15 Best Korean Makeup Brands of 2024, Your Beauty Arsenal Is Incomplete Without

Best Korean Makeup Brands

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Trust me, these brands have the capacity to be your K-beauty Crush!

If you have been following my content pieces for a while now, you must definitely know about my love for Korean makeup brands! Being a hardcore skincare and beauty enthusiast, I took the K-beauty popularity explosion quite seriously. And boy, oh boy! I could never be more satisfied!

Koreans are actually serious about their beauty products. They know how to walk the talk, and this is evident from their innovative products. Unlike conventional makeup brands, Korean products are not laden with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Instead, they always take the natural route and incorporate herbal ingredients in their beauty products.

Besides, they are known for their taste in aesthetics. I mean, just look at their products, and you will know what I am talking about! Who can say no to such cute and aesthetic packaging, after all?

So, if you wish to add fun and zing to your beauty routine and at the same time want something that is good for your skin, say hello to Korean beauty brands.

I have poured my heart out and shared all my knowledge in this article regarding the best Korean makeup brands. Keep reading to explore the top K beauty brands that have taken the beauty industry by storm!

15 Best Korean Makeup Brands That You Cannot Ignore!

1. Laneige

what I Like

  • Synonms with hydrating
  • Minimalist, sleek packaging
  • Their lips balms are *chef’s kiss*!

what I Don’t Like

  • do not have many products for oily or acne-prone skin
  • They’re still experimenting with makeup

Laneige is undoubtedly one of the best Korean makeup brands everrrrr. Just peep into my closet, and you will know how big of a fan I am of this miraculous K-beauty brand and its holistic beauty approach.

If you are wondering what Laneige means, then babe, it means snow in the French language. The brand leverages water science to offer that dreamy, dewy skin. 

This luxury brand is known as a moisture expert and describes its products as “waterfull makeups.”  The intense hydration that they offer when you apply the makeup is simply unbelievable. Your skin does not look too oily or too dry- thanks to their science-forward formulation.

Apart from the nourishing ingredients, these Korean makeup items are also famous for their minimalist and sleek packaging. AND their lip balms and lip masks. They’re EPICCCCCC!!! 

If you have dry, patchy and damaged skin, then Laneige can be your BFF. Splurge on Laneige to pamper your skin with a little extra love!

Laneige Bestsellers: 

2. Etude House

what I Like

  • Great products with the cutest packaging
  • Super affordable
  • Easily available everywhere

what I Don’t Like

  • Some products are a HIT, and some a miss

Revamp your boring makeup routine with budget-friendly Korean makeup products by one and only Etude House.

The K-beauty makeup world is incomplete without this phenomenal brand. A popular pick among the younger generations, Etude House has endless options when it comes to makeup.

Ever since I started using Etude House, I have noticed a visual improvement in my skin texture. Also, my skin looks flawless irrespective of external factors such as harsh lights, humidity, damaged skin and so on.

I personally am a huge fan of the oh-so-cute packaging of the Etude House babies. What I love the most about this K-beauty brand is the longevity it offers. I mean, the makeups are long-lasting, and you don’t even need touch-ups. 

Besides, the affordability of the brand is a huge plus point, I would say.

Etude House Bestsellers:

3. Joah Beauty

what I Like

  • SOOOOO many cool products
  • Cruelty-free
  • Super lightweight
  • Affordable enough

what I Don’t Like

  • More of an everyday wear brand

Here’s an award-winning makeup label from South Korea that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on!

Joah Beauty will easily fit into your daily makeup routine and spice it up further. Also, if you are fond of cruelty-free brands, Joah Beauty is a match made in heaven for you.

I personally have been hoarding Joah Beauty for quite a long time now ‘coz I just love how soothing they feel on my skin. And their feathery-light consistency is something I can spend all my money on!

But hey! Joah Beauty is a feasible cosmetics brand, and you do not have to dig a hole into your pocket to get your hands on them.

Joah Beauty Bestsellers:

4. Missha

what I Like

  • LOVE their products, especially BB cream
  • Accessible & affordable
  • Focus on natural beauty

what I Don’t Like

  • Not very shade inclusive

Apart from the brand name being super adorable, I think MISSHA is one of the first few Korean makeup brands the world got to know about. As far as I remember, Missha got its first-ever moment of fame by launching effective and skin-tone-friendly BB creams. And since then, there has been no looking back!

Missha will always be my first choice when it comes to versatile makeup options. The brand has a wide range of products that cater to your makeup requirements, such as serums, blushes, lip tints, BB creams, and so on. 

Missha has, from the very beginning, focused on the exact skin and makeup requirements of its customers. And that is why I find Missha’s makeup highly result-oriented. They keep in mind your skin type and issues and come up with unique products that your skin will simply fall in love with.

The ingredients that they use are capable of delivering much-coveted results.

Missha Bestsellers:

5. Kaja

what I Like

  • Cutest packaging & true Korean touch
  • Pigmented products
  • Travel-friendly
  • Affordable & convenient

what I Don’t Like

  • More of an everyday wear brand

Kaja, meaning “Let’s Go!” in the Korean language, is a K-beauty makeup brand that was formed in collaboration with Sephora.

A cult Korean favorite, Kaja specializes in a vast range of products, such as eyeliners, stick foundations, etc., that are travel-friendly as well. 

I personally have been using Kaja makeup for the past few months on a regular basis. The brand is ideal for college as well as office-goers. 

The best thing about Kaja is its fun element. From adorable packaging to attention-grabbing shades and hues, Kaja has the ability to break the monotony and turn your beauty game into something exciting and approachable.

Also, the affordability of their products is definitely a cherry on the cake!

Easy to apply, highly pigmented, customized as per skin types, lovely textures, and long-lasting – Kaja makeup products is everything that you can ever ask for!

Kaja bestsellers:

6. Em Cosmetics

what I Like

  • Very lightweight
  • Most of their products are actually very good
  • Lots of variety & options

what I Don’t Like

  • Not very shade inclusive

If you are a beginner and need some easy-going, hassle-free makeup products that save you time and energy, go for Em Cosmetics.

They have literally everything to spice up your makeup game and make it convenient and interesting. Infused with the goodness of natural ingredients, Em Cosmetics ensures that your skin feels no irritation or heaviness while the makeup is on.

Feasible, easy to use, and accessible, Em cosmetics makeups deserve a permanent place in your beauty closet!

Em Cosmetics Bestsellers:

7. Tonymoly

what I Like

  • Ultra-cute packaging
  • Cruelty-free
  • Cost-effective

what I Don’t Like

  • Makeup is not as great as skincare

Your Korean makeup bag will remain incomplete if you do not add Tonymoly products to it. One of the beginner Korean brands that tip-toed into the global beauty market, Tonymoly enjoys immense popularity because of its top-of-the-line beauty products.

Tonymoly leverages modern technology and comes up with unique formulations and cute packaging. I mean, just look at them! From lip tints to sheet masks, their Korean makeup products have the ability to turn your dull day into a bright and fun-filled one!

One of the leading Korean beauty brands, Tonymoly strives to offer solutions for every skin issue that you come across. They keep researching to come up with the best formulations that cater to the requirements and expectations of their customer base.

Besides, Tonymoly is absolutely cruelty-free. So, if you are in search of something effective, gentle, cost-effective as well as Peta certified, then go for Tonymoly without any hesitation.

Tonymoly Bestsellers:

8. Clio

15 Best Korean Makeup Brands of 2024, Your Beauty Arsenal Is Incomplete Without
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what I Like

  • A variety of skin and body products
  • Long-lasting & durable

what I Don’t Like

  • Eye makeup is a HIT & others are a miss as of now

I can rely on this brand with my eyes closed, as Clio was founded by a group of makeup professionals. Their ideology was to offer products that are easy to use but highly effective. Apart from makeup, they also have a wide range of skin and body care products, you’ll LOVEEE if you are into Korean skincare. 

The best part about Clio is that they offer a huge variety of makeup products. From eyeliners and concealers to lip tints and foundations, they have everything for you.

They are known for their durability. For instance, the Clio lipstick that I use stays smudge-proof all day long and does not require frequent touch-ups. Also, Clio understands your skin requirements and comes up with products accordingly. 

Clio Bestsellers:

9. Sulwhasoo

15 Best Korean Makeup Brands of 2024, Your Beauty Arsenal Is Incomplete Without
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what I Like

  • Skincare-infused makeup
  • Focuses on natural beauty
  • It feels luxe on touch

what I Don’t Like

  • Sky-rocketing cost, but then it’s a luxury

A luxe Korean makeup label, Sulwhasoo relies on traditional Korean herbal ingredients to come up with makeup and skincare products that enhance your natural beauty and add to your skin’s health.

The brand utilizes natural ingredients to curate makeup products that actually heal your skin while making you look gorgeous.

  • Fun Fact: The South Korean Government uses Sulwhasoo products as gifts to world leaders when they visit the country.

Now you know what’s so special about this luxury brand from South Korea!

Sulwhasoo Bestsellers:

10. Innisfree

what I Like

  • Works amazingly
  • Skincare-infused makeup

what I Don’t Like

  • Not readily available
  • Does more well with skincare

I am just obsessed with this K-beauty brand! Not only are these babies highly effective, but also the ingredients are super skin-friendly. And if you are even remotely aware of Korean beauty brands, you must be aware that it is one of the cheapest K-beauty makeup brands available out there.

I love using Innisfree, especially because of the brand’s inclination toward natural beauty. Innisfree majorly sources all its ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea. 

Apart from its affordability, I love the fact that all the products feel gentle on my skin. Never for once my skin felt any kind of irritation. 

The main ingredients that go into Innisfree’s products are seaweed, green tea, Bija, Ginseng, Green Barley, and so on. These components are responsible for that natural finish that you get after applying Innisfree makeup products. They keep your skin nourished and hydrated while you are enjoying a party with your makeup on.

Innisfree Bestsellers:


what I Like

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero irritation or side effects
  • Affordable

what I Don’t Like

  • Have very few options for makeup

Looking for a Korean makeup label that takes extra care of your skin without burning holes into your pocket? Then COSRX has to be your ideal choice.

COSRX is the blend of two words – Cosmetics and Rx. This means that this K-beauty diamond is backed up by medical science to offer maximum results.

It is popular for its good-for-your-skin ingredients as well as ease of accessibility. I would say that I can ditch some of the biggest American brands, like Paula’s Choice, for COSRX. 

Each of the makeup gems that they come up with is hypoallergenic in nature. Hence, this K-beauty brand is equally popular among normal as well as sensitive skin type consumers.

I came to know about this brilliant Korean makeup brand from beauty influencers and TikTok. And since then, I have been using the brand day in and day out!

I just love the fact that their makeup is formulated so carefully that you experience zero irritation or side effects on your skin even after wearing the makeup for an entire day!

COSRX Bestsellers:

12. Holika Holika

what I Like

  • Vibrant makeup
  • Funky packaging

what I Don’t Like

  • The packaging looks like it’s for babies

If you love everything bright and bold, then Holika Holika has to be your go-to Korean makeup brand. My BFF is head over heels crazy for this brand and loves its high-quality and vibrant makeup collection.

From their juicy lasting tint to liquid glitter liners and buildable coverage cushion foundation, there’s everything for everyone to put into their makeup bag!!

Not just the quality but even their packaging is top-notch and funky. Holika Holika does not believe in minimalism. Rather it awakens your wild side by adding a splash of color to your life. The bold and vibrant colors add to your sassiness while the best quality ingredients keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Holika Holika Bestseller:

13. IOPE

what I Like

  • Affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Very gentle on the skin

what I Don’t Like

  • Have less makeup options as of now

Another budget-friendly Korean brand, IOPE, took the beauty world by storm when they launched their ever-so-similar products to one of the most luxurious Korean brands – Amore Pacific. They use plant derivatives to curate effective, skin-friendly, gentle and affordable products for all types of skin. 

Apart from this, the secret behind the efficacy of their awesome products is their dedicated team of experts who conduct accurate skin diagnosis and leverage differentiated biotechnology. 

IOPE is especially known for its cost-effective cushion foundations that offer medium to full coverage as per your skin type and texture.

IOPE Bestsellers:

14. CLE Cosmetics

what I Like

  • Minimalistic packaging
  • Skincare-infused makeup

what I Don’t Like

  • Only everyday wear products

CLE Cosmetics has understood the major pain point of its target audience, i.e., lack of time. And that’s why their makeup is curated, keeping in mind the busy and hectic schedules of their customers. 

They leverage the latest Korean technology and create products that are minimalistic, versatile and effective.

CLE makeup caught my attention because of its smart formulations. The Korean makeup brand uses skincare-oriented ingredients in its makeup to offer ultimate nourishment to the skin. 

Also, CLE Cosmetics is an absolute favorite among those who prefer a no-makeup makeup look. 

CLE Cosmetics Bestsellers:

15. Dr. Gio Cosmetics

15 Best Korean Makeup Brands of 2024, Your Beauty Arsenal Is Incomplete Without

what I Like

  • Black-owned for black people
  • Soo many shades to love

what I Don’t Like

  • Their site doesn’t work
  • Not easily accessible

Dr. Gio Cosmetics is a unique brand that actually considers the skin complexion of its target audience and curates makeup accordingly (This is rare, you guys!). If you have a slightly darker skin tone, then Dr. Gio Cosmetics has a variety of makeup options just for you. 

Also, Dr. Gio Cosmetics utilizes skin-friendly ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, shea butter, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and so much more to offer nourishment to your skin while you put on your makeup. 

Their babies are designed purely to keep in mind the needs of the customers. From shades to packaging, from skincare to usage, Dr. Gio Cosmetics has taken care of ‘em all!

Dr. Gio Cosmetics Bestseller:

  • Dr. Gio Ultra 7 Brightening Foundation Cushion

Why Are Korean Makeup Brands Better?

If you are wondering why the world is going crazy over Korean makeup brands, here’s something for you:

1. Ingredients your skin will fall in love with!

Koreans use natural ingredients to formulate their makeup products. That is why, when you apply any Korean makeup, your skin does not feel irritated or damaged. 

2. Subtle, younger and natural look

Koreans focus on getting that natural, no-makeup look with a healthy glow on their skin. 

3. Customer-specific makeup products

Their makeup products are designed to make your skin look radiant, flawless and youthful.

4. Smart Korean technology

Koreans are serious about skincare and beauty, and they definitely know the secrets of curating the best makeup and skincare products.

Things to Look For in Korean Makeup Brands?

1. Pigment Concentration

Always double-check if the color shown in the packaging is the same as that of the product inside. Also, make sure that the pigment goes well with your skin complexion.

2. Size

No matter how much you love the cute packaging, do check the size of the product you want to buy. Too big or too small size can either lead to wastage or underuse of the product.

3. Ingredients

Always check for the ingredients on the label. And look for their functionality as to what pain points they cater to.

Final Thoughts on the Best Korean Makeup Brands

Korean brands are definitely here to stay for a long. With each passing day, they are coming up with innovative and effective makeup that make you look gorgeous and also nurture and maintain the health of your skin. 

If you have been doubtful about the popular K-Beauty brands, this article will clear all your confusion. Refer to it, make your choice and include some of the best Korean makeup brands in your beauty arsenal today!

Will meet you soon with another value-bomb content piece!

Till then, Toodles xo

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Best Korean Makeup Brands

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