16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

charlotte tilbury dupes

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Why buy expensive products when you have these amazing Charlotte Tilbury Dupes?

Certain things in life are just worth the splurge. Your home, your car, and your clothes (if you genuinely love and appreciate them), then it’s worth spending the extra cash on getting the best of the best.

But when it comes to makeup, there’s no need to spend a fortune on high-end brands when there are plenty of amazing dupes out there for a fraction of the price. Even when it’s Charlotte Tilbury! Yes, it is one of the most luxurious brands this world knows of.

Yes, there are some brilliant products with no comparison, but why pay more when you can get the same finish and formula from reputed drugstore brands at unbelievable prices? Enter dupes!

Keep reading for 16 of the best Charlotte Tilbury dupes on the market today. Trust me, you’ll be able to get your hands on some incredible products without breaking the bank!

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

16 Charlotte tilbury dupes to treasure

1. charlotte tilbury’s Airbush flawless finish setting powder

Charlotte tilbury dupes

This is truly one of its kind setting powder that does leave your skin looking airbrushed, soft, and flawless. It also doesn’t dry your skin or accentuate fine lines or wrinkles. Instead, it melts down into the skin and sets makeup in place. No doubt people are always raving about this gem!

But what do we do about the huge price tag?

no 7 lift and Luminate finishing powder

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Not only does the packaging and looks of No 7 setting powder are identical to Flawless finish setting powder, but it also works super similarly. The No 7 powder is just as finely milled, smooth, super soft, and has a shine-control formula as Charlotte Tilbury.

Moreover, it is not at all drying or enhances fine lines. Rather, it blurs the imperfections giving you a flawless finish. You literally cannot see a difference after using these products side by side.

Personally, I am more inclined towards No 7 powder just because it is hypoallergenic, which CT powder is not. And the price difference is insane!

Give it a try girl, for this price, you’ll be highly impressed by this charlotte tilbury dupe.

NYX Can’t stop, won’t stop setting powder

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

IDK if you know or not, but NYX is one such trusty drugstore brand that rarely goes wrong with products. It sure is underrated and rarely goes viral, but I think this powder should be in every makeup kit, no matter the hype!

This awesome little powder is infused with oil-absorbing rice powder and comes in 12 different shades, making it the perfect choice for all skin tones.

Not only does it provide a long-lasting, matte finish that minimizes the appearance of oil and shine, but it also extends the wear of your makeup, ensuring no transfer or smudging occurs, JUST LIKE Tilbury’s powder.

With its sheer coverage and non-drying, non-cakey finish, I am sure that you’ll love the way your skin looks and feels all day long!

2. charlotte tilbury light wonder foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

A foundation that is hydrating and makes your skin look radiant Af is a dream for dry to normal skin types. I mean, why not? Who wants skin crying for moisture all day? Yes, I’m an oily skin type and I like things that control my shine, but I don’t like foundations that clog up my pores and keep them from breathing.

So light wonder foundation is what I have been looking for a lot of time. But the moment I tried it, I said damn, I have got a dupe for this beauty right here!

Loreal age perfect radiant serum foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

With a slightly more glowy and higher-coverage formula, Loreal’s age perfect serum foundation is such a close Charlotte Tilbury foundation dupe that you’ll be shocked. It has more than 25 shades to suit every skin tone and has SPF 50, which is always a plus.

I’m telling you guys, this is such a pretty foundation with ingredients like vitamin B3 and hydrating serum for mature skin. Along with a lightweight radiant coverage just like Tilbury’s light wonder foundation.

Honestly, Loreal’s foundation is so much better than CT’s, I don’t have a single reason to choose light wonder over age perfection.

Also, if you want another recommendation for a light wonder foundation dupe, Flower Beauty’s light illusion liquid foundation is a gorgeous, slightly higher but still natural-looking coverage alternative with SPF 18, flattering luminosity, and a flawless finish.

3. charlotte tilbury Hollywood contour wand

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Tilbury’s contour wand has gained quite a lot of popularity since its launch. Apparently, it makes creating gorgeous, sculpted cheekbones easy with its cushion applicator, lightweight formula, and effortless blending. But is it worth the price? I have my doubts after finding these Charlotte Tilbury contour wand dupes, which work so much better and are super affordable.

makeup revolution eye bright concealer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

I adore Makeup Revolution. They are a beautiful brand with a large variety of products made to cater to everybody’s needs. And also because they have like many drugstore makeup dupes for many expensive brands.

One such product is eye bright concealer which you can totally use as a contour wand. For like $10, I’m not even kidding you guys, this is the best Charlotte Tilbury dupe I have found. They are exactly similar. Choose the shade of warm chestnut for your contour needs, and you are done.

From the formulation, texture, applicator, and finish to bendability, Makeup Revolution’s eye bright concealer is an exact contour wand dupe.

Another identical Charlotte Tilbury dupe for contour wand is Maybelline’s makeup eraser multi-use concealer in darker shades. We already love this concealer for how easily it blends into the skin and leaves no creases or accentuates skin texture, so obviously, it makes up for an incredible dupe.

4. charlotte tilbury beauty highlighter wand

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

It is indeed true that CT’s highlighter wand is one the most beautiful, blendable formula that just melts in the skin, leaving a radiant from within glow. This is exactly why it was so hard to find a dupe for it.

But if you have seen this highlighter wand, you know the quantity just doesn’t justify the price.

ELF Halo Glow blush/highlighter wands

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

The world literally stopped for me when ELF launched its halo glow blushes, highlighters, and contours. CT wands are one of my most treasured beauty products, but I’m SO glad I can now save my fortune (and invest in bad decisions).

There was almost no dupe for these blush and highlighter wands except for one, but I think these will end that struggle!

Talking about their features – Halo glow wands are an insanely lightweight, liquid formula infused with hydrating squalane (who doesn’t love extra skincare?) and effortlessly melt into skin.

I particularly LOVE that they give a very soft-focus, natural finish and are a tad bit lighter than Charlotte’s wands. Oh, if you want to dupe shades like pinkagm or peachgasm, you should checkout Elf’s blush wands rather than a highlighter. They do the same work but with a flush of color and a tiny bit less sparkle.

Kiko Dolce Diva Glam Cushion Highlighter

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

The moment I found this product, I was so freakin’ excited because I knew I had finally got my hands on a tough-to-find Charlotte Tilbury dupe (not anymore because of ELF!) The packaging is so similar to the beauty light wand with a cushion sponge applicator and twisted lock kinda thing, so the product doesn’t get wasted.

Not only that, the shades too are almost similar to the expensive counterpart, not a replica but almost there.

That being said, Kiko’s formula, blend-ability, texture, that radiant natural finish match so much to Tilbury’s light wand; you have no idea. The only difference between the two is that the Light wand is sheer and has a more within glow, whereas Kiko’s highlighter is a tad bit opaque.

Wet n wild mega glow blush stick

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Another very identical Charlotte Tilbury dupe for light wand’s Pinkgasm – the most popular shade is Wet n wild blush stick in the shade peach bums. Even though the packaging and formula are not the same, this creamy stick blush can give a long-lasting, naturally flushed and glowing complexion.

It is the perfect mix of blush + highlighter, doesn’t have chunky glitters, blends effortlessly into the skin, and is a Charlotte Tilbury pinkgasm dupe.

5. charlotte tilbury Hollywood flawless filter

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

If there’s one product that I don’t ever want Charlotte Tilbury to stop making, it is this flawless filter. It’s freakin’ glow in a bottle. It can be used as a tinted primer, under foundation, mixed with foundation, or as a highlighter on high points of the face, I mean, how cool is that? This is what I use to create that glass-skin kind of makeup look.

The light-as-air formula moisturizes the skin for up to 24 hours while smoothing and visibly brightening skin for that radiant finish it is famous for.

Seeing all the eyes it attracted, how could other brands hold themselves from replicating it? So here are some Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter dupes that are just as good as this one!

E.L.F. Halo Glow Liquid filter

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

You CANNOT find a better alternative to flawless filter than this halo glow foundation. I repeat, cannot! If the name and the bottle are not enough proof for you to believe it, you should know that both of these products provide a soft-focus radiance that blurs and smooths imperfections, leaving your skin looking seriously flawless and Instagram-ready.

However, the ELF Halo Glow Filter stands out as the BETTER choice with its multi-purpose liquid glow booster that doubles up as a skincare-makeup hybrid, offering additional skin-loving benefits.

Plus, at an affordable price point, the ELF Glow Filter allows you to achieve a stunning filter effect without breaking the bank. I literally urge you to try this beauty once, you’ll be swooned!!

Maybelline age rewind 4 in 1 instant perfector

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Maybelline age rewind instant perfector is was hands down the most exceptional dupe for a Hollywood flawless filter before Elf Halo Glow. 😼 But they still have an insanely similar texture, consistency, and glow, and I love Maybelline’s color-shifting shade range. Age rewind blends like a dream and feels super comfortable on the skin.

Like Tilbury’s flawless filter, Maybelline’s age rewind can be used as a primer, concealer, highlighter, or BB cream. In my opinion, the only difference between these two products is their packaging and applicator, but who cares about that when the inside is so goooooood.

I mean, I was shocked to my core when I tried them side by side. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point, right? So you better hurry and stock this flawless filter dupe up before it sells out everywhere.

Loreal true match Lumi glotion

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

A gorgeous multi-purpose product that gives your skin a beautiful, healthy, radiant glow along with hydrating it, we can conveniently say that Loreal’s Lumi glotion is a spectacular dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter. You’ll love it for its natural skin-like glow, its lightweight formula, and its amazing price.

In comparing flawless filter and Lumi glotion, the only difference I could spot is that Lumi glotion has a tad bit of natural sheen to it, whereas flawless filter is shinier and more glowy. Other than that, everything from consistency, and blend-ability to texture and wearability are incredibly similar.

So Lumi glotion is safe to be called a Charlotte Tilbury dupe!

6. charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless finish foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

A long-lasting, weightless Airbrush flawless finish foundation is Charlotte’s secret to a perfect, poreless-looking, confident complexion. And I’m not kidding when I say this is like a magic foundation that does it all, ALL!

This hybrid skincare foundation helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, instantaneously hydrates the skin, and gives your skin a fresh, out-of-oven feel. It’s a matte full, coverage foundation that is sweat, humidity, waterproof, and transfer-resistant. It’s literally a fantasy come true for makeup lovers!

But even though we have many reasons to love it, the price ain’t one. This is why you’ll want to try this Charlotte Tilbury dupe now, like now!

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Full Coverage Foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

For less than $6, you’ll be happily surprised to find out that this hydrating, full coverage, matte foundation from Hard Candy is a lightweight, breathable formula with a staying power of 16 hours.

If that’s not enough, it is made with flexible film technology, which won’t allow the product to settle into fine lines or wrinkles, giving you a perfectly smooth finish every time, almost like Airbrush’s flawless finish foundation.

This is why the hard candy foundation is a perfectly flawless finish foundation alternative.

And by the way, what more can you ask for for $6? This is a ‘you just cannot miss this’ product!

Maybelline dream satin foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Are you a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s flawless foundation but not a fan of its steep price tag? Fear not!

Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation is a close Charlotte Tilbury dupe for achieving that flawless, poreless look. Not only does it offer a smooth, airbrushed finish with buildable coverage (unlike Tilbury’s full, but you can build it up). And it also contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin moisturized all day long!

Not to forget, it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, which Airbrush Flawless is not.

7. charlotte tilbury airbrush matte bronzer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

I love a good bronzer. In fact, I prefer bronzing more than contouring. But when I get bronzer + contour in one, it’s hard not to try it. This airbrush bronzer gives a fine, soft finish as it blends into the skin in seconds. Moreover, this bronzer is infused with hyaluronic acid; I mean, talk about luxury!

But honestly, it’s not like you cannot duplicate that flawless airbrushed look with other bronzers.

NYX matte bronzer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

One of my favorite drugstores finds NYX matte bronzer is supremely one of the best formulas on the market. This bronzer is finely milled, has a smooth, soft finish and unreal pigmentation, and won’t look too dark or patchy. Absolutely matte, blendable bronzer, you can use this as a contour just like CT’s bronzer.

The shade deep tan in the NYX bronzer is the perfect Charlotte Tilbury dupe for airbrushed bronzer in the shade medium.

And you’ll be glad to know this is a spectacular Hoola bronzer dupe as well!

8. charlotte tilbury beautiful skin foundation

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

This is it guys, if you are all for a naturally glowing medium-coverage foundation that seriously hydrates, smoothes, blurs, and brightens the skin texture! Here’s your abso-freakin-utely beautiful skin foundation that is infused with hyaluronic acid to give you that pretty healthy glow.

With more than 35 shades, you can use it on an everyday basis as well. It’s a lightweight, breathable formula that also claims to improve your skin with each application. (Honestly, I doubt that improving with each application claim. I think it’s just a marketing strategy, what do you think?)

Loreal True Match Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

A perfect, even more, flawless Charlotte Tilbury dupe for beautiful skin foundation is Loreal’s hyaluronic acid tinted serum. It has the same medium coverage, gorgeous radiant finish, same water-based formula and consistency, and smooth application. In short, it is everything CT is without that big of a price tag.

Loreal considers this product as skincare, which is why it also contains aloe vera and witch hazel extracts. But, if truth be told, I prefer Loreal over CT anytime, and I have my reasons.

Firstly, this tinted serum is a godsend for my oily skin. It gives my skin a stunningly natural glow without clogging my pores and breaking them out. Secondly, it gives me the exact same finish as the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation at a much lesser price. And lastly, it has more skincare benefits, which is always a plus.

9. charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

It’s hard for me to think of anything more ‘iconic’ than a lipstick sold every two minutes. That is what Pillow talk lipstick is. It is a universally flattering, muted, pink-brown nude shade that looks astonishingly pretty on almost all skin tones, has a comfortable hydrating formula, and has a brilliant staying power.

What is there not to love? Oops, the price! But don’t you worry, your gal has got you!

I have a lot of Pillow talk dupes listed here, but here are two of my favorites among them.

Maybelline Superstay Crayon In Lead The Way

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

If you want an exact, I repeat EXACT Pillow Talk lipstick dupe, then Maybelline’s Lead you way is the best bet. This lip crayon has a creamy texture and feels like a lip balm but sets to a matte finish after a few seconds. And I kid you not, it actually sticks to your lips for 8 hours and does not budge or transfer much.

It has a rich, pigmented matte finish and feels super comfy on the lips, just like Pillow Talk. This shade is like a made-in-heaven dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk. Or maybe we should say made in Maybelline’s factory, kind of a dupe? For the price, you cannot get anything better!

Flower Beauty Lipstick In Spiced Petal

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

I think Flower beauty is one such underrated brand that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Yet, they have some of the best drugstore products on the market.

The petal pout lipstick from Flower Beauty seriously gives Pillow Talk a run for its money. It has a richly pigmented formula that leaves your lips feeling hydrated and comfortable all day long. The shades are a blind match, and you cannot see a difference when put together.

However, the Spiced Petal has a satin finish, unlike CT’s semi-matte one. But there’s nothing dabbing some powder on the lips cannot solve. (This will also help the lipstick last longer as well.)

10. charlotte tilbury lip liner in pillow talk

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Another wildly popular CT product after pillow talk lipstick is its lip liner in the same shade. Yes, it has a rich, velvety texture that your lips will love, but there’s nothingggggg exceptional that you need to spend $24 on a freakin’ lip liner. Trust me, I’ll get you the same shade and formula at a much lower price.

NYX lip liner in Peek-a-boo neutral

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

With a buttery soft, long-wearing formula, NYX lip liner in the shade Peek-a-boo neutral is the perfect Pillow Talk lip liner dupe you’ll ever find. Not only are both the shades identical, but you’ll also be shocked to see how NYX is delivering the exact same formula, texture, and finish for $4.

I mean, we are talking about $24 and just $4!! So I say, pick up this Charlotte Tilbury dupe NOW.

11. charlotte tilbury legendary lashes vol 2 mascara

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Oooh, one of the makeup products I cannot step out without is a good volumizing and lengthening mascara. And this is mascara is everything a mascara maniac like me could ask for. It gives you gorgeous fanned-out lashes that are hard to resist.

However, $30 is wayyyy too much money to ask for. And good mascaras aren’t something you cannot find at the drugstore. Look at all the good ones at Maybelline and Loreal, and you’ll easily find a similar Charlotte Tilbury dupe. One such is…

Loreal lash paradise mascara

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Oh yes, Lash paradise is easily one of the best drugstore mascaras I have tried in my life. It is mind-blowingly stunning and gives your lashes that volume and length we all crave. It literally doubles your lashes and gives a falsies effect within seconds.

For one-third the price, you need to try this CT dupe at least once in your life.

12. charlotte tilbury magic away liquid concealer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Now this one is a miss. We all had high hopes when Charlotte launched this magic away, saying it’s a full-coverage, long-lasting, dark-circle-diminishing, color-correcting concealer that reduces the appearance of dark circles, pigmentation, and imperfections while creating the appearance of firmer, lifted skin.

If truth be told, it’s an OK product for an extremely high price. There are sooooo many concealers better and cheaper than magic away concealer that you don’t want to try your bet on this one.

Maybelline age rewind concealer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Such a beautiful, full-coverage, must-have concealer, Maybelline’s age rewind actually hides dark circles and imperfections and brightens the under-eye area without making your heart and pocket regret the money spent.

It’s a multi-use concealer. You can use it as a BB cream, color corrector, or even contour, which is why we also call it a Charlotte Tilbury’s contour wand dupe.

Another pretty good magic away concealer dupe has to be Makeup Revolution’s eye bright concealer. It has a heavenly smooth, full-coverage finish that covers all the dark circles and brightens up the eyes without feeling cakey, patchy, or dry. These two concealers are my absolute favorite.

13. charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerize cream eyeshadow

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Have you seen that soft subtle eye makeup looks with a base color and glossy glitters all over? Cream eyeshadows like this one make it super easy to create. And they undoubtedly are one of the best ones in the industry. Enriched with soothing vitamin E, the soft-focus pigments blur lines and imperfections for a visibly youthful finish.

Revlon Colorstay Crème Eyeshadow

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

With the soft, stunning, highly-pigmented, long-wearing applications, Revlon’s colorstay creme eyeshadows are a really close Charlotte Tilbury dupe for cream eyeshadows. From the finish to the creamy texture and easy blendability, Revlon’s eyeshadows match the level of CT shadows like anything.

There are many multi-dimensional shades that give you a perfect eye look with one swipe.

14. charlotte tilbury wonderglow face primer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

How about a face primer with anti-aging properties that gives your face an instant soft glow and helps create an effortlessly glowy makeup look? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Charlotte listened to you and created this wonderful glow primer that does what it says.

physician’s formula spotlight illuminating primer

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

This illuminating primer from Physicians Formula does more than just blot the skin out. It blurs imperfections, corrects any discoloration that you may have on your face (bribery or not), and protects against environmental aggressors like pollution for an all-around glow! Not to mention, it actually makes your makeup last longer.

For an affordable price of $13, this product really delivers big time with its similar formula to CT primer, making it worth trying.

15. charlotte tilbury filmstar bronze & glow duo

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

This all-in-one bronzer and highlighter duo can effortlessly help you create killer cheekbones and candlelit skin. Charlotte carefully curated this duo with universal shades, made from a refined golden base that flatters all skin tones. The sculpt bronzer adds buildable definition while highlighting illuminates the entire face.

But wait, $68 for two products that can easily be found at drugstores with much better quality and pigmentation. I’m not buying into it again!

W7 Hollywood Bronze & glow duo

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

Save yourself some a lot of money and get this W7 bronze and glow palette. You can see from the packaging itself how similar this Charlotte Tilbury dupe is to its counterpart. Both the bronzing and highlighting shades are also super similar but not exactly the same. W7 shades are a tad bit more pigmented than CT, which means you can use less of the product.

Apart from this, both powders have almost the same consistency and blend-ability. Umm, for just $6, what more can you ask for?

16. charlotte tilbury rock n roll kohl eye cheat

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

This eyeliner pencil is a nice hybrid, waterproof kohl with a long-lasting formula that combines the silky application of a liquid liner with the sultry, smudgy texture of kohl. People love it for its easy blend-ability and creamy pigmentation.

Eye cheat eyeliner pencil is a universal nude color, which instantly creates the illusion of brighter, fuller and bigger eyes.

But save your $30 and go to this Charlotte Tilbury dupe instead if you can find it.

NYX Wonder Pencil

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

NYX’s nude liner works just the same as Charlotte’s eye cheat liner. It gives you dazzling wide-awake eyes on a budget. And you can also use it as a concealer or lip liner, which is so cool.

But I don’t know, this liner is really hard to find online or at stores. Maybe it is discontinued.

17. Charlotte Tilbury’s flawless setting spray

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

The only setting spray that I love and believe in is Mac’s fix plus. So there was absolutely no point for me to even try this.

But once in a while, someone on TikTok can’t stop raving about this setting spray. So I went to Sephora and asked them to spray it just enough so that my makeup stays put all night of clubbing.

And honestly, it was freakin’ long-lasting!! And the finish was amazing too. But worth $40? Not really. So here’s a Charlotte Tilbury setting spray dupe that’s so much cheaper and worth it, you won’t believe your eyes!

Milani make it last setting spray

16 Stunning Charlotte tilbury dupes That are Pure Gold

I’ll start by saying, THE HYPE IS REAL. Glad we had that talk.

Milani make it last setting spray is the ultimate bang for your buck! Don’t be fooled by the price tag, this cruelty-free and vegan spray is a game-changer. It’s a 2-in-1 primer and setting spray that preps your face and reduces imperfections while locking in your makeup for an impressive 16 hours.

And guess what? It’s a perfect dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray! Both setting sprays provide weightless hydration and long-lasting hold without melting or fading throughout the day.

Well, these were all the best Charlotte Tilbury dupes for their bestselling makeup products. Even though CT delivers luxury when they ask for luxury prices, however, it’s not like they are made on Mars. Grab these drugstore Charlotte Tilbury dupes and have a gallon of nice mimosas with the money saved!

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