20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

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Hey there, manicure freaks! Raise your hands if you’ve been stalking nail art designs on Instagram, Pinterest, and just about anywhere you can find them 🙋‍♀️.

Because let’s be honest, when life gets back to normal, we’re heading straight to grab pizza and then to the salon to amp up those boring nails, right?

Well, girl, we’re all in the same boat! But don’t you worry, ’cause we’ve got you covered with 20 gorgeous nail art designs that you’re going to obsess over. These designs are the perfect blend of cute, simple, trendy, and downright fabulous.

And guess what? You can even try your hand at some of these stunners at home! So, buckle up, nail art enthusiasts—it’s time to dive into these jaw-dropping designs. Keep scrollin’!

Let’s see what designs for nail art do we have in store?!

1. The new french nail art

designs for nail art

People have loved the old, subtle French manicure for years now. And why not? They are cute, look posh, and are making a comeback as a lead beauty trend.

But what if we tweaked them a little to make this super cute nail design? Oh gosh, it would be our silver lining on clouds! Or maybe on nails! No doubt they look extremely simple yet expensive.

2. The pink ombre

designs for nail art

Pink should be considered an international go-to nail color for the world. And ombré has been there for a while now. But who knew we could create this amazing piece with all the old-school nail stuff? It’s definitely a perfect nail design for summer!

3. As cold as blue

designs for nail art

I may not be good at names, but this simple nail design is rocking the internet today. So chic and pretty. Lines on nails have always intrigued me. I had a similar nail art in my summer nail designs post as well. And that’ll show you how much I love getting my nails painted. Anyhow!

4. The decent neon

designs for nail art

Neons have been here for a while now. And honestly, I hate them. Because it’s not normal to see something decently pretty like this every now and then in neons. How pretty are theyyyy? I would give anything to have them. 😐

5. The matte black

designs for nail art

I absolutely loveeeee blackkkkkk. Have you seen those cars in matte black color? Ohhhh godddd! That thing looks rich. Totally in Awe! Anyway, we are talking about nails, so focus.

What do you think about this amazing nail art design? Tell me in the comments down below! I’m definitely in Awe of this one too. Full 100%! They are uniquely gorgeous.

Perfect for a girl who is confused about what nail art design to choose and ends up having all on each finger! Sounds like me, though. Lol!

6. The different nails

designs for nail art

We just talked about getting different designs on each nail, and now we’ll talk about getting different colors. Look how dapper they look. No extensions. No long nails. Just enhancing the original beauty. Stunning!

7. The pink camouflage

designs for nail art

Now, this is something high-fashion. Isn’t it? And just take a moment and look at those black rhinestones. Are you kidding me? What is prettier than thissss? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

8. The 3-D lavender

designs for nail art

If you are looking for nail art designs that are easy to do, look at what I have found. It’s just painting the nails and pasting these embellishments over it. And look 10 times more sophisticated without any effort. What do you ask for more?

9. The clear rainbow nails

designs for nail art

This summer, gloss shouldn’t be just on your lips and cheeks but on your nails, too. Because why not? Also, Rainbows scream summer! Your snazzy summer nail art is right on its way to bring you happiness.

10. The new polka dot trend

designs for nail art

To me, old-school polka dots sucks. but this new polka trend is killing me because I can’t use them right now! How voguish is this? Like how? I rate it 100 from 1-10. What are your ratings?

11. The constellation nail art

designs for nail art

We all love star-gazing. I remember I used to sleep under the stars sometimes in the summers when I was a child. Don’t ask why, but yup, we did.

Anyhow, again, matte black base. Already in love with it! And then these stars and constellations are totally awestruck. Who are the designers behind these nails? I wanna meet them and see how their brain work. Haha. Creative indeed!

12. The perfect wedding nails

designs for nail art

Its summertime! Wedding bells are ringing loudly. And this nail art design definitely screams bbb-riii-dalll. Don’t they? It gives us a strong feminine vibe. Right?

13. The French neon

designs for nail art

As I have said. Neons are definitely in trend. But I’m seeing a lot of orange this year. Are you too?

But please, let’s just talk about these gorgeous nude-neon French manicures I have no words for. They look VERY posh and understated. I, indeed, am a nude person. And everything that has a bit of nude would please my eyes for sure. And so do they!

14. The pink Marble

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

Can you tell that I am obsessed with Pink? Oh, come on, my whole site works on pink. Obviously, black is second. Nope. Both are at number one! Lol!

Marble has been there for a while now as a cute design for nail art. But still, people haven’t got tired of them. Obviously, they look much prettier in real than here. Honestly, so go on and have them blindlyyy!

15. The whole painting

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

I actually don’t know what the one thing I love about this nail design is because I think I’m in awe with every inch. It’s a complete art/painting on your fingernail. How cute are those leaves and those brush strokes and colors blending? Oh god! And you don’t even need extensions for them, which is my favorite part.

16. When neon met black

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

Now you have gotten an idea that matte black is highly in trend right now. And Neon has been there for a while. This ultimate nail art design comes into play. What a unique idea! And how beautiful it is looking. No words. Just wwwooowwww!

17. The modern metallic

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

Do you remember the time when metallic nail designs were on almost every little finger? That was huge. Even though that chunky metallic is not considered sophisticated enough, these modern metallics are drop-dead gorgeous! They are not eye-popping but subtly beautiful. Right?

18. The funk gunk

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

I add a fun nail art design every time. Which justifies this fun, colorful, bright, yet classy piece. I absolutely love how they have left the moon area of the finger blank, and there’s so much fun and color on the tips. And this color does not even make it look ugly; it is precious.

19. The red love

designs for nail art

Even though Christmas and Valentine’s Day are a lil far off, these red classics with a modern twist are all we want to be nostalgic about. Red is a happy color and has been everyone’s quick last-minute approach, may it than dress or nails. These nail designs are ready to amp up any look.

20. A pop of bright

designs for nail art

If you are bored of getting your nails done in every possible nude color, this one is perfect for you. Just give yourself a subtle nude base nail and have a pop of bright colors on the tips. Voila! You look trendy af!

With this beautiful design, we wrap up these amazing designs for a nail art post where we all want to get every piece of these designs onto our fingers, and we don’t know how we’ll get there.

Anyway, it was nice talking to you! And if it was the same for you, do consider sharing this article or even comment down below what was your favorite of all.

Till then, bye-bye, and take care!

20 Gorgeous Nail Art Designs to Literally Obsess Over

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