Crazy Cute Ideas for Thanksgiving Nails that are legit cute

Crazy Cute Ideas for Thanksgiving Nails that are legit cute

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Let’s start by a controversial question. When do Holiday season actually start? Halloween or Thanksgiving?

I bet you know the answer!

And no doubt, Holiday season has arrived. So step in your festive shoes and buckle up with some insanely good Holiday Nail Looks. Fall nail ideas? Oh yes! Halloween nails? Why not! Thanksgiving Nail Ideas? That’s why we are here right!

Get going with all the pretty nail polishes and designs that are going to taste better than turkey at that family dinner. From subtle to extraordinary, easy to artistic, you have everything you can love. Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving nail ideas

1. Corns on the Nails

unique thanksgiving nail ideas

Tell me, what screams thanksgiving better than some lovely corns on the hook? And this gorgeous nail design does all the justice. Who’s even gonna focus on the turkey?

2. Buffalo Plaid

plaid thanksgiving nails

I know, I know, Plaid is the most classic fall thing ever, either on nails or home. But hello? I just can’t unlove it and I hope so can’t you. This is super cute!

3. Floral Nude

unique thanksgiving nail design

Nude nail polish is your best friend whatever the occasion is. And these extra cute florals on glitter look delicious! I’m here for it.

4. Grey Sparkly Pumpkin

gel thanksgiving nails

I’m sorry but I never knew that grey polish, chunky gold glitters, some cute pumpkins and pie and little quote which you probably are dying for.

5. French Pumpkin

pumpkin thanksgiving nails

French nails are one of my favourite and the most classy nail design the world knows of. But look at the pumpkins looking adorable and shouting fall and thanksgiving at top of its voice.

6. Cranberry Nails

cute thanksgiving nails
Go polished

Cranberry sauce, turkey, and these utterly chic nails are the perfect trio anyone could think of. Ugh, looks yum that I’m hungry now.

7. Glitter Ombre

Glitter thanksgiving nail art design

Do you love being subtle all the time? So call it a festival with this glitter ombre which looks exceptionally simple but elegant.

8. Tortoise Nails

tortoise nail idea for thanksgiving

Yes, the tortoise is for the whole season but around fall, this nail design comes out way more artistic. Colors are so easy on the eye and we love it!

9. Classic Fall

fall nail ideas

Golden glitter and soft brown look all the way winsome when put together with a pretty nude, don’t they?

10. Paint on White

ideas for thanksgiving nails

Hey Gorgeous, paint those nails white and just brush spray your favorite fall colors and create these piece which looks as pretty as a picture. And decent too!

11. Plaid and pumpkin

thanksgiving nail design ideas

Glitters always get me especially when it’s the most magical time of the year. And plaid and pumpkin is your best bet when fall knocks your door!

12. Wine marble

cute thanksgiving nail ideas

Marble nails are a cliche now but with this gorgeous wine nail polish, I may want to change my mind! Top it off with a clear matte polish and you are done for the season.

13. deep red matte

matte thanksgiving nail art

What better than a plaid matte deep red nail that screams holiday season like crazy? After all, red is our beloved holiday color, isn’t it?

14. fall fox

thanksgiving nails

Wow, this delish brown color looks like my dream for a perfect thanksgiving. Fall leaves are so artistic and look at that cute fox.

15. cable knit design

cable knitted thanksgiving nails

Cable knit nail designs are so in and you can easily create one for yourself with a 3-D nail polish. Looks like beauty on ease to me! And adding a glitter nail at anytime hurts nobody.

16. mint leaves

Crazy Cute Ideas for Thanksgiving Nails that are legit cute

Mint is slowly on it’s way to become a trendy cute fall nail color but with this sparkle in it, I think the process may get quicker, lol. Anyway, these red and green leaves are equally ready for thanksgiving and Christmas. What say?

17. Cute brown

thanksgiving nails acrylic

Aesthetic has never looked this great! Just grab a khaki gold nail polish and play with a pretty brown To make flowers and marble effect.

18. orange pumpkins

fall thanksgiving nails
Source: Pinterest

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice? You have to agree. Bright Orange is one of my favourite fall nail color and this nail design does all the justice. Little pumpkins on a nude base is the game changer!

19. simply pretty

easy thanksgiving nail idea


Wondering if what an easy thanksgiving nail idea would be? I guess you just got it! Paint your nails with a stunning wine shade and create a zig zags with glitters and glam.

20. plain with rhinestone

thanksgiving nail designs

What’s prettier than rhinestones? In real or on nails. Thanksgiving nails can’t be more easier or prettier!

21. thanksgiving colors

thanksgiving nail art idea

Different nail colors on different nails is a trend we all are chasing from a while now. And this looks delicious af! And you know, glitter always gets me.

22. orange marble

cute thanksgiving nails

WOW! Are you looking at coffin and almond shapes? And do I even have to say anything about that Jaw-dropping marble design.

23. polkas over white

white thanksgiving nails

Polka dots are getting serious. White nail polish, cute polkas, and a turkey I can eat right now. Who thought this could make an actual thanksgiving nail design?

24. Peanuts Thanksgiving Nails

brown thanksgiving nail ideas

Love a sparkly copper Nail polish and peanuts crew dancing on your nails.

25. bright fall colors

different nail color

When it first came, I never in my life knew that this different nail color trend will become so huge. But here I am crushing on it. I’m all in with this!

26. Pink Pumpkins

cute thanksgiving nails

Who never loved a subtle cute pink nude nails? Everyone! So here are one with little pumpkins making it perfect for thanksgiving.

27. chunky sparkles

glitter thanksgiving nails

I have always loved a nice chunky glitter nail polish. The glitters really can make anything boring to everything exceptional.

28. chocolate nails

Crazy Cute Ideas for Thanksgiving Nails that are legit cute

I kid you not, this looks so yum that I may eat them. Yes, more yum than turkeyyyyyy!

29. sunflower nails

sunflower thanksgiving nail idea

Who doesn’t miss a ray of sunshine in cold snow? If that’s you, there’s no better way to call in some sunflowers on our thanksgiving nails.

30. knit & glitter

cable knit thanksgicing nail design

I have a special something for knitted nails. And glitters! So combining the two is everything I could want.

Hope you found your nail design for the day. Which one is it? Tel me in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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