13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

charlotte tilbury pillow talk dupes

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Girrrrl, I have the 411 on the best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick dupes that are like twin sisters!

If lipstick flying off the shelves every two minutes doesn’t scream ‘iconic,’ then seriously, what does? 😲

Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is, without a doubt, one of the most renowned and adored shades in the entire beauty world.

This jaw-dropping, muted pink-brown nude is not only a universally flattering hue that looks absolutely stunning on almost every skin tone, but it also boasts a semi-matte finish that rivals even the most legendary lipsticks.

Did I mention its insane staying power and the fact that it feels super comfy on your lips without any drying effect whatsoever?

Now, we totally get that not everyone can drop $34 on a single lippy—because, let’s be real, that’s a pretty penny to spend on lipstick. 😅 But fear not!

I’ve scoured the makeup universe for some seriously stunning Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk dupes that won’t break the bank but will still deliver that iconic color payoff you’re after. 💄💸

  • Just keep in mind that while these dupes might not be the exact formulaic match, they still come mighty close to the real deal and are so worth their price tags. Plus, the quality they deliver is seriously beyond compare.
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Let’s talk Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes now!

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

1. Flower Beauty petal pout lipstick – spiced petal

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Let’s kick things off with the most underrated gem in the drugstore beauty market – Flower Beauty. And their petal pout lipsticks are nothing but a sure-shot winner!

Their spiced petal lipstick is a serious contender against the popular Pillow Talk. Not only is it richly pigmented, but its hydrating formula will leave your dry lips moisturized. Plus, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear and won’t dry out your lips at all.

While it does have a creamy satin finish, it offers a bit more sheen than Pillow Talk. However, a quick dab of powder on the lips can solve that. Plus, it’ll help the lipstick last longer too.

In all honesty, this is one of the best alternatives to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick that you can find. Swipe it on, and you’ll be the talk of the town, hunty!

2. Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon – lead the way

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

So, if I have to bet my money on one Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lipstick dupe that is 100% an exact match, EXACT, it will always be lead the way from Maybelline! Literally, bet!!

When has Maybelline ever disappointed us with its products huh? I really cannot remember a miss! And this lipstick is no exception.

With its creamy texture and balm-like feel, this lip crayon glides on effortlessly. But what sets it apart is its incredible staying power. It stays put for a whopping 8 hours without smudging or transferring.

Plus, it’s highly pigmented and matte, just like Pillow Talk. And let’s not forget the built-in sharpener for precise application!

Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss out on this Pillow Talk dupe. From the stunning color to the long-lasting formula, this lipstick has it all. And the best part? It’s a steal at under $10.

3. Milani Color Fetish Matte Lipstick – 430 Secret

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Okay, this is my absolute secret find because ain’t no one talking about it! Milani’s 430 Secret is a super wallet-friendly option that’s gonna give your lips that perfect pinkish-nude glam.

This little stunner nails the Pillow Talk vibe with its irresistible creamy texture and comfortable matte finish that’ll leave your lips feelin’ all velvety and lush.

Not to mention, it’s long-lasting, too – perfect for those endless selfie sessions! I think Milani doesn’t get the hype for the quality it brings to the table, but many of this brand’s products are solid luxury makeup dupes and are of reallyyyyy top-notch quality!

4. Revlon The Luscious Mattes Lipstick – 003 Pick Me Up

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Who doesn’t love Revlon, right? Trust Queen R to serve up a fire Pillow Talk lipstick dupe with their Luscious Mattes Lipstick in 003 Pick Me Up. This velvety babe is oh-SO-similar to Pillow Talk, and its silky smooth formula ensures a smooth and seamless application.

No doubt, the color payoff is just as great as the OG, but I think it’s just a tad (I repeat, TAD) brownish than pinkish.

That being said, I don’t know what it is about this lipstick, but it has an insanely moisturizing matte finish that is also super lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long. All I can say is this Pillow talk dupe has got your back—and your pout. Wink!

5. L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick – Snuggle

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

L.A. Girl is yet another underrated brand with a phenomenal Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk dupe with its one of the best-ever lipstick textures – velvet matte in the shade snuggle.

They literally are a match made in dupe heaven with the exact same pinkish-nude hue and quality that won’t budge no matter how long you shake your booty on the dance floor!

The matte finish is seriously to-die-for, with a non-drying feel that’ll keep your lips looking lush for hours. The color payoff? Insane, boo! Plus, it’s cruelty-free – so you’ll feel awesome on the inside & the outside.

6. e.l.f O Face Satin Lipstick – Dirty Talk

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Okay, who doesn’t know about the e.l.f.’s now a very public mission of recreating the most popular high-end products at ground-breaking prices? And the best part? They actually deliver!!

Just like that, their newest satin lipstick launch had a secret Pillow Talk lipstick dupe hidden somewhere! All I can say is I’m obsessed!!

Of course, unlike the OG, E.L.F’s dupe has a satin finish, but if you can set it with a matte powder, I don’t see a chance that Charlotte’s lipstick has a stand against it.

Both of them are literally twins, and I actually kind of love the ultra-creamy and long-lasting formula, which, by the way, also feels supremely hydrated on the lips! It’s incredibly lightweight and wearable, making it perfect for slaying from AM to PM.

7. ColourPop Lippie Stix – Brink

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

I heart ColourPop, and their Lippie Stix in Brink is another amazing dupe for Pillow Talk. This velvety matte lipstick is an absolute steal, with a stunning warm, nude shade that works for every occasion.

But you know what I love the most with this lippie stix? Even though it gives off a very rich matte finish, it still is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have, thanks to the shea butter and vitamin E in it! I’m sure your lips will look flawless AF with this bad boy.

8. Flower Beauty Perfect Pout Moisturizing Lipstick – Buttercup

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

If Flower Beauty’s spiced petal did not impress you much (which is impossible, guys, how are you still sleeping on that???), Flower Beauty’s “buttercup” has got you sorted!

Now, is it a 100% Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk dupe? I can’t say that as it has a slightly lesser pigmentation and shinier formula, but if you can coat 2-3 layers of it on the lips and maybe bloat it with paper or powder it, you bet you’ll have the exact same shade of its expensive counterpart!

I know it’s kind of a work. But for a kickass similar packaging, lush and cushiony formula, and saving tons of dollars, I think we can work the hours, right?

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9. Maybelline color sensational lipstick – almond rose

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Another one from Maybelline, this is one I think is the most affordable of them all. One of my favorite daily-use lipsticks, this velvety, hydrating matte formula effortlessly glides on in a single swipe, offering bold and intense colors that last for 3-4 hours on end.

Unlike other lipsticks, it won’t leave your lips feeling dry. And the shade Almond Rose is a pretty close match to the iconic pillow talk (I won’t lie, it’s more on a pinkier tone).

I absolutely adore this formulation for everyday wear, and at just $5, it’s an incredible dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s pillow talk. So why wait?

10. NYX matte lipstick – euro trash

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

NYX (and e.l.f.) is the perfect brand if you want to save money while still getting high-quality products. Their matte lipstick is incredibly smooth and long-lasting, and the best part is, it’s affordable for everyone.

This particular shade, a warm-toned dark mauve with a cream finish, looks and feels great on the lips. Compared to CT, this Pillow talk dupe may be slightly less pigmented and glossy, but for just $6, it’s a total steal, isn’t it?

Why spend an extra $28 when you can achieve the same look with this dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lipstick?

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick – kiss

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Unexpectedly, Anastasia Beverly Hills has crafted an impressive, long-lasting lipstick that defied my low expectations.

This highly pigmented matte lipstick boasts a velvety-smooth texture and a medium pink hue with warm undertones. It neither dries out nor hydrates the lips, and to top it off, it’s waterproof!

While not the most budget-friendly alternative to the beloved pillow talk, this lipstick still comes at a slightly more affordable price. Just remember to exfoliate and moisturize your lips beforehand, as its matte finish can be quite drying.

Furthermore, it offers a less glossy, slightly darker, and warmer shade compared to the original pillow talk.

All in all, this ABH lipstick may not be an exact match, but it certainly shares a similar shade to pillow talk.

12. CoverGirl exhibitionist lipstick – honeyed bloom

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Infused with shea butter, this would be a winner if you are prone to dry lips. Covergirl’s exhibitionist lipstick in Honeyed Bloom delivers a slightly creamier formula compared to the original Charlotte Tilbury, making it perfect for hydrating your lips.

Not only is the shade richly pigmented, it also provides an incredibly close match to the beloved Pillow Talk.

However, it’s important to note that this lipstick is not as matte as Pillow Talk and may not have the same staying power. Nevertheless, at such an affordable price, it still serves as an excellent alternative for Pillow Talk enthusiasts who are looking for a color match.

Simply apply a light dusting of powder to the creamy texture to make it work for you.

13. Milani color statement lipstick – I am smart

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

This semi-matte lipstick from Milani is quite loved for its exceptional quality at an unbeatable price. It is richly pigmented, and the application is smooth enough.

The shade is almost similar to the real deal, and the lipstick itself is lightweight and has a velvety feel rather than an authentic “cream” finish. But it is still comfortable to wear.

However, the formula is not long-lasting and stays for about 2-3 hours. So, it’s not the best one in that terms.

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Now, onto some Frequently asked questions…

1. Why is pillow talk so popular?

Well, darling, there is simply no denying that Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick has taken the beauty world by storm! This iconic shade is adored by makeup lovers the world over because of its universally flattering pink hue that looks amazing on any skin tone. Plus, the high-quality formula provides a luscious, long-lasting finish that is truly irresistible!

2. Is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk warm or cool?

Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is a warm-toned lipstick. This universally flattering hue boasts peachy-pink undertones that add just the right amount of warmth to any complexion.

3. Which lipstick is similar to pillow talk?

Flower Beauty’s petal pout lipstick in the shade spiced petal is the most similar-looking lipstick to the Pillow Talk, with the same warm-pinkish nude hue, incredible wearability and a smooth, creamy texture.

4. What is the drugstore equivalent to Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk?

The drugstore equivalent to Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk is Maybelline’s Superstay Lip Crayon in the shade Lead The Way! It’s the perfect dupe for that gorgeous, natural-looking pink shade we all love, gives off the same matte finish, all at a steal price!

final thoughts on Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick Dupes

13 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupes That Are Match Made In Heaven

Do you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world with these fabulous dupes? Us too! Your lips deserve the best, and now you can get that iconic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk look without breaking the bank.

But if you ask me, I would always recommend Flower Beauty’s Spiced Petal and Maybelline Superstay’s Lead The Way anytime because they are affordable and well worth the pennies you’ll spend.

Pucker up, babes, and show off that perfect pout! Happy shopping and have fun rocking these fabulous shades!

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick Dupes


  1. I was a bit hesitant at first but I recently tried the Revlon Luscious Matte as suggested by you. And oh my goodness, it’s an exact match! The shade, the finish, the lasting power – it’s all there. I can confidently say I’m never going back to Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk. My makeup routine and my wallet both appreciate it.

  2. Oh I’m lovin’ your blog! Been switching pages after pages, adding cheaper stuff to the bag. I picked Maybelline’s superstay because I love how ling lasting it is. A bit drying but long lasting. So I’ll see how it matches.

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