12 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try if You Suck at Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Hey, boo-tiful people! Let me start off by saying, Halloween makes my heart race faster than a blood-sucking vampire – and not just because of the spooks and scares. No, seriously!

As October creeps closer, I’m feeling the pressure to pull off a Scream-worthy Halloween makeup look that’s straight out of a makeup artist’s or Picasso’s portfolio. I mean, it’s hard not to feel intimidated when you see jaw-dropping makeup transformations all over your Insta feed, right?

But let’s be real – not everyone has artistic wizarding powers to conjure up a smoky-skulled specter or a gore-soaked zombie in just a few minutes.

That’s why every year, I haunt the depths of the internet in search of easy-yet-ghoulish Halloween makeup ideas that even mere mortals like me can pull off, using trusty makeup stashes or just a few new face paints. So, who’s ready now?

Let’s recreate the easiest Halloween makeup ideas now, shall we?

1. Harley Quinn

easy halloween makeup looks

Harley Quinn continues to reign as one of the top Halloween character choices for costume parties, and who can blame you? With plenty of fun variations to her signature look, you’re bound to turn heads.

To transform into this fun-loving character, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue contact lenses
  • Blue wig

Now, let’s dive into that iconic makeup! The key to nailing Harley Quinn’s look is embracing the messiness. Follow these essential steps:

  1. Apply blue and pink eyeshadow above and below your eyelids in a disorderly fashion, making sure to emphasize the inner corner highlight.
  2. Draw a tiny heart beneath one eye for an extra touch of Harley’s playful spirit.
  3. Swipe on your favorite red lipstick and intentionally smudge it with your fingertips for that perfect messy effect.

Voilà! You’re rocking Harley Quinn’s effortlessly chaotic look, perfect for Halloween fun.

Recreate this makeup look with:

2. Female Joker

easy halloween makeup looks

Are you ready to turn heads this Halloween with an easy yet show-stopping makeup look? Say hello to the glam Joker! Capture the essence of the iconic villain with just a few items from your makeup bag. Let’s dive into creating this eye-catching, spooky masterpiece.

  • First, start with a purple smokey eye and overlined, smudged red lipstick for that enigmatic Joker feel.
  • Enhance the look with natural contouring, dramatic elongated eyeliner, and voluminous lashes.
  • Make a statement with sketched alphabet letters using eyeliner and draw a bold red line across one eye using a lip brush and lipstick. This unique touch will set you apart from the usual Halloween looks.

Don’t forget the cherry on top – green hairspray and green eyebrows for that signature Joker vibe! It’s time to delve into your creative side and bring out the spooky glam Joker within you.

Recreate this look with:

3. Black Witch

halloween makeup looks easy
Source: @misscarolinab

At first glance, you might be wondering, “How is this an easy Halloween makeup look?” Trust me, I had the same reaction! But, this look is simpler than it appears. Instead of using black glitters, you’ll be drawing small shapes and dots with a black liquid eyeliner.

To amp up the glamour, add a pigmented silver eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes for that stunning highlight! Top off this fabulous look with black lipstick, a sassy purple wig, and you’re ready to rock this Halloween!

Recreate this look with:

4. Giraffe Makeup Look

halloween makeup looks
Source: Ruben Chamorro

Wow, what an adorable and effortless Halloween makeup look! Creating giraffe spots with makeup has never been more fun.

Instead of trying to paint them on freehand, why not try this simple trick? Just cut a few sponges into uneven shapes, dip them into a dark foundation color, and gently press them onto your face. Don’t forget to set your gorgeous spots with a setting powder or spray!

To complete the look, add a sultry brown smokey eye and create two playful half-knots on the top of your head. Finish it off with a stunning nude lip, and you’re all set for a fabulous Halloween! Remember, the key is to have fun and embrace your creative side.

Recreate this easy look with:

5. Melted Ice-Cream Look

halloween makeup looks
Get the tutorial at kindlyunspoken.com

Believe it or not, this awesome ice cream cone makeover is super easy to achieve! Just grab your face paint and let’s get started! Follow these simple steps to transform into a dazzling ice cream cone character:

  1. Face paint: Create an almost invisible line down the center of your forehead and another from one eye to the opposite cheek. Paint these areas white, blue, and pink for maximum impact.
  2. Sprinklers: Use colorful eyeliners to draw tiny lines, mimicking sprinkles on your face.
  3. Fake ice cream: Grab a cone, attach some cotton, and add sprinkles to the sides (not the center, as this will stick to your face).
  4. Luscious lips: Apply a shiny magenta lipstick for a touch of glam.
  5. Conify your neck: Draw brown criss-cross lines on your neck to resemble a cone pattern.
  6. Finishing touches: Pop in a pair of blue lenses and flaunt those long lashes for a stunning look!

Recreate this look with:

6. Normal or Devil makeup look

easy halloween looks

Get ready to transform your glam look into a spine-chilling Halloween masterpiece with just a single contact lens! All you need is a spooky lens in one eye, your usual glam makeup in the other, and a touch of creativity.

Begin by creating a classic brown-golden smokey eye, but make sure not to overdo it with the eyeshadow. Next, channel your inner artist to design realistic stitches using red and white eyeshadows. Remember, patience is key when perfecting those gory details!

Follow this simple makeup tutorial for step-by-step instructions on creating convincing cuts and stitches. Trust us, it’s easier than you think!

Recreate this makeup look with:

7. Hell or Heaven Makeup Look

easy halloween looks
Source: @brittneymakeup

Trust me, this easy Halloween makeup idea is easier than it seems?! You just gotta invest some time and effort to achieve perfection. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you transform into a fabulous devilish angel.

  1. Start with eyebrows: Apply glue on your eyebrows, let them dry, and then cover them with red and blue eye shadow.
  2. Eyeshadow magic: Take a red/magenta eyeshadow and spread it on the eyelids and below the eye. Blend it well for a clean finish. Do the same on the other eye with blue. Watch your eyes pop!
  3. Add the final touches: Finish with a beautiful inner corner highlight and sharp eyeliner. Go all out with blush and freckles!
  4. Unleash your creativity: Draw goat horns over one eyebrow and a halo over the other, because who says you can’t be both angelic and devilish?
  5. Seal the deal: Complete the look with a dazzling highlighter, glossy lips, and a devil tail. Slay, queen!

Recreate his makeup look with:

8. Devil Eyes Look

easy halloween makeup
Source: @ada_chudziak

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To achieve this look, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Fluff up your lashes with some volumizing mascara
  2. Create a brown smokey eye to intensify your gaze
  3. Opt for a subtle nude lip to let the eyes take center stage
  4. Draw a cute devil’s tail along one eyebrow to amp up the spook factor
  5. And last but not least, add those essential devil horns to top off your devilish look! 😈

Recreate this makeup look with:

9. Lady Elf

easy halloween makeup looks

Get ready for a fabulously simple and adorable Halloween look with just pink eyeshadow, dramatic plume lashes, and a few easy steps! 🌸✨

Here’s how to achieve this cute elf makeup:

  • With a big fluffy brush, use your pink eyeshadow to contour, bronze, and blush your face, neck, and collarbones.
  • Next up, create a captivating pink smokey eye that’ll grab everyone’s attention!
  • Top off your lips with matte lipstick and a dab of highlighter for added glam.
  • To complete your elfin ensemble, don’t forget those stunning plume lashes, a playful pink wig, and of course, elf ears!

There you have it! Who will be the cutest elf at this year’s Halloween party? Hint, hint: It’s you!

Recreate this makeup look with:

10. The Classic Cat Makeup Look

easy halloween makeup looks
Source: @tianacosmetics

Halloween celebration is complete without a sizzling cat makeup look! This versatile look can effortlessly transform you from a simple, whiskered kitty to the sultriest feline the world has ever seen. Get ready to be the hottest one at the party with this easy-to-follow guide!

  • Start by creating a stunning golden-brown smokey eye, enhanced with an eye-catching graphic liner.
  • Don’t forget to add some shimmer to your inner corners and finish it off with dramatic, full lashes.
  • Next, sharpen your nose with flawless contouring, and draw a captivating cat nose on the tip using a precise sketch eyeliner.
  • Give life to your feline persona with whiskers and lip detailing using the same liner.
  • To take the look to the next level, consider wearing mesmerizing grey contact lenses (if you don’t have natural grey eyes).

Recreate this look with:

11. Female Clown

easy halloween makeup looks
Source: @luisacristinamua

Are you searching for a spooktacular Halloween makeup look that’s both fun and easy to achieve? Look no further! We bring you the captivating Lady Clown transformation that’s just a level up from basic Halloween makeup but still remarkably simple to recreate.

The essential ingredient for this makeup look is white face paint. Start by applying your regular makeup, and then draw a heart in the center of your face using the white face paint. Fill it in carefully to create a striking focal point.

Next, conceal your eyebrows using glue and sweep a dramatic wine-colored eyeshadow over them. Combine this with a soft pink-wine smokey eyeshadow, wine elongated eyeliner, and full, luscious lashes for a mesmerizing effect.

Don’t hold back on the blush! Apply generously to accentuate your cheeks and then draw a small heart at the base of the white heart for an extra touch of charm. Finally, complete your enchanting Lady Clown look with a bold wine lipstick.

Trust me – mastering the white heart is the only slightly tricky part, but once you get that right, you’re all set for a thrilling Halloween night!

Recreate this look with:

12. The Dripping Face Paint Makeup

easy halloween makeup looks
Source: Here

Oh my gosh, before you say, “This Halloween makeup is too hard!” let me assure you, it’s one of the easiest looks you’ll ever create!

First, just apply a glam, colorful makeup on one side of your face as you normally would. Next, grab your white eyeliner and make it look like a paintbrush has rolled across your face. Now for the fun part – cover your face with white face paint!

Trust me, it can’t get simpler than this! Just remember to paint the start of your hair and your neck for a totally realistic look. And there you have it – voila!

Recreate this makeup look with:

Wrapping up – easy Halloween makeup ideas

Well, there you have it: 12 easy Halloween makeup ideas that anyone can pull off – even if you struggle with an eyeliner flick more than running from an axe-wielding maniac!

We’ve covered everything from adorably creepy looks to bone-chilling, fright night-worthy makeup masterpieces that won’t haunt your dreams trying to recreate them. With one of these scream-azing ideas in your arsenal, you’ll conjure up some serious glam-gore vibes without the fuss.

Now go forth, my pretties, and cast your spell on everyone this Halloween night with a creepy, cool, and captivating makeup look! Happy haunting! xo

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