How to look good in summer: 8 must-know tips

how to look good in summer

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Tips on how to look good in summer all the time? Haha, very funny. Because we all know IT IS HARD!

I have this love-hate relationship with Summer. I love it because oh god, it’s summer. It’s all things cool and minty fresh. It’s beaches and travels all season. But I hate it as well because being a makeup-obsessed child, I don’t like to put on any makeup and when I do my makeup melts off like it’s a bar of chocolate kept in the oven. And it freakin’ disgusts me.

Also, dehydrationnnnn!!! Although I manage to drink gallons of water every day with these tips but trust me, for some reason, it’s still not enough for the sun to stop sucking all the juice out of me.

And if you by any chance relate with me, I want you to stay till the end of this post because these tricks on how to look good and celebrate summer are a must for you to look pretty all day in that scorching heat and will protect you from all sorts of damage. Yup!

What are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into all the precious words I have to say?

Tips on how to look good in summer

1. Hydration is the key!

I know you have heard it enough that hydrate your freakin’ self but babe, sorry to break your heart, you cannot really escape summers with dehydration all along.

For the longest time, I know I was just unable to drink enough water no matter what. I used to feel lazy to go to the kitchen and have a glass of water and end up with no water even when I was thirsty. I know a lot of you could agree and that is why I made these genuine practical tips for me and you to stay hydrated all summer.

Now that you have got the tips, go drink a glass of water right now.

So you are still siting huh, lazy ass!

2. Watermelons make your skin healthy

How to look good in summer: 8 must-know tips

Who in this world doesn’t love watermelons? Please don’t raise your hands because the stakes are high that I might judge you. Anyway if you love watermelons, congrats, you are on your way to beautiful healthy skin. But just in case you don’t eat them frequently, here are some quick benefits of eating watermelon to push you to have it more.

  • Helps hydrate your body (it contains around 90% water)
  • is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and whatnot
  • promotes hair growth
  • acts as a skin toner
  • prevents anti-aging
  • Prevents oil production in the skin
  • helps hydrate hair and skin
  • strengthens immunity
  • helps prevents Asthma
  • Helps combat cancer
  • improves heart health
  • lowers inflammation
  • aids digestion
  • might help relieve muscle soreness
  • aids weight loss

Any double thoughts about start eating them, huh? Good for you. Because this shit is crazyyyyy!

3. Wear flowy fabrics

How to look good in summer: 8 must-know tips

I don’t care if those cringy sticky fabrics make you look thinner or smarter but for god’s sake ditch them and go for some flowy fabrics. Help your body and skin breathe. Let it feel the air.

A super ugly benefit of wearing those ultra-tight clothes is that when you’ll sweat, it will show up. Haha. Now you wanna go for loose clothes? I bet you do.

4. Opt for hair updos

how to look good in summer
High buns are highly in trend!

I know you look extremely beautiful with your hair down. But what when sweat will make those luscious locks look greasy, smelly, and oily? So a smart tip will be to choose hair updos over leaving them open. Some stunning options are, half knots, messy buns, sleek buns, and million other options if you just search.

5. Always carry sunscreen and sunglasses

how to look good in summer

A sunscreen lasts for just 2-3 hours. And I think you need to feel that caring for yourself is more important than what others say. No matter what condition you are in or wherever you are, do not forget to reapply your sunscreen every now and then unless you want your skin to burn off. It’s fine with me. You have to see what is fine for you.

READ: How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin type: Your ultimate guide to sunscreen.

Also, you cannot apply sunscreen to your eyes, so better be clever and take your sunglasses along as well. Hey sister, eyes get tanned too and, they get harmed by UVA/UVB rays as well.

My favourite sunscreen recommendations are: Neutrogena dry-touch sunscreen | Aveeno sensitive skin sunscreen

6. Carry a jacket/shrug to coverup

how to look good in summer

I might sound crazy but to protect yourself from that stubborn tan, you need to carry something to cover you up when you are in direct sunlight. Even if it’s just a flannel or a scarf.

7. Smell good 24*7

how to look good in summer

Sweat has never been beautiful. It doesn’t look good, smells bad, and feels awful. But obviously, you cannot stop it from happening. But what you can do is follow some genius smell good tips or carry some fragrance all the time. Using it when you feel like is always an awesome idea because you never know who you meet next. Maybe the man of your dreams? We don’t know. So be ready 24*7.

8. Try wearing less makeup

You love makeup. We all love makeup. But what we don’t love is it melting off the moment we step out. So if you have done everything to make your makeup last longer and nothing worked, I would suggest you follow these amazing tips, or at the end try wearing lesser makeup. Sorry girl, summer is bad. And we don’t like it either.

These are some basic tips for you on how to look good in summer but most of the time you tend to ignore them. So these being stuck in your mind, I can finally wrap up this blog post and urge you to look fresh and be healthy!

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