7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

fenty lip gloss dupes

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Girrrl, here are some dead-ringer Fenty gloss dupes that’ll have you beaming like a superstar without emptying your wallet!

Isn’t it absolutely fantastic when you find a high-quality dupe for a luxury product? Well, I recently experienced my fair share of what I call splurgegret, or regret from splurging on something that wasn’t quite worth the price.

This happened to me when I tried my very first Fenty Gloss Bomb. Sure, it looked and felt stunning (btw, it’s absolutely bomb dot com. The formula is – smooth, non-sticky, ultra-hydrating and it has a blinding shine!), but it also left a dent in my wallet.

I couldn’t help but think, “Is there a cheaper alternative that works just as well?” So, I put on my detective hat and went on an exciting, wallet-friendly adventure to find the best Fenty Gloss Bomb dupes that you can steal right now!

Spoiler alert: I found not just one but several exquisite alternatives that you are going to be thrilled about! So buckle up, and let’s go on this dazzling quest together.

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

Just to make it easy for you, this particular Fenty Lip Gloss dupe is my #1 recommendation of all the ones listed. It is just as comfy and buttery on the lips, gives a nice shimmery finish, and does not feel sticky or tacky. Also, it has Hyaluronic acid in it to keep your lips well-hydrated and soft all day long.  

And this one will be my #2 favorite since it is an exact match to the real deal and has an insane price that everybody can afford (under $5).

Now, let’s hop on to some bang-on Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes, shall we?

1. Maybelline lifter gloss

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

OMG, you won’t believe it! Maybelline just unleashed these amazing Fenty Gloss dupes in a whopping 9 vibrant shades. And guess what? They’ve got all the Fenty favorites, including Fenty Fussy, Fenty Diamond Milk, and Fenty Glow!

Let me tell you, these may just be the best drugstore lip glosses out there. The Maybelline lifter glosses are like heaven for your lips. They’re so plush and cushy, just like the Fenty ones.

Plus, they’ve got the same big doe-foot applicator, a delicious caramel-vanilla scent (without being overwhelming), and a smooth, high-shine finish that lasts for ages. And the best part? They’re not sticky or tacky at all!

But wait, there’s more. These glosses are packed with hyaluronic acid, which means your lips will stay soft and supple all day long. Talk about a win!

Now, I have to be honest. This Maybelline’s Fenty dupe may not be as pigmented as the Fenty ones, but trust me, once you apply them, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. They go on like a dream!

Oh, and one more thing. The texture of the Maybelline glosses is a tad bit thicker than Fenty’s, but don’t worry, they still feel amazingly comfortable on your lips. So, no need to fret!

All in all, this Maybelline gloss has stolen the show as my favorite Fenty gloss bomb dupe. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

2. Revlon lustrous lip gloss

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

Before Lifter glosses, this lip gloss from Revlon was the closest dupe for Fenty lip gloss that I knew of. This hydrating, non-sticky formula is everything you’ve been looking for.

With a whopping 24 shades to choose from, including shimmer and non-shimmer options, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Although it may look like not a shade match on hand swatches, don’t let the initial shade fool you. Because once applied, this gloss is an exact match to Fenty Glow. No differences, no fuss.

Sure, Revlon’s gloss may have a touch more pigment and shimmer (which I personally think is worth the money invested!), but who’s counting when it feels just as fabulous on your lips?

The only thing worth considering is that Revlon’s gloss comes in a 0.13 oz/fluid size, while Fenty’s gloss bomb boasts a generous 0.30 oz/fluid.

Despite the difference, Revlon’s Rosy Future shade is a fantastic alternative to Fenty’s iconic Glow Gloss bomb, so stock up NOW!

3. e.l.f. lip lacquer

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

If you haven’t already heard, e.l.f. Cosmetics is like my ride-or-die drugstore brand. And you know what’s even better? They’ve got some seriously spot-on dupes for those fancy high-end products at VERY affordable prices. Now, who doesn’t love that?

And I’m not kidding when I say, these lip lacquers are the closest thing you’ll find to the Fenty glosses. They’ve got the same amazing finish and shade selection, and they feel buttery smooth and soft on your lips. Plus, no stickiness to worry about!

Okay, there are a couple of little downsides I have to mention. First off, the quantity isn’t as generous as the Fenty Beauty glosses. You’re getting 2.3 ml instead of 9 ml in one tube. And, yeah, the applicator could be a bit sturdier. Oh, and you might want to layer on two coats for that perfect finish.

But hold up, hold up. These lip lacquers are only $3! Can you believe it? I mean, seriously, what more could you ask for? If you can get that same shade and finish at a fraction of the price, you know I’m sold.

Now, let’s talk dupes. E.l.f.’s clear gloss is a total match for Fenty’s clear gloss. If you’re into that Fenty glow, then Mauve Glitz from e.l.f. is your jam. And if you’re craving the beloved Fenty Hot Chocolit dupe, love bite from e.l.f. is gonna do the trick. Take your pick, babe.

4. Milani Ludicarous lip gloss

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

Get ready for lip gloss perfection! If you’re obsessed with Fenty Gloss Bomb in the shade ‘Fenty glow’, then you need to meet its amazing twin, ‘She’s all that’ from Milani.

This gloss has it all – super glossy, high-shine wet look, and it feels as comfortable as a dream. Did I mention it’s also INCREDIBLY hydrating?

The only downside is that it’s a little thick and sticky, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to pass. While it might not be an exact dupe for Fenty, it’s still a fabulous drugstore alternative that will save you some serious cash.

5. Colorpop luxe gloss

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

You won’t believe how much I adore this lip gloss! Its hydrating texture and opaque finish make it perfect to wear on its own or over lipstick. Plus, it’s not too sticky or chunky, thanks to its amazing shimmery formula.

Sure, it’s thicker and stickier than Fenty, but it’s way more comfortable to wear.

Now, it’s time for some exciting Fenty dupes, haha! The Colorpop Lux Lip Gloss in “Come Thru” is an incredible dupe for Fenty Beauty’s “Fenty Glow” shade.

And guess what? The Colorpop Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss in “Champagne Mami” is also a fantastic dupe for the same shade.

6. Makeup Revolution shimmer bomb gloss

Fenty beauty gloss bomb

Get ready for some serious shine and hydration with this Fenty lip gloss dupe by Makeup Revolution. Packed with vitamin E and a dazzling shimmer, it’s like no other gloss out there. Just like Fenty, it even has a doe-foot applicator for precise application.

And get this, there are six stunning shades to choose from! Now, I’ll be real with you. Some of these shades are more suited for fair skin tones and only a few will suit darker complexions, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

But let’s talk about the formula – smooth, non-sticky (well, maybe a tiny bit sticky, but we can live with it). While it’s not super long-wearing, it can hold up for a solid 3-4 hours if you can resist eating or drinking, lol.

Here’s the deal – this lip gloss might not be my personal fave Fenty dupe (I love it in general), but when it saves you a sweet $12 compared to the real deal, can we really complain?

Oh, and did I mention the Revolution Starlight lip gloss is a lighter Fenty Glow dupe, Light Beam is perfect for that Diamond Milk vibe, and Distortion is a dead ringer for Fussy? Now, you know!

7. Milani keep it full lip gloss

7 BEST Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes That Are Too Good To Miss Out On!

I’ve got another Fenty lip gloss dupe that’s an absolute game-changer. Meet ‘Rosy Bronze’ from Milani’s Keep it full collection.

This hydrating gloss has the same gorgeous shimmery formula and finish as the original but with a little plumping action. Nothing crazy, just a subtle tingle (like that of peppermint on lips) that gives your lips a boost.

And tbh, it feels like a dream on your lips. No stickiness here. You can reapply whenever you want without that gross, heavy feeling.

Personally, I’m obsessed with this gloss. The texture is amazing, it actually plumps (which is hard to find in a drugstore gloss), and the pigmentation is on point. Plus, it gives you that iconic Fenty-like finish. Trust me, it’s totally worth every penny.

What is the best Fenty lipgloss dupe?

You’ll not find a better Fenty lip gloss dupe than Maybelline’s Lifter Glosses! They have a high-shine finish and hydrating formula and come with so many Fenty-identical gloss shades that you’ll get confused about which is which! Plus, at a fraction of the price, you can’t beat the value.

Are Fenty glosses worth it?

YES, Fenty glosses are totally worth it! With a wide range of shades to choose from, a super glossy finish, and a non-sticky formula that stays put for hours, you won’t regret investing in this iconic product. Plus, with Rihanna’s stamp of approval, you know you’re getting a quality product that you can trust.

Final thoughts on Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes

Fenty Gloss Bombs are undeniably amazing, but we all know that budget-friendly options can be just as bomb. So, get ready to slay without breaking the bank with these Fenty beauty dupes.

First up, Maybelline’s Lifter Glosses will have your lips looking luscious. Trust me, these babies are a game-changer. And if you’re a bargain hunter, you can’t sleep on E.l.f’s lip lacquers. The prices will blow your mind, in the best way possible.

But wait, there’s more! Revlon’s lustrous lip gloss will take your lip game to a whole new level. Trust and believe, this one is a winner.

So, there you have it – my top Fenty Lip Gloss dupes that I absolutely swear by. But hey, what’s gonna make its way into your makeup bag? Have any other dupes up your sleeve? Let me know in the comments below!

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