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When you are running out of time and don’t have a single second to breathe, even the smallest life-changing hack is a game-changer for us then. But wait, we have got you 20. Woohoo! Instant plans and want hair curls? Running late but no time to for a lip scrub? Quick makeup tricks to look polished? Done, Done, Done. We got you 20 Mind-blowing Beauty Hacks that would completely turn your life into a cakewalk. ( Not for real though, Life is tough, lol)

Why should you even listen to me? A VERY valid question, but look, being a beauty blogger myself I have had quick 5-minute plans and wanted speedy makeup looks and tricks that should work. I have had my whole science and strategies in place. And I’ll not be kidding if I say that once in my life I had this weird obsession of watching all the beauty hacks on the internet day and night, especially the 5-minute crafts one Lol. I’m embarrassed now though. So I know what had worked and what just looks on screens.

I have had my fair share of moments when I wanted something to work easy and it ended up making the problem worse, like, trying concealer with green eyeshadow to hide my pimples just 30-minutes before I had to leave? It DOES NOT work guys, it had me 15 minutes of struggle with it and then I had do re-do my base again. Ya, that’s just one example. So, if I say I had it listed down with all the trials and errors, you need to believe me, haha.

Enough of blabbering, get back to these beauty hacks which are definitely gonna save you a lot of time, sanity and big bucks (since you’ll be using every beauty product to the fullest)!

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No fluff Beauty Hacks that actually work!

How to get Mascara off your lids?

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Mistakenly applied mascara to your eyelids or nose? Don’t do anything. Yes, you heard me right. If you’ll instantly try to remove wet mascara off the lids then you’ll spread it even more. So wait until the Mascara has dried off completely and then take a cotton swab (or even your fingernails), and flake it out. You won’t even know you messed up there yourself! But make sure it had dried out fully!

A natural sunkissed vibe?

I haven’t seen many people do it but this works like a charm. When you apply blush ( I use this amazing powder blush with a brush ), take a little bit or just the leftover blush and apply it on the bridge of the nose ( the part little above the nose tip). It gives a flushed glowy sunkissed vibe and looks softly cute in the sun. Also blush makeup looks are trending in 2020.

Dry Lips but no time to scrub dead skin cells off?

I really don’t know if this a legit beauty trick or not because I happen to find it just randomly. So next time when you are brushing your teeth, brush your lips along. Yes. Scrub your lips softly and say bye-bye to dead skin cells without putting many efforts. Be sure to be as gentle as a baby!

Correct/Smart way to apply concealer?

We all have seen more than half the world apply concealer in either V-shape or U-shape under their eyes. Maybe you are doing it too! However, I don’t do it like this. Instead, what I feel the very correct way to apply the concealer is, take a wand, dip into the tube, apply concealer just to the inner and outer corners of the eye. Dab dab dab only in the areas you have applied concealer and then spread it out to the middle of the under the eye.

Why it is the smartest way is because it covers the dark areas perfectly, you don’t over-do it, this trick highlights all the places to be highlighted automatically and you don’t cake up your under eyes by applying literally half the tube, lol. Trust me, I too was shocked when this worked. It is one of my favourite beauty hacks from the list!

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Don’t want that glossy shiny feel of a lip balm before applying lipstick?

We all know we need to moisturize our lips before applying lipstick. But what we don’t like is that sticky glossy feeling of a lip balm, making our matte lipstick appear shiny. Am I correct? If you have experienced it before, then here’s a great beauty trick for that. Eye cream! ( This is my favourite one ) You can totally use an eye cream as a substitute for a lip balm. It doesn’t feel weird. Absorbs quickly. Won’t peep through your lipstick. Will keep your lips moisturized all day. And, doesn’t feel sticky, glossy or any bad feeling. A great beauty hack indeed!

Don’t have time for an extensive eye look but still wanna look polished?

Take a big fluffy blending brush. And a bronzer ( This indeed is my cult fav bronzer ). Yes! It is a legit time saver makeup trick to just dust your bronzer all over your crease when applying your bronzer and it would give an enhanced effortless kind of a foxy eye look. And takes literally 15 seconds. Easy-Peasy?

Want to make your bald spots disappear? Or make your hair look voluminous?

I have long thick hair. As much as they sound pretty, maintaining them is a real task. Hair problems are common. And solutions generally take a long time. But what helps? Beauty hacks!

Haha, so for making your hair look thick and voluminous and covering those bald spots instantly, take a huge fluffy brush and take an eye shadow colour closest to your natural hair colour. Dust it over your scalp and just DO NOT overdo it (It would look fake then).

Remember, focusing on the long term solution of the problem is always the better idea and this is just for a quick transformation.

Need fuller Kylie Jenner Lips without fillers?

Ya sure, we all deserve it right? But ain’t got cash, haha. So try over-lining your lips (This the lip liner I absolutely love ). Trust me, if you haven’t started lining your lips prior lipstick then you should start doing it right now! I too started lip lining just recently and I’m seriously stunned with the results. It indeed is a game changer!

The bigger beauty hack here is to only over line the centre of your lips and then follow the natural shape when moving towards the side. People won’t be able to tell that they are not your real lips. Woohoo! Plus, don’t forget to click selfies with a pout, okay?

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Out of eye primer? Or don’t want to invest in one?

No worries, you don’t even need it when you can totally substitute eye primer with a light concealer shade ( I use this concealer as an eye primer but you can totally use any ). But don’t forget to use the concealer with translucent or compact powder else concealer would start creasing when you’ll blink.

Another benefit of light shade concealer is, it would hide all the discolouration and your eyeshadows will pop out even more.

Out of your favourite mascara and you didn’t even knew until the event?

I have been there, and I know how overwhelming this situation is. But this beauty hack has always got my back! Add a few drops of your holy grail lens solution to the flaky mascara to re-wet it and use it. Trust me, it works like charm!

Oh not a lens wearer? Make your own lens solution by mixing 1tbsp iodised salt with 1 cup of water and voila!

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Looking for a quick way to curl your hair without leaving it overnight?

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Sure you can! I don’t know if this is on the internet but I’ll give credits to myself for inventing it when I had literally 5 minutes to style my hair and had no idea how will I do it. (Time pressure always scares me out)

Tie your hair up in a ponytail and make 4 thick sections of it. Curl every section so that you get 4 big curls. Apply serum and open your hair. And there you get extremely easy soft hair curls! Set them up with light hair spray and pin your front portion of hair to the side with these trendy pearl hair clips. I have never known anything more simple than this quick hairstyle. One of my favourite beauty hacks for a reason!

Not an eye-liner pro but still want that natural liner effect?

Definitely sounds like me! Maybe that’s why I love it a little too much. You don’t have to work hard but just a little smart. Take dark brown eyeshadow and apply it very close to your lash line and then take a pencil brush and flick that out in the shape of an eyeliner. clean it lightly with a cotton swab if needed. It would give you sharp elongated eye and would look so daintily natural that you’ll want to do it every time. Plus, it’s so damn easy, right?

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Do you have brown eyes, thick brows and smokey eyes doesn’t suit you?

It was two years ago I had an event and wore a completely black dress. Obviously, my instincts told me to go for a smokey eye and I did. But since I have dark eyes and thick eyebrows, it was not the most flattering look to go for. I tried and tested it with other outfits as well. But later on, figured out that what was not working with me doing a black smokey eye.

A black smokey eye doesn’t suit a person with dark eyes and brows because there is already so much of darkness and shadows going on that it looks all the more pathetic. Instead, go for a brown smokey eye and if you like, wear hazel lenses with it, God, it would look extremely cute!

Have flyways all around your face and they just don’t want to sit?

I have them too! Now I’m thinking that I have so many issues, lol. But yes, these beauty hacks do work amazingly well! So here’s another. If you just can have all the flyways around our face every time, then take a clear mascara or brow gel and set them very light handedly. Do not even try using oil (unless you want oily front) and make sure to be gentle as then it would feel hard and unnatural.

Want to scrub your lips without making a lip scrub?

Firstly, you are lazy as hell. Secondly, me too!

So if you ever want to scrub off those dead skin cells off your lips without wanting to go to the kitchen and prepare a scrub then scrub it for 2-3 minutes, then wet your lips (can be the times you face wash or brush your teeth) and gently rub the towel against your lips. Takes less than 5 seconds and is not harsh as well. A dream to my lips, lol!

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Tired of rubbing a cotton pad against your nail paint and still it won’t come off?

I have been there. And it sucks! But what you can do is take a small jar and cute a sponge to make it fit in it. Make a deep criss-cross in the centre ( not complete ) and soak it in nail polish remover for one whole night. Dip your finger in the jar and swirl it for about 10-15 seconds. Your nail polish will remove like water!

Stuck with curling lashes the right way? Or don’t know how to do them?

I have seen so many people curl their lashes the wrong way and then say that ‘Curlers are useless. They don’t do anything.” Ya sure!

The absolute correct way of curling your lashes for fuller voluminous lashes is, first curl the outer lashes and pump them outwards 3-4 times. Then pump the middle lashes upwards for 3-4 times and then the inner lashes towards the nose. And apply mascara the same way, first outwards for outer lashes, upwards for middle lashes and so on. Got it? I know you’ll say, “Woohoo, curlers are amazing!’

Tired of finding a perfume that lasts long?

The biggest issue with perfumes is that they just can’t last half a day. So a quick beauty hack for it is, apply a good layer of vaseline on the spots you were to apply perfume, ( like wrists, below ears, etc ) and then apply perfume over it. Trust me you’ll smell like flowers all day!

In need of falsies like lashes without falsies?

I have never like the fake falsies look much, though falsies entirely change your eye look. But for days you don’t want to go into those falsies hectic, try Curling your lashes first and then apply eyelash primer (recently started using it and oh god, what an invention) before mascara. Trust me, it works like a charm!

Messed up your eyebrows? Or want longer eyelashes?

I’ll be honest, this isn’t one of the above get quick beauty hacks and is for a long term result. I messed up my eyebrows recently and the only quick way to get through it was doing my eyebrows. But for a long term result, I started using Castor Oil which actually gave me my growth back within 20 days. Amazing right? (I have thick fuller brows)

And these are basically it for all the jackpot beauty hacks every girl should know. Which one did you like? Or which one was new to you? Tell me in the comment section below!

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Till then, bye-bye, and Take care!


    1. Apriciate the hits of applying the mascara I have an other idea i go get them done for $75 they stay curly for about 5 to 6 moths. could be another option if don’t mind.

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