How to get Glowing Skin overnight

how to get glowing skin overnight

How to get glowing skin overnight

Glowing skin? Hell yes! Efforts every day? No, thank you.

That’s me most of the time. And if you are on the same side, and wondering how to get glowing skin overnight, because maybe you are pressed on time or want quick results, here are 8 bombshell tips you could use when you have an important day (or date) the next morning.

Remember, these are things I swear by and have tried and tested not once, twice or thrice but thousands of times. So you can trust me on that.

8 tips to get glowing skin overnight

1. Oil-cleansing before face wash

I haven’t heard enough people doing it but Oil-cleansing can pull out all the, and I mean all the grime out of your face which even your best most expensive face wash cannot do.

And the best way to do oil cleansing to get glowing skin overnight is to take an oil you trust onto your palms and massage that into the skin for at least 15-20 minutes. And then wash it off with a cleanser nicely.

Now if you are thinking this is a scary path for your already oily skin. Trust me on this, if you choose the right oils for your skin type, you are gonna glow like a goddess after.

FYI, I have tried many oils for this purpose on my oily acne-prone and sensitive skin. Some have made it better and some worsened it. So I won’t guide you wrong. The oils I absolutely love are Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, and Olive oil.

Even though Olive and coconut oils are not my first choices, but I have cleansed with them quite a few times now and not even a single acne was triggered after. But don’t take the risk if tomorrow’s your big day and you only got today for it!

Btw, this video is great for reference.

2. Use rosewater instead of a toner

I don’t believe in toners. That’s one of the skincare myths I stopped believing for good! So instead you should replace your toner with Rosewater as it has soothing properties that will balance the skin’s oil levels, along with keeping blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and dryness at bay.

You can either pour some rosewater onto a cotton pad and cleanse your face gently or can spray it over nicely.

3. glowing masks to the rescue

One secret to getting a glowing skin overnight is Masks! May that be leave-on maks or wash off, there’s a mask for everyone of your skin needs.

how to get glowing skin overnight

If you have oily, acne-prone skin dealing with blackheads, dark spots and blemishes, you need an intensive treatment that can help fight acne and impurities. And the best ever affordable face mask I know and love is the Aztec Indian healing clay mask. Seriously, I can go on and on for what it has done to my skin, acne, dark spots and every issue I can think of. Mixed with apple cider vinegar, it is one of the few face masks I swear by.

If you have normal to dry skin with no issues of acne peeping, you need this baby in your life. It is an overnight mask that hydrates, plumps, and brightens skin with ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

4. moisturiser or serum is key!

Wondering how to get glowing skin overnight effortlessly? A good Moisturiser is everything. Especially when you chose to use a clay mask or have really dry skin.

The best way to reap all the benefits of a moisturiser or serum is to massage them into the skin slowly so that it regulates the blood circulation to your face which makes the skin look supple and healthy. The one I swear by is this one from Neutrogena. I have been using it for years now!

5. drink enough water

Oh good god, water is a Holy grail! I CANNOT stress more on how important this tasteless colourless thing is for you, your health, and especially your skin. If you want to know how to get glowing skin overnight, clear those acne, dark spots, and live a happy life, 2 litres of water a day is just as necessary for you as eating food, haha.

Not just a day before, but you must and you should drink at least 2 bottles a day pal. Just in case you find it hard to make time for drinking water, these 12 insanely easy tips will seriously help keep you fully hydrated and skin naturally glowing!

6. avoid salty foods

how to get glowing skin overnight

How many times have you heard it before? A million would be less. But with the foodie’s stomach, I just cannot control that. But for special important days (and dates), you should keep your hands off of salty foods for at least 2 days as they can result in puffiness the next morning. And puffy eyes can give a feeling of a tired face.

7. have a good night’s sleep

A full 8 hours of sleep with a good skincare routine before bed and a healthy diet can especially help you to get glowing skin overnight. This would help your skin reap all the skincare benefits and help you wake up fresh and glowing. So get yur beauty sleep right!

8. Bonus tip: cool it down wih ice!

Now, this is a bonus tip because you don’t have to do anything before night but after you wake up. If you see a zit popping or dark circles or an inch of puffiness, message your beautiful face with ice and wash it off with cold water. This is a celebrity skincare tip I’m giving you, so grab it and do it because it sure works.

Favourite Glowing skin products

Having said, that’s all the products and tips on How to get glowing skin overnight that I have tried and tested and which work like magic.

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How to get glowing skin overnight

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