How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

How to Look Good in Pictures

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There are those photogenic people who seem to naturally strike a pose and look dazzle in front of a camera, and then there are people who put the effort in so they don’t look like an awkward potato. 🥔

But sometimes, no matter what you do or what pose you strike, somehow you just manage to look like that – an awkward potato, that is.

Well, today we’re diving into the world of the photogenic and dishing out the deets on how to take your photo game from “meh” to “marvelous!”

So, let’s get the lowdown on slaying the picture-taking skills!

1. Find your light, honey

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

When it comes to rocking those snaps, lighting is EVERYTHING. Look for natural light, ideally near a window or outside. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight, and remember: golden hour (just before sunset) is the time to glow.

Wherever the light is, pose opposite to that and on the side. You don’t have to stand directly below or take the light source behind you in the picture.

2. Know your angles

Show off your best side! Experiment with different poses to find your most flattering angle. Tip: a slightly tilted head and a 3/4 turn toward the camera can work wonders.

You can practice your angles 10, 20, and 50 times in front of the mirror till you find your best. Maybe even do a self-photoshoot with a Bluetooth timer.

3. Flatter Thyself with the Fave Side

Everyone has a good side and a great side, so why not show off the latter in your pictures? Experiment with different angles and positions to find your favorite side, and then own it like a boss.

Believe it or not, your left side is usually your best side.

4. The smize is the new smile

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Tyra Banks was onto something. Instead of a cheesy grin, give the camera a sultry, smoldering look. Practice your smize (smiling with your eyes) in the mirror, and soon you’ll be werkin’ it like a pro.

Either close your lips or just keep them a lil apart (not even enough for a fly to make way) and shrink your eyes a little, softening it for the picture.

5. Make Direct Eye Contact with the Camera

Making eye contact creates a dazzling connection between you and the camera. Just look straight into the lens and let your eyes do the talking. BAM! Instant confidence booster.

6. Power up with the Grid

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Wanna show off those rule-of-thirds skills? Use the grid option on your camera app – this helps you keep everything aligned and well-composed, making your photos visually appealing.

While clicking the picture, ask the cameraman to keep the above row completely empty and your feet just above the lowest row. If it’s not a full body image, just make sure you’re in the center column, and the top row is empty.

7. Keep it Low to Look High

Angle matters, y’all! To look taller and more confident, keep your camera slightly lower than your face. With this trick, you’ll be standing tall and rocking those pictures like never before.

8. Keep the Poses Fresh by Doing Something or the Other

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Nobody wants to see the same old poses on their feed! Mix it up with some quirky and fun actions like twirling your hair, laughing, or blowing a kiss to make your pics more lively.

9. Try to Make triangles in Photos with Arms or Legs

Strike a pose, hun! Create triangular shapes using your arms or legs to add some oomph to your photos. This is the #1 hack used by models and influencers around the globe!

10. Embrace the Burst or Live Mode

Why take one pic when you can have many? Using burst or live mode helps you capture your natural vibe and not miss out on any good shots. Keep clicking like a pro, and you’re bound to find a winner!

11. Chin up, buttercup

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

A double chin never hurt anybody, but if you wanna avoid it, just stick your chin slightly forward and tilt your head down. Voila! Say “adiós” to unflattering chin angles.

No, no, you don’t have to take a camera so up that your forehead looks like a parking lot. Just a tad higher than parallel to your face.

12. Pop that leg!

Pop a foot forward to add a little sass to your pose. It’ll make your legs appear longer and add that extra bit of attitude your photo needs.

13. Strike a pose

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Still rockin’ that same pose from your 2010 Facebook profile pic? It’s time to switch things up! Mix it up with different angles and poses – think chin down, shoulders back, arms on your hips, one foot in front, or the classic Kardashian hand-on-hip pose.

14. Use props like a boss

Bring props into the mix to add a fun, dynamic vibe to your pics. Whether it’s a colorful umbrella or an oversized cup of coffee, it’ll draw attention and make your photo more interesting.

15. Laugh it out

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Candid laughs make the most unforgettable photos, period. Ask a friend to crack some cheesy jokes, toss your head back, and let that genuine laughter shine through. Trust me, it looks fabulous.

16. Sort Out Your Posture

Stand tall, folks! Proper posture doesn’t only make you look better IRL; it works its magic in pictures too. Elongate your neck, keep your back straight and roll those shoulders back—confidence, here we come!

17. Snap that background

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

A killer background adds a touch of je ne sais quoi to your photos. Pick interesting locations like cozy cafes, art murals, or dreamy gardens and watch how your snaps become next-level amazeballs.

But also, don’t let the BG be the hero of the picture. And of course, make sure your outfit compliments the background instead of clashing with it.

18. Say “No” to the Selfie Stick

Embrace that #SelfLove and throw away that clunky selfie stick. Extend your arm out and snap away—bonus points for finding a funky mirror and adding some artistic flair.

Selfie sticks will just make you look weridly shorter, far away, angles will not be good, in short, just poor life choice.

19. Flaunt what yo’ mama gave ya!

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Everyone’s got their own beautiful features, so show ’em off! Got bomb cheekbones? Pop on some highlighter and werk it. Embrace your cute dimples or blow a playful kiss to make your full lips the star of the show.

20. Use Flash When the Lighting is Dim

Don’t let poor lighting kill your photo game! Use a lil’ flash magic for that radiant glow without breaking a sweat.

21. Filter fantasy

How to Look Good in Pictures – Because Filters Can Only Do So Much

Filters can be a game-changer! Don’t be afraid to explore and enhance your pics with bold colors, dramatic vignettes, or throwback vintage vibes. Still, keep it classy and avoid going overboard with those Snapchat dog ears, ‘okay?

22. Have fun with it – don’t stress the small stuff!

Remember, confidence is key! Relax and have fun, let your personality shine through, and don’t be afraid to get silly! After all, perfect pictures happen when you least expect it.

Wrapping up – how to look good in photos

Well, that being said, these were 22 things you should do and care about if you want to know how to look good in pictures. They are easy, and once you get hold of them, you’ll see the difference in your pictures yourself.

And don’t worry, it will take some time. And don’t compare your first pictures with the 34680236th picture of a person you are following.

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