39 Eggstraordinary Easter Nail Designs to Slay the Hunt for Chic!

Easter nail designs

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Can we talk about how Easter is like the perfect occasion for some major nail art galore?

OMG, Easter is literally hopping closer every second! Can y’all believe it? Did we just blink and miss Valentine’s Day? I mean, wasn’t it just yesterday when we were snuggled up in our hoodies, binge-watching our fave shows and waiting for 2024 to say hello?!

But, hey, who’s complaining when the Easter Bunny’s bringing enough sugar bombs to spark a candy revolution?

And speaking of sweet treats, let’s get into the yummiest eye candy of the season: Easter nail designs! I’m talkin’ nail art that’ll make even your Insta feed blush with pride.

So, Let’s Feast Upon These Truly Mesmerizing easter Nail designs that are so good, You’d Want ’Em All!

1. floral easter set

easter nail designs
Courtesy: @natalies_paint_box_nails

Why settle for average when you can rock a floral spring Easter set? These bloomin’ beauties blend the freshness of spring with the colors of Easter. Say hello to a whole new level of nail art awesomeness! Trust me, your nails will be the talk of the Easter brunch.

2. cute pastel frenchies

easter nail designs
Courtesy: @naileditbeauty

Upgrade your classic French mani with a splash of pastel! These cute Easter-inspired colors give a fun and dreamy twist to a timeless look. Pastel Frenchies are giving us major heart eyes this season!

3. heart shaped mani

easter nail designs
Courtesy: @lovelecente

If you’re all about spreading love, this heart-shaped mani will steal your heart (and everyone else’s!). Adorn your pastel Easter nails with the cutest little hearts because wearing your heart on your nails is totally in!

4. soft pink nails

easter nail designs
Courtesy: @aleksandra.gruszka.educator

Why not give your nails some pizzazz with soft pink nails and just a touch of rainbow swirls? It’s like cotton candy and unicorns had a beautiful, nail-licious baby. You’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous blend of colors!

5. easter egg nails

easter nail designs

Nothing says Easter like eggs and bunnies! Embrace the holiday spirit by painting your nails with adorable Easter egg and bunny designs. It’s all about the cuteness overload this season!

6. asymmetrical matte swirlies

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @monika__nails

Dazzle your Easter squad with unique asymmetrical matte swirlies that’ll leave everyone jelly. These uber-cool easter nail designs are the perfect mix of edgy and whimsical, making your nails impossible to ignore!

7. pretty pink florals

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @charsflamingnailstudio

Combine the best of both worlds by flaunting pretty pink florals with a cute bunny hidden in the mix! It’s like playing an adorable Easter version of “I Spy” on your nails.

8. abstract easter colorful mani

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @_by_shelley

Can’t decide on just one color? No worries, babe! With this abstract Easter colorful mani, you get to play with all the shades of the rainbow. Mix and match pastels and bold hues for an eye-poppin’ effect that screams Easter!

9. matte easter french tips

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @naileditbeauty

Want to keep things chic and classy? Say bonjour to these matte Easter French tips! Take the classic French manicure and give it a holiday twist by incorporating pastel shades on the tips. Tres magnifique!

10. bold & bright dotted mani

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @nailsbykatiebug

Feeling a little extra? This bold and bright dotted mani is just what you need! Add a touch of cute with a tiny bunny on your accent nail, and you’ve got yourself a mani that’s both fun and festive. Hop to it!

11. a hint of gold mani

pastel easter nail designs
Courtesy: @swaknails

Let your nails shine on Easter Sunday with this hint of gold mani on pastel Easter Frenchies! The subtle shimmer adds instant glam to your traditional pastel shades, making it perfect for both day and night events.

12. cute easter rabbit nails

easter nail ideas
Courtesy: @minniesnails

Unleash your inner bunny lover with these adorable Easter rabbit nails! With carrots, bunnies, and hearts, you’ll have the cutest mani in town. Hop on this trend before the Easter Bunny hops away!

13. short textured mani

easter nail ideas
Courtesy: @barbara.szollosi.nails

Not into the bright shades for Easter? Keep things low-key with this short textured mani on neutral nails. Add some texture with a matte topcoat and make a subtle statement that’s perfect for the minimalist in you.

14. asymmetrical french tips

easter nail ideas

Feeling a bit daring? Try out these asymmetrical French tips for a modern twist on that classic mani! Play around with different shapes and pastel colors for a look that’s anything but ordinary. Time to shake things up, girl!

15. long easter egg nails

easter nail ideas
Courtesy: @naileditbeauty

Rock that Easter vibe with some long Easter egg-inspired Frenchies. These nails will have you flexing on your friends with an adorable touch of bunny. Bonus points for adding glitter or rhinestones to really make these bad boys pop!

16. pastel color overload

easter nail ideas

Pastels are, like, the go-to shades for Easter, right? So, why not embrace the season with a complete pastel color overload? Mix and match your favorite shades for a mani that’s as fun, bright, and cheery as a basket full of Easter eggs.

17. baby colors mani

easter nail ideas

Keep it classy and elegant with these delicate baby-colored Frenchies. Add a touch of white floral and a cute bunny accent to level up the look. You’ll be the belle of the Easter ball with these stunning nails.

18. spring easter mani

easter nail ideas
Courtesy: @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Welcome spring with a playful and colorful Easter mani that’s blooming with life. Think flowers, bees, birds, and butterflies—all you need for a fresh spring look. You’ll be stealing the show at every garden party!

19. easter rabbit inspo

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @pazybohomazy 

Go for a subtle yet chic look with an Easter rabbit-inspired design on a soft nude base. This minimalist design proves that less can be more, making it a perfect choice for those who love understated elegance.

20. colorful cartoon nails

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @_jb_nailsx

Unleash your inner artist and celebrate Easter with a pop of color and some cartoon cuteness! Paint some of your fave characters or motifs, and let your nails be the canvas for your creativity. Trust me, you’ll be getting compliments left and right!

21. dreamy pastel mani

easter egg nail designs

Get ready for cuteness overload with this dreamy pastel mani featuring the most adorable bunnies. These little fluffballs will melt hearts everywhere you go, making this mani perfect for the Easter festivities.

22. cute minimalist bunnies

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @ceirrasnails

Minimalism meets Easter chic with this combo of cute bunnies and textured spring floral accents. This understated yet oh-so-charming easter nail design will have everyone asking where you get your nails done! Plus, the textured florals give this mani a nature-inspired touch that’ll have you feeling fresh all season.

23. colorful swirls

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @celeste_m_beauty

Up your Easter game to the max with these hypnotic, colorful swirls that’ll leave everyone mesmerized! The pops of color intertwined in these swirly designs will put a groovy spin on your traditional Easter nails.

24. intricately cute bunnies

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @precious.nails14

These intricately illustrated bunnies are giving us major heart eyes! Put your steady hand to the test and create these delicate, adorable bunnies that will make you smile every time you look at your nails. They’re the perfect Easter treat without the calories; just saying.

25. spring easter mani

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @serenity_nailsandlashes

Want to keep it subtle yet spring-tastic? Opt for this Easter mani with pretty spring hues and just a hint of a cute bunny. This easter nail design lets you have all the sweetness of Easter while keeping it super classy. It’s like the grown-up version of an Easter egg hunt!

26. pastel dotted nails

easter egg nail designs

Feelin’ artsy and fresh? Then, these white dots on pastel base nails are perfect for you. It’s a super simple look, yet totally eye-catching. This mani is like tiny little Easter eggs scattered over beautiful pastel skies. Delightful!

27. pinky dotted nails

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @sara_slb

We have these chic pinky frenchies with subtle hints of white dotted nails. It’s the right amount of Easter vibes that meet contemporary sophistication. You’ll have everyone wondering how you got your nails to look that fabulous!

28. soothing lilac mani

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @__nailsbygabi_

Get those paws bunny-ready with this gorgeous lilac mani! It pairs perfectly with a large, adorable bunny on your feature nail. The combo is everything and will have your friends saying, “OMG, I need that too!”

29. sweet whoppers speckles

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @nails_byev

This one’s for our candy lovers! Sport some cutesy bunnies amid adorable whopper speckles on a pastel base mani. This easter nail idea is so sweet. You’d want to, like, literally eat it up!

30. vibrant nail inspo

easter egg nail designs
Courtesy: @tonikelly.mua

Spring is all about color, baby! Choose a bunch of bright shades and go wild with them. Ombre, geometric, or abstract – the world is your palette. Make ’em pop with your festive Easter outfits.

31. hint of rhinestones

easter nail art designs
Courtesy: @staceydee.nailartist

Add some bling to your spring with a touch of shiny rhinestones to your fresh Easter mani. Sparkle up your pastels, and you’re ready to rock those brunches and egg hunts!

32. textured floral mani

easter nail art designs

Spring florals? Groundbreaking, we know! But seriously, tho, textured flower nail art is the classic Easter look. And when they’re this chic, who can resist?

33. dreamy cloud nails

easter nail art designs

Float on fluffy pink and white cloud nails as you celebrate Easter. Super dreamy, right? Toss in a cute little bunny for that extra festive vibe, and just watch people swoon.

34. spring frenchies

easter nail art designs

Give your classic white French tips a springtime twist with blooms that will make you feel like you’re walking in sunshine! Fresh, elegant, and oh-so-spring! Cheers to winning the nailing Easter egg prize!

35. cute hearties

easter nail art designs

Combine the love in the air during Easter with adorable hearties on a pastel base for your nails. This sweet and simple easter nail idea is perfect for showing off both your love for the season and your undeniable style.

36. simple & sweet dots

easter nail art designs
Courtesy: @pegi_nails

If you’re all about that minimalist life but still want to bring some Easter cheer to your nails, then these simple and sweet pastel dots are just the ticket! Choose a white or neutral base and create cute little dots in various pastel shades.

37. Baby pink floral nails

easter nail art designs

Embrace your inner Easter bunny with nails that feature both delicate baby pink florals and a subtle hint of that cute bunny. It’s the perfect combo to show off your love for the season without going too overboard. Hop on over to your nail salon and get ready to slay with your bunny-inspired nails!

38. delicate, dainty florals

easter nail art designs

For a more artistic and sophisticated look, opt for delicate, dainty florals in an abstract nail design. This style adds a touch of class while still embracing the seasonal vibes. Pick your favorite pastel shades and watch as this masterpiece comes together, making your easter nails the talk of the town!

39. playful frenchies

easter nail art designs

Take your classic French manicure up a notch with a playful twist by adding a floral touch. Keep the traditional white tips and add small floral patterns to breathe new life into this evergreen style. Voila! You’re ready to turn heads and flaunt your nail game all throughout Easter!

wrapping up – Easter nail designs

You’ve just feasted your egg-cited eyes on 39 un-beatable, stylish, and fabulous Easter nail designs. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hop on over to your favorite nail salon or grab your DIY kit, get inspired by these egg-extravagant designs, and watch your nails transform into total showstoppers.

And remember, you don’t have to be a nail art aficionado to rock these designs. With a bit of practice and some egg-explosive creativity, you, too, can slay the Easter hunt for chic! So go ahead – give your nails the springtime glow-up they deserve, and make this Easter a fashionable one to remember!

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