15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

Korean cushion foundations that mean business? Yes, please!!

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These Korean cushions are your answer to how their skin looks soooo mesmerizing!

Finding the right foundation for your skin type can get quite confusing at times! The difficulty level rises further for women who are almost always on the go. They need something that is compact, easy to carry, spill-proof as well as easy to apply. 

And as we all know, Korean beauty moguls have this special ability to cater to the actual needs of the consumers and come up with products accordingly. You name it, they have it! So, of late, the K beauty industry is buzzing with the latest product- cushion foundation.

These cushion foundations meet your beauty expectations and also are gradually becoming an integral part of cutting-edge makeup trends. 

If you have been looking for Korean foundations that solve contemporary women’s makeup kit woes, then look no further, as your girl has enlisted the best Korean cushion foundations in this article. Just sit back, relax and scroll down!

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations in the Market

1. AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Infused with amazing skincare
  • Super gentle, especially for sensitive skin
  • Clever cushion design for no wastage
  • Spill-proof packaging
  • Doubles as sun protection

What I Don’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Limited shade range for darker skin tones

An insanely popular Korean makeup brand, AmorePacific deserves to top the chart of best Korean cushion foundations. It knows how to blend nature and science like a pro, using ingredients like bamboo sap, green tea, and red ginseng to give your skin the nourishment it craves.

But that’s not all – this beauty gem also offers buildable coverage, so you can customize the perfect look for any occasion. And thanks to its clever cushion design, you’ll never waste a drop of product again. Just tap lightly, and voila!

Oh, and did I mention the packaging? It’s spill-proof, which means you can take this magic potion with you wherever you go – work, school, vacation, you name it.

I personally love the fact that the AmorePacific cushion also offers a range of colors and sun protection. Talk about a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs!

  • Pro tip: Dab the cushion/sponge with light hands on the product before applying the same on your skin.

2. Pony Effect Everlasting Cushion Foundation SPF50+ PA+++

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Sheer coverage
  • Hydrates your skin like a boss
  • Super lightweight
  • Long-lasting

What I Don’t Like:

  • Has a powdery, floral, talc kinda smell

Easily one of THE BEST cushion foundations from Korea, this light yet buildable coverage baby can easily conceal any imperfections and uneven skin tones you might have like a pro.

Aside from its skin-loving formula that quenches your skin’s thirst without adding any grease, its SPF 50+ PA+++ formula shields your precious skin from those harmful sun rays. And can we talk about its drool-worthy shades? They have 7 shade ranges, which is quite a lot for a Korean brand.

I loveeee how it has a supremely lightweight formula that leaves the skin nourished enough that it looks like it’s had a glass of water (or two). The icing on the cake is that it’s long-lasting, so you don’t have to hustle with touch-ups.

The only downside? Its powdery scent. Regardless, this cushion foundation is a true MVP for normal to dry skin types and may even work for combination skin.

3. Peach C Honey Glow Cover Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Gives an intense glow
  • Full coverage
  • Doesn’t feel cakey or heavy
  • Suitable for normal to dry skin types
  • Keeps skin look fresh & oil-free
  • Affordable too!

What I Don’t Like:

  • The compact is a tad bigger
  • Not for very oily skin

Would you believe me if I said this K-beauty gem is just WOW?! You have to because it is what it is!

First of all, it delivers a honey-like glow that not only brightens your skin but also covers all of your problem areas with high coverage. I am talking pigmentation, redness and even large pores.

And secondly, it feels like you’ve got nothing on your face – even if you layer it up. No cakeiness or heaviness whatsoever.

Plus, it lasts all day long, leaving your skin looking fresh as a daisy and oil-free. Not kidding!! Perfect for normal to dry skin types, I can almost bet on Peach’s Korean cushion!

4. Jung Saem Mool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe
15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Feels like a second skin
  • Love their shade range
  • Non-flaky, natural dewy look
  • Perfect for combo skin

What I Don’t Like:

  • A little on the higher price range but comes with a refill

Get ready to meet your new BFF: the Jung Saem Mool cushion foundation. This stuff is so lightweight it feels like a second skin!

Seriously, I can wear it all day long without it weighing me down. Whether I’m running errands, hanging out with friends, or crushing it in a virtual meeting, this is my go-to choice.

And can we talk about the finish? It’s non-flaky and smooth, giving my skin a slightly dewy, fresh look that I’m totally obsessed with.

Oh, and it’s perfect for combination skin. Plus, it comes with a refill, so it’s a budget-friendly option. Lastly, they have so many shade ranges that you’ll cry!!

5. Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Has a matte finish
  • Does not require constant touch-ups
  • Medium coverage
  • Doubles as SPF protection
  • Humidity resistant
  • Keeps skin oil-free

What I Don’t Like:

  • Dry skin people need to use a hydrating primer

A cult favorite among beauty and makeup enthusiasts, the Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion leaves that glowy, healthy finish on your skin that you have been craving for so long. The product does not crease out and offers a matte finish.

I’ve been using this incredible K-beauty cushion foundation for the past 2 months, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. No more constant touch-ups needed!

Not only does this product provide amazing medium coverage, but it also protects your skin from harmful sun damage. With aloe vera extracts, your skin will stay hydrated and free from excess oil.

And a huge relief – this baby is humidity resistant! So, whether it’s scorching hot outside or you’re sweating it out at the gym, you can trust this foundation to stay put.

6. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion SPF 50+ Foundation

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Blends into the skin like butter
  • Super duper long-lasting
  • Dream for mature and uneven skin type
  • Has a special applicator

What I Don’t Like:

  • A lot expensive but then it is a luxe brand

Sulwhasoo is a renowned name when it comes to K-beauty products. And that’s why I got myself this Korean cushion to know how it goes with my skin type and complexion.

And guess what? The product turned out to be a super success and worked magically on my skin. The cushion foundation has this unique formulation that allows the product to blend into my skin effortlessly. Also, I do not require too many touch-ups as the product is quite long-lasting.

The product works superbly well to cover all types of skin imperfections such as wrinkles, pores, dark circles, uneven skin tone and so on.

What I love the most about this product is its special applicator. It’s shaped like a cute little water droplet, making it perfect for those hard-to-reach areas like the corners of your eyes or the edges of your nose.

7. IOPE Air Cushion SPF 50+

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Gives an air-brushed finish
  • Perfect for dry, damaged skin
  • Infused with nourishing ingredients
  • Lightweight & long-lasting
  • Doubles as SPF
  • One swipe pigmentation
  • 3D sponge allows even application

What I Don’t Like:

  • Has a mild fragrance some may not be a fan of

Let me introduce you to the bestselling IOPE product – the must-have Korean skincare and makeup brand that everyone is raving about! It is loved by users because of the smooth and air-brushed finish that it offers. And it works equally well on normal, dry, and damaged skin.

But let’s get the facts straight. This foundation is more than just makeup. It’s a skincare superhero in disguise! Packed with nourishing ingredients, it’ll treat your skin like royalty.

My favorite part? The incredible moisturizing power of this cushion foundation. Never for once did it irritate my skin! The light weight of the product allows me to wear it for long durations and even step out in sunlight because of sun protection. Goodbye, harmful UV rays!! 

You just need one swipe of the foundation, and you are sorted for the rest of the day! 

8. Missha M Magic Cushion Foundation

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe
15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • One of the best formulations ever
  • Perfect for dry to sensitive skin types
  • Packed with skincare as well
  • Great for all day wear
  • Extremely affordable

What I Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t work for oily skin

You’re gonna love this one! It’s my personal favorite because it’s perfect for balancing oily and dry skin. Plus, it keeps those pesky pimples away with niacinamide.

The Missha M Magic cushion foundation offers all-day coverage and works really well on skin imperfections such as dark circles, blemishes, acne marks and discoloration. 

And here’s the best part about this Korean cushion foundation: it’s a makeup and skincare product in one! It’s got the perfect mix of SPF and glycerine, so you can protect your skin while looking fabulous.

Good news for everyone except oily skin types – this product is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin!

9. Etude House Double Lasting Cushion Glow

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe
15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Does not dry the skin
  • Doubles as a sunscreen

What I Don’t Like:

  • Has a mild scent to it

Etude House is another dope K-beauty brand that I am crazy about. So, I decided to try its Double Lasting Cushion Glow foundation. 

It offers a semi-matte finish and stays intact for almost 24 hours (yes, I worked, partied hard and returned home in the morning, only to realize that my makeup was still on!)

The smart formulation ensures that your skin does not dry out upon applying the foundation. Rather, the smooth and nourished look it offers is worth the money!

Also, the cushion foundation shields your delicate skin against the sun’s harmful rays.  However, the product has a light scent which I find pretty soothing, but I cannot talk for all, especially sensitive skin people!

10. Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Intensely moisturizing
  • Lasts for almost a day and some more
  • Flawless coverage
  • Perfect for oily, combo & aging skin
  • Doubles up as SPF

What I Don’t Like:

  • Limited shade range

Tired of your foundation playing hide-and-seek with your face, lol? Say hello to the Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion – maybe your new BFF!

This upgraded version has got micro powders that keep your makeup locked in for up to 48 hours. Not only that, it’s got SPF50+ PA++++ to shield your skin from those irksome UV rays.

And the moisturizing agents? They leave your skin looking insanely fresh and hydrated. This miracle worker is perfect for oily, combination and mature skin, making it the ultimate K-beauty cushion foundation.

And its puff? It’s so beautiful and almost guarantees a flawless makeup application. Trust me on this, it is one of the most beautiful Korean cushions you’ll ever find!

11. Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Ampoule Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • It is actually anti-inflammatory
  • Gives off a very natural, radiant glow
  • Doubles as an amazing sunscreen
  • Perfect for normal to dry skin types
  • Lightweight & smudge-free
  • Doesn’t look cakey

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not for oily skin
  • Do not have an incredible lasting power

Look at our very own Cosrx dipping its toes into the makeup industry! It’s not just any old foundation – it’s the key to a natural, radiant glow and sun protection all in one.

Packed with 29.6% propolis extract and white sapphire, this foundation does wonders for your skin. It’s got anti-inflammatory powers to calm and soothe any pesky irritations. And don’t forget about the SPF 47 PA++ – say goodbye to sunburns and UV damage!

But here’s the real kicker: the rounded hexagonal puff. It’s made to perfection, covering every single little spot on your face for a flawless demi matte finish. No more cakey makeup, just fresh, dewy skin.

12. Clio Kill Cover Calming Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Long-lasting & smudge-proof
  • Controls excessive sebum
  • Doesn’t dry the skin
  • A godsend for acne-prone skin
  • The applicator allows for smooth coverage
  • Calms irritated skin

What I Don’t Like:

  • No darker shade colors

The Clio Kill Cover Calming Cushion is all you need if you want a long-lasting, no-smudging and lightweight cushion foundation. It blends perfectly with your skin and offers that natural and fresh finish that you desire.

The foundation controls excessive oil secretion and also keeps your skin well-hydrated as well. And you can apply it on your skin all day as it feels light in weight.

Even if you have acne-prone skin, this cushion is a godsend! The formula is designed to keep breakouts at bay while still giving you the coverage you need.

But here’s the best part – the water-drop-shaped applicator makes applying the foundation a breeze. No more fussing with brushes or sponges, just smooth and even coverage with ease.

And let’s not forget about the name – Calming Cushion. This product lives up to its name by soothing and calming irritated skin. It’s like a spa day for your face!

13. Self Beauty Uniconic Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid BB Cushion Foundation

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe
15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • INTENSELY hydrating
  • Creamy texture
  • Aesthetic packaging
  • Lightweight formula

What I Don’t Like:

  • Has a scent, ugh

This is INSANE! I mean, the product comprises SIX different forms of hyaluronic acids….and I can’t stop obsessing over this Korean cushion foundation. 

The product is super hydrating and has this luxe, creamy texture, which my skin loves so so so much!

The mineral powder in the foundation controls excessive sebum secretion. Also, the light weight of the product makes it easy to apply throughout the day.

And how can I not mention the aesthetic and minimalistic packaging of this Korean cushion foundation? The neutral pink color at the base has all my heart!

14. Holika Holika Holi Pop Blur Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Gives glowing skin instantly
  • Lasts literally all-day
  • Infused with skin-loving ingredients

What I Don’t Like:

  • It has a watery texture so make sure you don’t press too hard.

If bright, glowing skin is on the menu for you, then you’ll be over the moon to get this little gem. It is one such cushion foundation that does it all!

It gives you flawless, natural coverage that lasts all day, thanks to its awesome long-lasting polymers. And it doesn’t stop there – this cushion is packed with amazing ingredients that will make your skin look and feel amazing.

Hydrating peach and senna extracts? Check. A pink flower complex and light-refracting oils for a stunning glow? Double check.

With its skin-loving ingredients and superior coverage, it’s no surprise that the Holika Holika Cushion is one of the best K-beauty foundations out there.

15. HERA UV Mist Cushion

15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe15 Best Korean Cushion Foundations That Are Nothing But Flawless in a Swipe

What I Like:

  • Full coverage
  • One swipe pigmentation
  • Travel-friendly
  • Jam-packed with natural ingredients
  • Does not look cakey

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not very affordable
  • It may dry the skin for some

This K-beauty cushion foundation brings together two worlds- the full coverage of conventional foundation and ease of application and portability.

I love the healthy and supple look it offers to my skin after applying just one swipe. The breathable formula of the cushion foundation adds makes sure that your pores stay clean and unclogged. On the other hand, natural ingredients nurture and hydrate your skin from deep within. 

And the best part is that the foundation does not look cakey at all!

How to Use a Korean Cushion Foundation to Get That Flawless Look!

If you are completely new to this magical makeup product called Korean cushion foundation, then babe, I have got your back!

Here’s a step-by-step, easy-peasy and convenient procedure about how to use Korean cushion foundation, broken down just for you! 

Trust me, girl! It’s an absolute no-brainer. 

  • Dip the puff/sponge/cushion with soft hands into the foundation. Press lightly so that the puff collects the product on the surface.
  • Next, dab the sponge lightly onto your face. Keep pressing lightly until you can see the product depositing smoothly on the skin. Avoid rubbing the sponge onto your skin harshly.
  • To get that extra dose of hydration as well as long-lasting makeup, spray your favorite mist onto the puff and then follow the above two steps.

What’s This Buzz About Korean Cushion Foundation?

So, if you are confused as to what on earth is a Korean cushion foundation, lemme clear your doubts, babe.

These Korean cushion foundations draw inspiration from Korean rubber stamp pads and come equipped with cushions or sponges soaked in foundation. The texture of the foundation feels more like BB creams.

The best part about these Korean babies is the element of portability. You can carry it around easily without worrying about spillage. Also, the application seems seamless – thanks to the super soft cushion or sponge that you get with the package. 

Besides, the product creates an air-brushed look and offers light to medium coverage and makes re-touches easy and hassle-free as compared to liquid foundations.

What I love the most about Korean cushion foundations is their nourishing and nurturing properties – they keep your skin hydrated, protect it against aging symptoms as well as offer sun protection.

Now that you know what Korean cushion foundations are, you must be eager to get your hands on these miraculous products. 

Below-mentioned is a complete list of the best Korean cushion foundations. Go through them and make a smart choice, pretty lady!

Final Thoughts on the Best Korean Cushion Foundation

The Koreans never fail to amuse us with their beauty products. Infused with the goodness of traditional Korean skincare ingredients, these products are curated keeping in mind the convenience and requirements of the consumers. So, when it comes to Korean cushion foundations, you can expect nothing but perfection.

If you ask me, I am never going back to conventional foundations. For me, these K-beauty cushion foundations are the holy grail of flawless makeup. If you feel the same, then get yourself your favorite Korean cushion foundation today!

You can try any of the above-mentioned foundations as per your skin requirements and get that instant luminous glow effortlessly. 

Want more content on Korean skincare and beauty products? Stay tuned with me! I promise you are in for a joyride!

See ya’ll super soon! Toodles, xo!

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