what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

what to wear in disney world

Planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth but not sure what to wear? These disney world outfits are gonna make you like the cutest human there!

If I had to give out a penny for every time I have thought of buying a house near Disney world, I’d be broke as hell. I mean, seriously, it’s no secret that it’s the most fun vacation destination in the world. This place can make any person jump for joy!

For some of you, it might be a dream to land at this place; for others, it could be your usual vacation spot you cannot get enough of. If you’re lucky enough to be any of these people, you’re probably thinking of things to pack, activities to do, what to wear, and how to make the most of your time exploring this huge fantasy world. It’s a task!

So let’s quickly get into what to wear to Disney world so you can quickly pack for your big trip!

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What to consider while choosing what to wear to Disney world?

what to wear in disney world

The weather – it’s gonna be on fire!

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that it’s going to be HOT. Really hot. Even if you’re visiting during the cooler months, you can expect temperatures in the high 80s or even low 90s. Yes, that’s right! So make sure to carry light, airy fabrics like cotton or linen that won’t make you sweat and look cute in pictures! Think tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, and hats.

If you get cold easily and it’s winter season, you can carry a light jacket or scarf to be on the safer side.

Choose comfy footwear

As big as Disney world is, you must know that you’ll be doing a lot of walking. A lot. Even if you’re staying at one of the on-site hotels and taking advantage of the complimentary transportation, you’ll still end up putting in a few miles each day. Which makes comfortable walking shoes a must. Sneakers or walking shoes will be your BFF, but if you want to get a little bit dressed up for dinner, consider packing a pair of cute flats or sandals as well.

I won’t suggest high heels because I know you’ll not be using them much. So they’ll just increase the baggage. Kitten heels or heeled sandals can still work.

Kids require some things as well!

Finally, don’t forget about the little ones! If you’re traveling with small children, they’ll need comfortable clothes and shoes as well. But it’s also a good idea to pack a few extras like wipes, diapers, and snacks. And if you’re really looking to go above and beyond, consider packing a portable stroller or carrier so everyone can enjoy themselves without getting too tired.

Does Disney have a dress code?

what to wear in disney world
Same red paper bag shorts

Oh yes, Disney does have a dress code – but don’t worry, it’s not as strict as you may think. Generally speaking, as long as your clothes are family-friendly and appropriate (no profanity or offensive imagery), you can rock whatever style you feel most comfortable in!

That said, there are a few specific guidelines when it comes to costumes. Unfortunately, guests over the age of 14 are no longer allowed to wear costumes inside the parks. However, special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party do allow adults to dress up in costumes – just make sure they follow Disney’s guidelines for what is deemed acceptable. They also have obligations over clothing that drags on the ground, a.k.a your ball gowns or clothing with many layers.

So go ahead and rock that Mickey Mouse t-shirt or Minnie Mouse dress – just leave the full-on princess gowns and character masks at home!

And remember, when in doubt, always err on the side of caution when choosing your Disney outfits. After all, you want to focus on making magical memories – not causing a wardrobe malfunction!

What do most people wear to Disney World?

I’ve seen people rock everything from a full Mickey Mouse outfit, complete with ears and gloves, to classic denim and a t-shirt. If it’s your first time, trust me, you want to choose the ears and gloves. However, if you wanna keep it simple, decide on something with a Disney theme or design – whether that be an adorable Minnie mouse tank top or a classic Mickey sweatshirt.

Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure it’s comfortable and ready for any kind of weather (after all, you never know when a Florida thunderstorm might strike!)

Cute Disney world outfits to get inspired from!

1. tiered dress

outfit for disney world
what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

Gingham has been associated with Disney quite many times, so it’s just accurate to wear a cute dress that gives off disney character vibes, right? Moreover, this sneaker dress disney outfit is ultra-cute and very chic and effortless, so you won’t have trouble dealing with the heat in style!

2. colored tank tops + shorts

What to wear to disney word outfit ideas5

One of the most common disney world outfits is shorts and a tank top. It helps deal with heat, and you have so many ways to style it. Look at this vibrant inspiration; it’s adorable and brings back the child in you!

3. polka dot jumpsuit

outfit for disney world
what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

Red and white polka dots are an easy way to replicate a mini mouse outfit under the dress code. Pick the right headband, and you’ll be good to look cute all day!

4. oversized t-shirt + shorts

outfit for disney world

Has to be the comfiest pair; grab an oversized t-shirt with mickey mouse, a matching fanny pack, a headband, of course, and some cute socks to add that extra flair.

5. sweatshirt dress

clothes for disney world
Courtesy: @delaneychildsofficial

I swear you’ll be seeing mickeys everywhere. It’s just what people love and adore! And let’s be honest – don’t these sweatshirt dresses make a cute disney world outfit?

6. polka dot top + jeans

clothes for disney world
what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

First off, I love her huge sequin headband! Then, a crop cami top and jeans are a great option to hit the fun too. It’s good for the vibes and great for the rides! Just don’t wear super tight jeans.

Can you bring a backpack to Disney?

Of course, you can, but it really depends on what kind of backpack we’re talking about here. Are we talking about a tiny purse-sized backpack or something more fitting for a day hike? If it’s the latter, my advice would be to leave it at home or in your hotel room and opt for a smaller bag.

Comfort is key when visiting the parks, and lugging around a huge pack could quickly become a nuisance. So, stick with something small, practical, and cute. Your shoulders will thank you later!

7. tank top + printed denim

clothes for disney world
Courtesy: Magicalifestyle
what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

If you wanna keep it simple yet still low-key disney, get yourself cute printed jeans and pair them with simple tank tops and sneakers. Don’t forget to accessorize!

8. linen shorts + sports bra + knotted top

disney world outfits ideas

For a jungle safari look, recreate this outfit to look just like the picture. I guess the only thing missing is an identity card but don’t risk a chance with that, lol!

9. cami top + mini skirt

disney world outfits ideas
Courtesy: @gracetaylorr19

I’m a huge skirt lover, give me denim, ruffles, mini, and layered – I love them all. They make such cute outfits for Disney world as well! Just pair them with your basic cami tops and accessorize with matching bags and headbands for a stylishly fun day!

10. black polka dress + Gryffindor scarf

disney world outfits ideas
Same harry potter scarf | black polka dress | converse shoes

For all the Potterheads who are over the moon for finally being able to go to the Wizarding world of harry potter, you HAVE to wear this outfit to disney world. It’s nothing, just a simple black dress jacked up with a Gryffindor scarf and potter wand. I cannot get enough of this!!!

11. tennis skirt + tank top

disney world outfits ideas
Same tank top | tennis skirt

If you are not wearing cute outfits at disney world, what are you there for? Rock up your trendy tennis skirt with a ribbed cami top that you can easily find in whatever color your character needs and a matching headband.

You’ve got to get these headbands, girl!!

12. rompers

dress for disney world
Similar red polka romper

Rompers are all the rage these days, and for a good reason—they’re super cute AND they’re comfortable! Just make sure to choose one made from a lightweight fabric, so you don’t overheat in the Florida sun.

13. a dressy dress

dress for disney world
Courtesy: @emilynels8

If you really want to dress up, try a pretty dress with sneakers or wedges. This is perfect for an evening at the Magic Kingdom or dinner at one of Disney’s fancier restaurants.

14. tank top + colored shorts

dress for disney world

This is also a great outfit idea – go for a white cami top and pair it with the same color shorts your favorite Disney character has. Finish the look with a matching headband and characterized bag, and you’ve got a look that’s easy, and people are gonna adore it!

15. disney t-shirt + jeans + cardigan

dress for disney world
Courtesy: @looklovelyliving

Haha, these disney t-shirts crack me up always. I have about 4 of them! Wear them casually with jeans, and throw on a cardigan if the temperature drops down. It’s a cute, versatile outfit for disney, always for the win!

16. crop top + midi skirt

dress for disney world
Same red satin skirt | white crop top
Courtesy: @lyndsaykate

If dresses aren’t really your thing, but you still want something flowy and airy, try pairing a tank top with a midi skirt instead. It is both feminine and fun and pretty sexy!

17. tank top + jeans + matching character

what to wear at Disney world

This is the perfect example of how you can elevate your simple casual outfits to be Disney-friendly. Get some accessories that match the colors of your attire, and you won’t lack compliments!

18. oversized crop top + sweat shorts

what to wear at Disney world

Sweat shorts are so having a moment right now, and why not? They are the comfiest little thing I know. If you don’t already know how to dress for disney world, cutesy comfy is your answer.

Also, this is to show you that, yes, disney accessories are a must-have, but you can keep it subtle and simple as well if it’s what you want.

Oh, and if you are looking for some adorable Disney Instagram captions, you must check them out here!

19. mickey sweatshirt + denim shorts

what to wear at Disney world

You can never go wrong with a disney sweatshirt and shorts combo. It’s just so simple to carry and gives all the vibes you need for the day.

20. polka top + tiered skirt

what to wear at Disney world

Can we acknowledge the fact that red polka-dot tops are the official Disney world attire? They look over-the-top adorable and can be styled in so many ways.

I mean, look at this tiered mini skirt, I just can’t even…

21. knotted top + skirt

what to wear at Disney world

What do you and your best friend wear at disney world so you both make those heads turn? A coordinated outfit!

22. white crop top + shorts

what to wear for Disney world

If you don’t wanna put so much brain into your Disney outfit, go for a monochrome white look and accessorize it right with a mickey headband for a bit of whimsy. Trust me, monochrome never disappoints!

23. oversized mickey t-shirts + shorts

what to wear for Disney world

To create easy-peasy Disney looks, grab a T-shirt and pair them with your casual denim shorts and fanny packs. Just don’t forget your Mickey headbands, as always!

24. sweatshirt + jeans

what to wear for Disney world
Courtesy: happilyeverdanielle

Keep it simple with the Mickey sweatshirt and ripped denim. Finish with some comfy sneakers and a cute little headband for a fun Disney world outfit.

25. graphic t-shirt + shorts

what to wear to Disney world + 29 Cutest disney outfits EVER!

Show your love for all things, Disney, with a fun graphic tee! Pair it with shorts and sneakers or sandals and a nice leather belt, and you’re good to go.

Also, if you’ve got a Gucci belt on hand, you absolutely need to check out these sick Gucci belt outfits for how to style them!

26. crop top + jeans

what to wear for Disney world

For a more casual look, try jeans with a cute crop top. It’s an outfit anyone can put together effortlessly and looks decently cute as well.

Can you wear leggings to disney world?

Oh absolutely! Leggings can definitely be part of your outfit. Not only are they comfortable for a day of walking through the park, but they also give you room to carry snacks in your pockets (or in a fanny pack, no judgment here).

27. leggings + t-shirt + denim jacket

what to wear to Disney world
Courtesy: heatherfern

For cooler weather, try leggings with a disney t-shirt and denim jacket. This is a cozy option that will keep you warm at times and comfortable for all the rides.

Oh, if you are in need of some seriously hot leather leggings outfits, click this now!

28. colored jeans + graphic t-shirt

what to wear to Disney world

Do you know how to add a touch of Disney to your outfit without being boring? Colored pants it is! They’re surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of your outfit. Wear them with a tank top or tee for a casual look, or dress them up with a button-down shirt or flowy blouse. Either way, they’ll look cute and pretty all the way!

29. a breezy sundress

what to wear to Disney world
Same leopard print dress | Courtesy: beccabogle

Whether you opt for a maxi dress or a more traditional A-line style, a sundress is always a good choice for a day at the parks. Pair it with some comfortable sandals or sneakers, and you’re good to go!

I love how she wore an animal-printed dress for a jungle safari look.

What not to wear to Disney World?

Disney demands you to have fun just by following a little dress code – not only for your own comfort but out of respect for little kids and families.

Some things that you must not wear to Disney world are:

  1. High Heels They are better for weddings, romantic dates, and other events. Uneven walk paths are all over and when you think that Disney Land can be the size of a city – would you really want to walk all over New York with high heels for hours? I guessed right.
  2. Offensive clothing- Disney World is a family-friendly destination and what you wear to a frat party will not work well at Disney World. For example, T-shirts with indecent graphics or offensive political language should be cut from the list ASAP. This also goes for overly revealing clothing, so save those bikini tops and mini skirts for the beach.
  3. Costumes – And while themed attire can be fun, please refrain from donning a full-on costume (unless you have a proper pass). Halloween and theme parties have their place, it is best to let the costumes slip away this time. 
  4. Anything valuable or flashy –  I know you want to look good and stylish at the happiest place on earth, but I would ask you to leave those diamond rings and Cartier watches at home because, let’s face it – Disney World is a magnet for pickpockets. Instead, opt for some cute Disney-themed jewelry like Minnie Mouse earrings or a charm bracelet with Mickey charms. Keep the jewelry simple and cheap, which doesn’t make you too upset about losing it if that happens.

final thoughts on what to wear to disney world

With all these cute Disney outfits and precious tips on what to wear to Disney world, I think you’re in for a magical time!! With a little luck (and maybe some pixie dust), you might even meet Mickey Mouse himself!

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