Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

myths about skin care

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If the world of beauty is big, myths about skin care are even bigger!

How many times have you read this skincare tip or that skincare advice, and you’re like “wait, for real?!” 😱

Did you know that some of the most popular skincare advice may actually be myths? That’s right! Skincare is a hot topic these days, and with the zillion pieces of information out there, it’s hard to separate facts from myths.

We’re about to reveal the top 25 myths about skin care that you’ve probably been believing for years, but spoiler alert: it’s time to ditch these misconceptions and glow up!

Settle down, take notes, and prepare to be shook because, at the end of this, you’ll be your own skin care professional! And when someone tries to feed you another wild skincare myth, you can confidently say, “Honey, na-ah… I ain’t buying it!” 🙅‍♀️

25 commonly believed myths about skin care

Myth 1: Oily Skin Don’t Need No Moisturizer

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Guess what, buttercup? That’s a BIG no-no! ❌ Oily skin needs hydration too. In fact, kipping moisturizer can actually trigger your skin that the skin is dry and need moisturization, which will in turn make your skin produce even more oil (yikes!).

Just be sure to look for a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula specifically designed for oily skin. 

Now, I have used many moisturizers for oily skin and loved a few as well. But two moisturizers that always stay on top are – Neutrogena Hydro Boost and COSRX All in one snail mucin cream!

Myth 2: Natural = Safe & Effective

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Hate to break it to ya, but just because something’s natural doesn’t make it automatically safe or effective for skincare. Not all natural/organic products are chemical-free.

In fact, some natural ingredients can be super harsh and even cause reactions on some skin types. And, not all synthetic products (the normal skincare that we all use) have scary toxic chemicals.

Always check the ingredients list and patch-test, and see what works best for your skin. It’s like finding the perfect match on Tinder, but for your face!

To make it a little more clearer, let’s talk about coconut oil and tea tree oil. Coconut oil may be a cheap and natural ingredient, but it can clog your pores and give you those dreaded breakouts.

On the flip side, tea tree oil is like a gift from the acne gods. It works wonders for people dealing with acne. It all boils down to how an ingredient plays with your skin.

Myth 3: The More You Scrub, The Better!

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Hold up! Put down that scrub! Over-exfoliating your skin can actually cause more harm than good. It can mess with your skin’s natural oils and lead to more breakouts. Yikes!

So, what’s the ideal way to use exfoliators? Once or twice a week? NO. You should only use physical scrubs or chemical peels twice a month!! I don’t care what the companies are telling you.

And you know what? It’s not just about how often you exfoliate, it’s about how you do it. Remember, it’s all about gentle, longer strokes rather than going ham and scrubbing your face raw. Good things take time, right?

Myth 4: Sunscreen? Just For Sunny Days!

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Here comes the sun: it’s time to slather on that sun cream, right? Well, hold up one sunscreen-soaked minute.

If you’re thinking sunscreen is just for when the sun is shining high in the sky, we need to have a little chat. UV rays aren’t just harmful when you’re basking on the beach; they can reach you on cloudy, rainy, and even snowy days.

That’s right, every day is sunscreen day — rain or shine! Between UVA and UVB rays, your lovely skin needs protection.

Even when indoors, glass windows can let in harmful UVA rays. Long story short—never miss a day with your sun protection.

Myth 5: Squeaky Clean = Good Skin

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Listen up: skin that gets that squeaky clean sound when you’re washing your face should be as rare as unicorns. It’s not the magical beauty goal you’ve been told!

In fact, when your skin reaches that squeaky state, it’s often a sign that you’ve gone too far. Over-cleansing can strip your skin of its essential moisture barrier and good oils!

Instead, focus on finding a gentle, pH-balancing cleanser to keep your skin fresh, happy, and actually clean without the squeak.

Myth 6: Pore strips actually work for blackheads

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Oh, pore strips—you were so satisfying in those middle school slumber party nights. But alas, it’s time to part ways with these sneaky little strips.

Contrary to popular myth about skin care, pore strips don’t do much to remove blackheads. They might look like they’re working, thanks to the sebaceous filaments and surface-level dirt they can pull up.

But those pesky blackheads? They’re usually staying put. Skip the strip and opt for a gentle exfoliant or a BHA-packed product instead. I LOVE Good Molecules BHA clarifying gel for that! Works wonders almost instantly!

Myth 7: Toner is a skincare essential

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Toner lovers, don’t fret! Toners can still have a place in your skincare routine, but they’re not the mandatory step we once thought.

Back in the day, toners were essential to rebalance the skin’s pH after using harsh cleansers. But with modern, gentler cleansers on the market, that’s no longer a major concern.

So, if you love your toner, you can keep it. Just remember that it’s not an essential step for everyone, but if it makes your skin happy, go for it!

Myth 8: Those Pricey Products = Skincare Gold

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

I know, I know—we all love to pamper ourselves with luxurious skincare. But the truth is, price tags don’t dictate effectiveness.

Some pricey products might work wonders, while others can fall flat compared to their affordable counterparts. So put your wallet away and do some research before splurging!

More often than not, you can find budget-friendly options with stellar ingredients that can give upscale brands a run for their money.

Myth 9: The order you apply skincare products doesn’t matter

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Hold up! This one couldn’t be farther from the truth. The order in which you apply your skincare products can make a huge difference in their effectiveness. Always go from light to heavy in consistency.

Start with cleansers, toners, then move on to serums, moisturizers, and finish with sunscreen (in the morning) or thicker creams (at night). So yes, order matters, and it’s time to get your skincare routine in line!

Myth 10: Your skincare stops working

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

This myth about skin care has been doing rounds, with people believing your skin gets used to a product, rendering it ineffective eventually. Well, guess what? There’s no solid evidence that supports this claim.

What might be happening is that some products may be designed to give quick initial results, and over time, those improvements slow down.

If your product’s performance is consistent, there’s no need to switch it up. Stay consistent and let your skin reap the long-term benefits!

Myth 11: Oils are Too Heavy for All Skin Types

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Heavy, greasy, and pore-clogging…these are words that often come to mind when we think of oils. But the truth is not so black and white!

Depending on your skin type, there can be a host of nourishing and beneficial oils out there just waiting to give you glowing skin.

From lightweight, dry oils to highly moisturizing varieties, there’s likely an oil that can meet your needs! Take the time to read up on different oils and find out which one might be best for you.

Myth 12: You Should Change Your Skincare Routine Every Season

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to switch up your routine every season. But if something is working for your skin, don’t mess with it!

If you’re happy with your skincare results, there’s no need to rebuild the whole routine every time winter rolls around or summer comes back around.

Of course, if you do find that one of your products isn’t doing its job anymore, you can switch it out. But otherwise, stay the course with those tried-and-true products that leave your skin looking and feeling its best!

Myth 13: Makeup is the Same as Skin Care

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Makeup can definitely give you an extra glow or highlight certain features of your face, but it’s not a suitable substitute for skincare.

Your skin needs regular nourishment with cleansers, serums, moisturizers and sunscreens to stay healthy and protected from the elements.

Makeup alone won’t be enough to give your skin what it needs – so don’t forget to incorporate some skincare into your beauty routine!

Myth 14: You Should Stick With One Skincare Brand

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Contrary to popular myth about skin care, it’s not necessary (or even advisable) to stick with one skincare brand when creating your routine.

Different brands have different strengths and focuses, and many times combining products from different brands can help create a more effective and tailored routine. So don’t be afraid to mix and match – your skin will thank you for it!

Myth 15: Drinking enough water will moisturize your skin

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

While it is absolutely true that staying hydrated is essential for your overall health, it might not be *the* ultimate solution for moisturized skin.

Yes, water intake does play a role in keeping the skin healthy, but external factors like using gentle cleansers, avoiding harsh ingredients, and incorporating moisturizers into your routine also are crucial for maintaining moisture balance.

So, drink your H2O, but also don’t forget to moisturize!

Myth 16: Sunscreen is the Only Way to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Although sunscreen definitely helps in protecting your skin from the sun, there are other measures you can take as well.

Wearing protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats and long-sleeved shirts can help block out the sun’s rays, while avoiding direct sun exposure and using umbrellas are also great ways to keep your skin safe in the summertime.

So make sure you’re staying savvy with more than just sunscreen when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun!

Myth 17: You Don’t Need to Apply Face Products All Over Your Neck

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

It’s easy to forget about our neck when it comes to skin care, but neglecting this area can be a big mistake! Your neck needs just as much TLC as the rest of your face and should be included in your skincare routine.

Make sure you’re applying your cleansers, serums, and moisturizers all the way down to your neck to give it the nourishment and protection it needs. This will ensure that your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and looking its best!

Myth 18: Stress is Bad For Your Skin

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

It’s true that stress can take a toll on our skin, but the good news is that there are ways to manage it. Getting enough rest and relaxation, exercising regularly, and finding healthy outlets for stress can help keep your skin looking its best.

Additionally, try incorporating some calming activities into your daily routine, such as meditation or yoga. Taking the time to give yourself some self-care will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy and happy!

Myth 19: You Should Avoid Exfoliating if You Have Sensitive Skin

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Exfoliation is an important part of any skin care routine, even for those with sensitive skin. The key is to avoid harsh exfoliants and use gentler products instead.

Look for items that contain natural ingredients like jojoba or almond oil to help soothe your skin as you exfoliate. By taking a gentle approach, you can give your skin the exfoliation it needs without irritating it!

Myth 20: You Should Never Sleep in Your Makeup

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Sleeping in your makeup is never a good idea, no matter how tired you are! Leaving makeup on overnight can clog your pores and cause breakouts, as well as lead to irritation and dryness.

So make sure you’re giving your skin the proper care it needs by taking off your makeup before bed – this will ensure that your skin stays healthy and happy!

Myth 21: You Don’t Need Antioxidants in Your Skincare Routine

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Antioxidants are a great addition to any skincare routine, as they can help reduce free radical damage and premature aging.

Incorporating antioxidant-rich ingredients such as vitamin C, green tea extract, and resveratrol into your routine will give your skin an extra boost of protection and nourishment.

So don’t be afraid to add some antioxidants into your routine – your skin will thank you for it!

Myth 22: All Sunscreens Are Created Equal

cosrx sunscreen review

When it comes to sunscreen, not all products are created equal. For maximum protection, look for products that offer broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB lights, as well as ones with SPF ratings of 30 or higher.

Additionally, make sure you apply sunscreen generously and often – this will ensure that your skin stays protected against the sun’s harmful rays!

Myth 23: You should use hot water to wash your face

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Who doesn’t love a hot shower after a long day? But there’s a catch! Washing your face with hot water can cause dehydration and even strip your skin of essential oils.

Instead, get ready to have your mind blown – for healthier and happier skin, switch to washing your face with lukewarm water. Your skin will be so thankful to you!

Myth 24: You don’t need to wash your face if you don’t have makeup on

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Uh-oh, skincare fam! This one’s a dangerous myth. You don’t need to be rocking a full-face makeup to need cleansing. Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to dirt, pollution, and sweat.

Washing your face daily helps to keep the skin fresh and pave the way for skincare products to work their magic. So, remember – face wash every day, makeup or no makeup!

Myth 25: Eating chocolate causes breakouts

Busting 25 Myths About Skin Care: Prepare to Get Schooled!

Good news, chocolate lovers! 🎉 There’s no conclusive evidence to support the claim that chocolate causes breakouts.

While some studies suggest that high-glycemic foods may have a link to acne, chocolate alone isn’t the culprit. Moderation is key, of course, so keep enjoying your favorite chocolate bar. Just don’t overindulge (aged me would say “yeah, right!”)

Final thoughts on Myths about skin care

In conclusion, the world of skincare can be a downright maze of myths and misconceptions.

Always make sure to do your research and find products that work best for YOUR skin type. Keep experimenting and shining bright like the skin-loving superstar you are!

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Myths about skin care


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