22 Favorite Mac Lipstick Dupes That’ll Blow Your Mind!

favorite mac lipsticks dupe

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I promise, These Mac lipstick dupes seriously look the same but will cost you a fraction of $19.

Are you tired of spending a fortune on expensive Mac lipsticks? If you’re anything like me, then YES! 💸

Let’s be real – if you’re a makeup junkie, you’ve definitely wished for a bag full of Mac makeup products, including those luscious lipsticks and ultra-smooth foundations, at least once when you started. Owning Mac makeup is a dream come true for makeup beginners and broke students alike.

But I believe that nobody in this world should be deprived of having that super gorgeous “Ruby woo” shade on their lips or that precious “extreme dimension 3D black mascara” on their eyelashes.

However, building a Mac makeup kit from scratch can cost you an arm and a leg. 💰

Good news – the makeup universe has been kind to us and has provided amazing, affordable alternatives to some high-end brands I adore, called makeup dupes.

Today, I’m going to reveal 22 best-selling Mac lipstick dupes that I swear look just like the real thing.

So, get ready for the Mac lipstick dupes you’ve been eagerly waiting for!

  • A quick note: Some lipsticks may look different in the picture, but if you would trust me on it, they’re EXACTLY the same!!! 😍

22 Sexy Mac lipstick dupes you’ll love

22 Favorite Mac Lipstick Dupes That'll Blow Your Mind!

1. Mac Velvet Teddy Dupe – Revlon Pick me up

OMG, Revlon Pick me up is the dupe for the iconic Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick! It’s the perfect pinky-brown nude shade for all your everyday makeup lewks. And y’all, the low price won’t break the bank either.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic dupe for your pout without shellin’ out the big bucks, this is your best bet. Trust me, you won’t regret giving Revlon Pick me up a try.

2. Mac Ruby Woo Dupe – Colourpop lippie stix Trust Me

When it comes to red lipsticks, Mac Ruby Woo is like the queen bee. But guess what? Colourpop’s lippie stick in “Trust Me” is an amazeballs dupe! This rich, true red shade with its matte finish is everything!

It’s perfect for date night, girls night out, or just strutting your stuff at work. And let’s be real – with a name like “Trust Me,” how could you not want to wear it?

3. Mac Mehr Dupe – NYX whipped caviar

Let’s talk about NYX whipped caviar for a sec. It’s the bomb.com dupe for Mac Mehr! This dusty, pink-mauve shade is to die for, and it’s seriously perf for when you wanna look all sophisticated and chic.

Plus, NYX is known for having super creamy and pigmented lipsticks, so your pout will always be on fleek. Grab your NYX whipped caviar and werk it, girl!

4. Mac Taupe Dupe – Milani’s Matte Beauty

Milani’s color statement lipstick in Matte Beauty is the real MVP when it comes to duping the iconic Mac Taupe lipstick. This warm, brownish-nude shade is everything for fall vibes or just adding some sultriness to your look.

It’s also super affordable, so you can snag this bad boy without a second thought. Swipe on some Milani’s Mac lipstick dupe and get all those double-takes.

5. Mac Whirl Dupe – Rimmel by kate in nude 48

Yaas, hunty! Rimmel’s nude 48 is giving us life as a stunning dupe for Mac Whirl. This muted, rosy brown shade will have you slaying all day, every day.

It’s perfect for that “I woke up like this” vibe and just the right amount of extra. So, head to Amazon and pick up this fantastic Mac lipstick dupe ASAP; you won’t be disappointed.

6. Mac Mocha Dupe – Maybelline in nude nuance

Attention lipstick addicts! Maybelline has done it again with their nude nuance lipstick as a fab dupe for Mac Mocha. This warm, peachy nude shade is gonna be your new BFF for easy every day glam or a classic look.

And let’s be real, Maybelline lipsticks never disappoint, so no doubt it’s gonna be a bomb on your lips.

7. Mac Yash Dupe – Maybelline in nude embrace

Have I got some tea to spill? Maybelline’s nude embrace lipstick is a spot-on dupe for Mac Yash, and honey, I’m obsessed! This versatile and universally flattering shade will make your pout look hella luscious.

8. Mac Sin Dupe – Maybelline Divine Wine

Ready get sinful? Well, almost. Let’s talk about Maybelline’s divine wine, a killer Mac Sin dupe. This vampy shade will have you feelin’ like a dark queen. Get mysterious vibes on a budget, and nobody’s gotta know it’s not the real deal.

9. Mac Twig Dupe – Maybelline Touch of Spice

I’ve got another fab dupe from Maybelline – ‘Touch of Spice’ is a super close match to the cult-classic Mac Twig. It’s that delish rosy-brown shade that I can’t get enough of!

Your pout will thank you when you get your hands on Touch of Spice. Plus, it’s a total steal y’all, so just swipe it up! 💋

10. Mac Brick O La Dupe – Sephora 36 spring break

Forget TLC, it’s all about SCL – Sephora Collection’s Lipstick, baby! Their ‘Spring Break’ lipstick is the ultimate dupe for Mac’s Brick O La. It’s creamy, pigmented, and just as OMG-worthy as the original.

Rock this lippie with confidence and slay like a queen without breaking the bank. You can thank us later!

11. Mac Chili Dupe – Colourpop Lippie Stix in Love Life

Turn up the heat with this sizzling dupe for Mac’s Chili – Colourpop Lippie Stix in “Love Life.” This hot coral-red shade will set your lips on fire, making them the center of attention!

This Mac lipstick dupe is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to rock that bold Chili vibe without spending a fortune.

12. Mac Creme in Your Coffee Dupe – LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle

Searching for that perfect Mac Creme in Your Coffee dupe? I’ve got you sorted! Go grab LA Girl’s Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in “Snuggle.”

This lipstick has a smooth, buttery finish that will make your lips feel super luxurious. And guess what? It’s ultra-affordable, so you and your wallet can both celebrate!

13. Mac Diva Dupe – Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb

Diva alert! If you’re a fan of Mac Diva, you’ll fall head over heels for Wet n Wild’s ‘Cherry Bomb.’ This deep red hue gives Diva a run for its money – plus, it’s wallet-friendly! Swipe this lippie on and own your inner diva without spending a fortune.

14. Mac Russian Red Dupe – NYX Eden

Cue the red carpet – I’ve found a killer dupe for Mac Russian Red! NYX’s ‘Eden’ lipstick is a dead ringer for the Mac classic.

The shade is a gorgeous blue-toned red that’ll def turn heads. It’s pigmented, smooth and super affordable. Get ready to pucker up and work that red lip like a boss!

15. Mac Marakesh Dupe – Maybelline Spice for Me

Can’t get enough of Mac’s Marakesh? Maybelline’s gotchu with their Spice for Me lipstick. This affordable dupe will have everyone thinking you’re rockin’ the high-end glam.

Add that sultry touch to ya look by swipin’ on some Spice for Me, and no one’ll know the difference. It’s like a lil secret. Plus, it’s super friendly to your wallet. Score!

16. Mac Faux Dupe – Rimmel London Airy Fairy

Stop playin’! I just found the perf dupe for Mac’s Faux. Rimmel London’s “Airy Fairy” is so close, it’s bonkers. Say bye to breakin’ the bank and hello to this awesome, affordable alternative. Cute and chic without puttin’ a hole in your pocket. Talk about being frugalicious!

17. Mac Creme Cup Dupe – CoverGirl Honeyed Bloom

Creme Cup WHO? CoverGirl Honeyed Bloom is the ultimate Mac Creme Cup dupe. With an identical soft pink color, it’s like buyin’ a slice of Mac without the price tag. Smooch-worthy lips without the splurge? Count us in!

18. Mac Lady Danger Dupe – Maybelline Craving Coral

Don’t go by the picture babe, amp up the sass-factor with Maybelline’s “Craving Corals,” my fave dupe for Mac’s Lady Danger. The bold red hue ain’t messin’ around – you’ll be turning heads all night long. Stay fierce and fabulous without droppin’ mad cash on the og Mac stunner.

19. Mac Angel Dupe – Maybelline Born with It

Channel your inner angel with Maybelline’s Born with It, a spot-on dupe for Mac’s Angel. Snag that dreamy soft pink pout without emptying the bank. Be effortlessly fresh-faced and so fetch. I’m totes obsessed.

20. Mac Kinda Sexy Dupe – NYX lip cream in Stockholm

Ayy, I got some serious deets – Nyx’s Stockholm is the Mac Kinda Sexy dupe you need. Nab that gorgeous nude lip without breaking the bank, babes. Honestly, you can’t even tell the diff. Major #winning.

21. Mac Candy Yum Yum Dupe – Milani Matte Diva

Can’t resist bright pinks? Then you’re gonna flip over Maybelline’s fushia flash – the ultimate Mac Candy Yum Yum dupe. This poppin’ shade is the affordable alternative to seriously sweeten your lip game. Trust us, your pout game will thank you.

22. Mac Verve Dupe – Maybelline’s Toasted truffle

Think you’ve seen every Mac dupe? Think again! The Maybelline’s toasted truffle lipstick is an identical match to Mac’s Verve. Keep rockin’ those beautiful lips while keepin’ your wallet happy – that’s what I call a major score.

Final thoughts on Mac lipstick dupes

So there you have it, babes—22 insaneee Mac lipstick dupes that’ll have you lookin’ fierce without blowin’ your entire paycheck! 😜

Now, hit us up in the comments with any of your fave Mac dupes—or even some under-the-radar gems we might have missed. Don’t forget to share this post with your squad, too!

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