything

On a nice summer morning in 2020, I created YOURGIRLKNOWS. My very own little space where I talk my heart out with YOU guys on everything I actually love and things that can make a difference to YOUR life. 

This made me 100x more productive, 200x less insecure, and 300x happier. I started getting gooooood sleep, guys!

And that’s it, my little ray of sunshine! I promise to update you when something huge happens, or at least something happens, lol. Till then, I’ll just go and grab something to munch on because life is prettier when you have a snack in your hand!!

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